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    Radio Show #542: Addressing the Challenge of Accidental Managers in the UK

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    Guest: Craig Carden: Leadership Development Expert
    Craig Carden, MBA MRes FCMI, is a leadership development expert specialising in transforming accidental managers into emotionally intelligent leaders. With an extensive background that spans three decades, Craig has developed his expertise through pivotal roles and collaborations with prestigious organisations such as Liverpool Football Club, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Blenheim Palace, Heathrow Airport, and many other blue chip clients. His holistic approach marries the stoic virtues of wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance with modern scientific principles to foster high-performance environments and nurture competent, confident leaders.
    A staunch advocate for emotional intelligence, Craig holds certifications in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, NLP, and Human Leadership, among others. His innovative program, EQMGMT, aims to unlock potential and cultivate the necessary skills in managers who find themselves thrust into roles for which they may not be fully prepared.
    In our upcoming episode of the Engage for Success radio show, Craig will discuss the prevalent issue of accidental managers in the UK—individuals who are promoted based on their technical skills rather than their leadership abilities. This discussion will delve into the risks and challenges these managers face and the broader implications for businesses. Craig will share his insights on how to effectively identify and develop these managers using strategic leadership training programmes that emphasise emotional intelligence and practical skills.
    Join us as we discuss transformative strategies and practical solutions to empower accidental managers to succeed and drive organisational success.
    Listen Live (Archive Available)
    Host: Andy Goram

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    LIVE at IFE 2024 Part 1

    in Marketing

    Today we’re talking to franchise thought leaders about … franchise thought leaders!
    Recorded live in New York at IFE 2024: it’s part one with Matt Haller, Monica Feid, Ben Woodruff, and Gal Danay sharing who inspires them and who they follow.
    Thanks for your ongoing support Northeast Color, AnswerConnect, CareerPlug, and Hughes.  And thank YOU for listening and staying connected on the Social Geek Radio Network.

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    Roman Maliszewski, Founder of Tapster on Franchise Interviews

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever wanted to open a bar? We have a great show.  We are meeting with Roman Maliszewski, founder of Tapster, the groundbreaking self-serve taproom concept. Their tasting room franchise opportunity eliminates much of the overhead and headaches of a typical bar. It offers entrepreneurs a proven blueprint and ongoing support to deliver a true Tapster experience.
    Roman’s story is much more than just opening a bar. It’s a leap from a Princeton graduate to an advertising executive, a world traveler, and a BEERpreneur. His unique journey and industry knowledge have positioned Tapster at the forefront of a self-serve transformation within the bar industry!
    Here’s why Roman & Tapster are newsworthy:
    ·        From Vendor to Visionary: Roman transitioned from the tech side (Pour My Beer) to build Tapster.
    ·        Self-Serve Revolution: Tapster capitalizes on staffing shortages and consumer desire for unique experiences.
    ·        Future of Bars: Roman predicts a rise in craft cocktails on draft alongside a focus on sustainability.
    ·        Sustainability & Innovation: Tapster prioritizes eco-friendly practices and constantly explores new ways to elevate the customer experience.
    Roman is a passionate leader with a truly compelling story. He’s happy to discuss:
    -        The impact of self-serve tech on the industry.
    -        How Tapster fosters a unique customer experience.
    -        Trends shaping the future of bars, including staffing shortages and sustainability.
    Learn more by listening to the show. 
    In part two, we play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. 

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    Alisha Kalb, Systems Engineering Leader at GE Aerospace

    in Work

    In this episode of Fairygodboss Radio we chat with Alisha Kalb, the Systems Engineering Leader at GE Aerospace. Alisha began her career at GE Aerospace immediately after college when she was drawn to the company after hearing about their fantastic training program. 
    Throughout the episode, Alisha shares the many roles she has taken on during her 20 year journey, her passion for mentoring, and her unique perspective as a leader in engineering. Alisha also emphasizes the importance of authenticity and asking for help during challenging times.  
    Fairygodboss is proud to partner with GE Aerospace. Find a job there today!

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    Episode 19 - It's Better Here! Wag-A-Holics!

    in Marketing

    New puppy, old dog and everything in between need proper training. PJ Luhan with https://www.wag-a-holics.com joins us to talk about best practices so you and your dog can have the best life! A must hear show for current and prospective dog owners. Get all of your dog gear in store and at https://producerstx.com

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    Startup Investor Q&A: How to Raise Money from Angel Investors StartupCouncil.org

    in Business

    Founders do you have questions about raising venture capital? How to find product/market fit? Angel investors? Pitch decks? Building your team? Protecting your intellectual property? How to find investors? Starting a company as a first-time, female, or minority founder?
    Bring your startup questions and challenges to the Startup Council’s FREE founder support “Office Hours”. You can get FREE expert Silicon Valley advice to help you start and grow your venture.
    A free, fun, friendly #livestream show for startup founders and friends, our mission is to increase access to innovation and investment for all. Join Startup Council CEO, Scott Fox, for valuable startup strategy advice, fundraising expertise, and networking, too.
    WHEN: The 4th Tuesday of every month at NOON Pacific Time (300pm ET/~800pm UTC):
    https://www.youtube.com/scottfox (Live Chat!)
    Podcast: http://scottfoxradio.com

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    Close Up Radio to Highlight Kathleen Mills of The Coaching Experience

    in Management

    Stafford, VA -- Kathleen Mills enjoyed a 31-year career with the FBI, 17 years of which were in senior or executive leadership roles.
    When she retired from the FBI she had a lot of insights and energy to share and so Kathleen launched a coaching practice that helps others evolve to be the best version of themselves. From leadership training, to women empowering women, to supportive coaching for life The Coaching Experience offers various services that help people to be more effective, learn their true power, and become respected members of their teams and communities.
    Her Balanced Leadership Model explores the actions needed to bring managing work and leading people into balance. Leaders must have to ability to get things done AND connect with their team in a meaningful, compassionate way. When those are in balance, high performers and team cohesion are in abundance! Beloved leaders can strike a balance between achieving results and having meaningful relationships. It takes a lot of confidence and courage focus on the balance.
    Kathleen terms a part of her foundational teaching, The Experience Cycle. It’s a way of changing perspectives to change how we think, which changes our emotions, and ultimately shapes our behaviors. Examining how we take in information, process it, and act upon it is critical to making change stick.
    Kathleen learned many lessons from her 17 years of leadership and then studied Executive Leadership Coaching at Georgetown University. She has become an in-demand coach who gets most new clients by recommendation and is also a gifted speaker.
    For more information about Kathleen and her work, please visit www.thecoachingxp.com

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    How Toxic Positivity Is Killing Company Culture with Satyen Raja

    in Business

    In the modern workplace, the concept of "toxic positivity" has become a subject of increasing concern. This term, trendy yet often misunderstood, refers to an overemphasis on positive outcomes and attitudes, to the extent that it becomes detrimental.
    We all know someone like this whose overwhelming positivity slowly withers the soul from within. While seemingly harmless, such behavior can mask deeper insecurities and disconnect us from our authentic selves.
    Today's special guest, Satyen Raja, author and CEO of WarriorSage Trainings is an authority in organizational dynamics and workplace culture. His insights not only identify the destructive nature of toxic positivity but also offer practical solutions for rebuilding a workplace culture that fosters genuine connections and elevates employee morale.
    Satyen Raja, founder of Warrior Sage Trainings is a distinguished mentor and coach to the world's most prominent CEOs, business leaders, and global influencers. His expertise extends to building and scaling businesses for over 30 years, having established a multitude of successful companies.

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    Most American Workers are Unable to Disconnect from Work During Vacations

    in Business

    The Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors
    Sponsored by Paychex - one of the leading providers of HR, payroll, retirement, and software solutions for businesses of all sizes - learn more at www.paychex.com/awia.
    Hosts: Steve Boese
    Welcome to the Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors. A short, quick version of the popular HR Happy Hour Podcast, where Steve Boese takes on topics on Human Resources, HR technology, work, and the workplace. And more.
    In this episode Steve discusses a new Harris Poll Survey of American workers and their attitudes and behaviors on taking time off from work.
    To listen to the Workplace Minute powered by H3 HR Advisors - add the Workplace Minute by H3 HR Advisors skill to your Amazon Echo device's Flash Briefing or Daily News Update.
    Learn more at www.h3hr.com and www.hrhappyhour.net

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    The importance of deposition objections

    in Legal

    Depositions are expected in divorce or family law matters. All sorts of witnesses may be deposed. During a divorce or family law deposition, one attorney asks the witnesses under oath to discover relevant information. Information is relevant if reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence. During the deposition, the other attorney in the case can also ask the witness questions. Sometimes, however, one of the lawyers on the case will object to a question being asked. Most often, it is the lawyer for the deposed witness who objects. Listen to this episode to find out what role deposition objections can have in family law cases. This episode is based on an article on Family Law Headquarters titled: How deposition objections work You can learn more by contacting our St. Louis family lawyers online or by calling 855-805-0595.

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    Hiring Missteps - Navigating the Minefield

    in Business

    Do you know how to avoid frustration in hiring? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Leesa McNealy, your host of SpotLite on Recruiting, has a conversation with Leslie Dagnault (http://linkedin.com/in/leslie-dagnault-8a382b5), Executive Recruiter, with 15 years recruiting experience with organizations from the fortune 500 to start-ups, as they discuss the common and inadvertent mistakes hiring teams make, and how to avoid them.
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