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    Healing Heart: A Beacon of Balance and Joy

    in Spirituality

    Venerable Amchi Thubten Lekshe—a Tibetan Physician with an illustrious 50-year practice in ethno-pharmacology—brings to life the ancient lineage of Sowa Rigpa. Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy has curated a powerful and safe system of healing using radiant botanical infusions and Tibetan Precious Jewel Pills, that not only awaken the master healer within, but also support our bodies to heal, restore, and regenerate from the adversities of disease, illness, and injury.
    Dive deep into a conversation that spans over 2500 years of sacred wisdom, kept alive through this unbroken lineage and Healing Science. This episode is not just a podcast; it's a portal to understanding how we can walk this well-lit path towards healing, guided by the treasuries of wisdom and knowledge that Jampha Tibetan Pharmacy is honored to share with the world.
    Highlighting Healing Heart: A Beacon of Balance and Joy In this episode, we will also shine a light on one of our newest offerings, Healing Heart. This special plant infusion is designed to harmonize the electromagnetic field generated by the heart, promoting high frequencies of love and compassion. By enhancing the synergy between the heart and the pineal gland, Healing Heart opens the door to greater inspiration, intuition, and inner vision, establishing a balanced flow of Lhung chi throughout the body. All Listeners will be offered a special discount and an opportunity to set up a free consultation with Trinn. The discount code: ATHENA  offers 20% off all tinctures, topicals, pet products, and goji berries. Our conversation with Trinn will also explore other new additions to their healing repertoire. https://www.jampha.com/
    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, with topics of interest and hope for starseeds.
    Our next Starseed Quest to Arkansas: May 17-20. Write to crystals at starseedhotline dot com

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    Vestibular Therapy after TBI with Dr. Eric Spencer

    in Health

    Dr. Eric Spencer graduated from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL with his doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) degree in 2013. After attaining his DPT in Miami, he sought residency specialization in orthopedics and sports medicine and became an ABPTS Board-Certified Orthopedic Specialist (OCS) in 2015. He has been working with numerous physicians and orthopedic surgeons in the greater Los Angeles area and also Dallas/Fort Worth regions in order to establish exceptional rehabilitation programs and return-to-sport outcomes for patients undergoing surgical intervention. Eric also specializes in rehabilitation for vestibular dysfunction and patients experiencing dizziness/vertigo as well as patients suffering from concussion and post-concussion syndrome. He is also heavily involved with mentoring and training the future generation of physical therapists as he has established clinical affiliations with doctoral programs across the United States. Eric is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). https://www.prnpt.com/locations/279/Vista-Physical-Therapy-Little-Elm-E-University-Blvd/Little-Elm/location-details
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    ADHD 101: Information, Thoughts, and Insights on Meds

    in Health

    Thinking about getting a diagnosis for ADHD? Concerned about medications? Want to understand meds better. In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coach Jeff Copper (https://digcoaching.com) gives an overview of meds, non-meds, and ADHD meds. He talks about nuances and what to expect, and side effects, as well as general information and education around the topic. So, if you are considering getting a diagnosis, you’ll know what to expect. Don’t miss this episode.
    Attention Talk Radio is the leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit disorder, including managing symptoms of ADHD in adults with ADD or adults who have children with ADHD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by Jeff Copper, attention and ADHD coach, is designed to help adults (particularly those diagnosed with or impacted by attention deficit disorder or its symptoms) in life or business who are stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated to help them get unstuck and moving forward by opening their minds to pay attention to what works. To learn more about attention and ADHD coach Jeff Copper, go to https://digcoaching.com.

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    in Current Events

    ?? DON’T MISS THIS!?? CENS??RED ON YOUTUBE?? Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he analyzes current events through the lens of Bible Prophecy. Monday through Friday 4-6 PM ET.
    The Paul McGuire Report radio and television ministry is a ministry of faith and we are believing God each month to lay on the hearts of the listeners to support us if they are being blessed. We have asked, and are believing God, to touch the people of God, businesses and organizations to sow into this ministry that they also may be blessed! Your support enables us to stream Paul’s messages from God’s prophetic Word on Blog Talk Radio, PodBean, RUMBLE, Brighteon, BitChute, SoundCloud, iTunes and various other podcast applications. As we continue to trust in the Lord to build this ministry, HIS ministry, we believe He will lead us in the direction He would have us go. May the Lord bless you abundantly for responding to this call to action! Your gift makes it possible to continue our ministry work as together we share the Great Commission and point people to Jesus Christ. God works through your generous gifts to take the good news of Jesus Christ to millions of people worldwide! You can donate immediately by clicking HERE! Thank you for partnering with Paul McGuire Ministries sponsored by Paradise Mountain Church International! Your Brother in Christ Jesus, Paul McGuire

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    For Itchy Dogs Feed More of this and Less of That

    in Pets

    www.RawDogFoodandCo.com  Best complete pure raw dog food for healthy dogs and cats at lowest prices.
    Nealy Piazza is Certified Pet Nutritionist with over 42 Certifications in homeopathy, pet nutrition and alternative pet health!
    Relieve itching, allergies, digestive and skin issues.
    Ship Raw Dog Food Direct to Your Door
    Friends Don't Let Friends Feed Kibble
    Shop Now

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    Who was the greatest HEEL CHAMPION of All-Time? Let's acknowledge him!

    in Wrestling

    It's time we all acknowledge the greatest heel champion of all time! Who was he? What belt did/does he hold? What makes a great heel champion? Let's talk about it!

  • 00:54

    Dr. Dravon James - Secrets to Manifesting Your Goals in 2024

    in Self Help

    Tune in as Constance ARnold and Dr. Dravon James give you wisdom nuggets and strategies to manifest your goals in 2024. In Part 1 Constance answers specific questions from listeners about their specific Goals. In Part 2, Dr. Dravon James shares how to get clear about your goals, understand the 3 pillars of a goal-setting system, and develop habits that align with your goals. Dr. James also gives insight into changing your inner talk about your desired goals. Dr. Dravon James is an Inspirational Speaker, Founder of the Next Step Leadership Academy, Life Coach, and Author of Freedom is Your Birthright. https://loaradionetwork.com/constance-arnold

  • 01:59

    Season 4 Updates Part 1!

    in Other Games

    It's been a while, but we are back! We will be discussing the new changes to the game. This will be a 2 or 3 part show so stay tuned for the other installments!
    As always, remember to listen to our show live on BlogTalkRadio and for those that cant make the live show, check us out on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, Tune In, Podtail, Owltail, and on Podbay!
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    Mastering the employee and member experience

    in Golf

    Bradley S. Klein, Ph.D., talks with Marcie Mills of the executive search and consulting firm of Kopplin, Kuebler & Wallace about the evolving role of golf course superintendents, matching the right candidate with the proper opportunity and how the best customer experience first depends on delivering the best employee experience. 
    Their discussion includes a review of the skills clubs are looking for in superintendents, the responsibility of head greenkeepers to help tream members develop those skills while inspiring and motivating their teams to maximize the golfer experience.

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    Photobiomodulation for Parkinsons

    in Health

    Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria. Photobiomodulation energizes neuronal mitochondria, triggering a cascade of beneficial cellular functions. Potential benefits are neuroprotective effects, self-repair mechanisms and enhanced functionality.
    Vielight’s patented intranasal stimulation technology and microchip LED technology is an innovative tool for brain photobiomodulation developed by Vielight. My guest today is Vielight's CEO Dr. Lew Lim. Intranasal photobiomodulation is the most efficient method for light energy to reach the brain. Different from electrical and magnetic stimulation, photobiomodulation uses light energy (or photons) of specific wave lengths and power density to simulate cellular function.   
    Vagus Neuro Duo
    The Vielight Neuro Duo is is the result of years of engineering and research.
    Clinical research with our technology has produced improvements in cognition, memory and blood flow.
    The Vielight Neuro Duo comes with both Alpha and Gamma modes.
    Gamma (40Hz): focus, memory, brain energy. Alpha (10 Hz): relaxation and sleep improvement. Vagus Device
    Recently introduced is Vielight's Vagus device which enables non-invasive stimulation of the vagus nerve (VNS) via photobiomodulation (PBM). This device was engineered to enhance brain-gut connectivity. 
    For more information visit: https://www.vielight.com
    Enter Coupon Code healing4me to claim a 10% discount. 

  • 01:06

    Planetary Situation Update, Analysis + 2024 Predictions, with Ed Spina

    in Spirituality

    Ed Spina has been a master energy magician & Mystic Warrior for decades, and has shown he ain't afraid to deal with the biggest non-physical blocks to Planetary Liberation.
    Hence - he's on Ground Crew Command TONIGHT!
    We'll be discussing:
    the 'lack of an air force' on the part of the dark side how (and why) the reptilians, greys, and demons are much fewer these days 2024 predictions, and why this IS the year, in spite of so much primises & high-hopes in past years a bit about the status of clearing curses...and retrieving stolen soul parts why there's still entities around, if the non-physical planes are supposedly cleared ... and more Tune in & enjoy the updates & analysis you won't get anywhere else, because this also makes for great prep for the Chinese New Year 144K Meditation this Friday.
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