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    Photobiomodulation for Parkinsons

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    Neurons are cells that contain mitochondria. Photobiomodulation energizes neuronal mitochondria, triggering a cascade of beneficial cellular functions. Potential benefits are neuroprotective effects, self-repair mechanisms and enhanced functionality.
    Vielight’s patented intranasal stimulation technology and microchip LED technology is an innovative tool for brain photobiomodulation developed by Vielight. My guest today is Vielight's CEO Dr. Lew Lim. Intranasal photobiomodulation is the most efficient method for light energy to reach the brain. Different from electrical and magnetic stimulation, photobiomodulation uses light energy (or photons) of specific wave lengths and power density to simulate cellular function.   
    Vagus Neuro Duo
    The Vielight Neuro Duo is is the result of years of engineering and research.
    Clinical research with our technology has produced improvements in cognition, memory and blood flow.
    The Vielight Neuro Duo comes with both Alpha and Gamma modes.
    Gamma (40Hz): focus, memory, brain energy. Alpha (10 Hz): relaxation and sleep improvement. Vagus Device
    Recently introduced is Vielight's Vagus device which enables non-invasive stimulation of the vagus nerve (VNS) via photobiomodulation (PBM). This device was engineered to enhance brain-gut connectivity. 
    For more information visit: https://www.vielight.com
    Enter Coupon Code healing4me to claim a 10% discount. 

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    Curing the Incurables Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, & Toxins

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    Thomas Levy, MD, JD,  is a board-certified cardiologist and a bar-certified attorney. After practicing adult cardiology for 15 years, he began to research the enormous toxicity associated with much dental work, as well as the pronounced ability of properly-administered vitamin C to neutralize this toxicity. He has now written 13 books, with several addressing the wide-ranging properties of vitamin C in neutralizing all toxins and resolving most infections, as well as its vital role in the effective treatment of heart disease and cancer. Others address the important roles of dental toxicity and nutrition in disease and health.
    Inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame in 2016, Dr. Levy continues to research the effect of the orthomolecular application of vitamin C and antioxidants in general on chronic degenerative diseases, including heart disease. His ongoing research involves documenting that all diseases are different forms and degrees of focal scurvy, arising from increased oxidative stress, especially intracellularly, and that they all benefit from bio-oxidative therapy protocols that optimize the antioxidant levels in the body while eliminating pathogens. In particular, the cause-and-effect relationship between oral cavity infections and all heart attacks is now solidly established.

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    A Path of PEACE Out of Chronic Pain

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    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom continues his discussion with Stephanie Carter Kelley – an orthopedic physical therapist. She explains her approach to treating patients with chronic pain and emphasizes the need for a more holistic and empathetic approach to addressing chronic pain. She talks about the benefits of a multi-dimensional approach to treatment incorporating yoga, breathing techniques, mediation, and training patients to understand the triggers associated with their pain, in addition to physical therapy. She discusses her “PEACE” approach to chronic pain: Practice, Education, Aligning with your values, Creating new habits and Empowerment. She stresses the importance of taking the time to build a therapeutic relationship with her patients.
    After 30 years of practicing orthopedic physical therapy combined with 20 years of teaching in physical therapy, publishing research, and leading quality improvement efforts, Dr. Stephanie left the security of the academic medical institution to start an integrative practice blending yoga with physical therapy.  She sees clients one-on-one, teaches group classes, and provides online programs using yoga as the primary intervention for healing chronic musculoskeletal pain. As a person who has also suffered with her own chronic pain, she now considers herself a teacher, guide and coach on a mission to empower other mature women with chronic low back pain to not be held back and to consistently and confidently engage in an active lifestyle. For more information, visit https://www.stephaniecarterkelley.com/Pain, Chronic Pain, Healing,

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    Ask The Doctors: Phototherapy Patch Q & A with Dr. Karen & Dr. Dennis

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    Listen to this previously recorded episode of the Ask the Doctors segment, where we delve into the fascinating world of phototherapy patches and their integration with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.
    Discover how these patches can alleviate symptoms and support your body's innate self-healing abilities!
    Hosted by Dr. Karen Kan and joined by Dr. Dennis Lobstein, both experienced users of these patches, this episode is a treasure trove of insights.
    They address monthly questions from phototherapy patch enthusiasts worldwide, making it a valuable resource for those on a healing journey.
    **DISCLAIMER** LifeWave does not claim to cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate medical conditions. The opinions shared in this podcast are based on personal and clinical experiences; your results may vary. For official information and training from LifeWave Corporate, visit https://lifewavesuccesslibrary.com.
    If you seek further guidance on phototherapy patches, please contact your Brand Partner or Distributor from whom you purchased them.
    If you're new to these patches and still need a Brand Partner, we invite you to email support@karenkan.com for assistance. 
    For a written version of the patching protocols mentioned during this episode, ?CLICK HERE?. 
    To be notified of future live Ask The Doctor's Zoom calls, please visit the LW Phototherapy Patch Training Team Facebook Page under the Events section. 

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    Knee Regeneration

    in Health

    Today we are talking about Knee Regeneration! Don't miss this life-changing Episode!

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Dr. Gerald Smith of ICNR

    in Health

    Langhorne, PA – Dr. Gerald Smith is the president of the International Center For Nutritional Research, Inc. (ICNR). He also is the brainchild and originator of the Frequency Shop. Dr. Smith maintains a private practice in Bucks County, Pennsylvania where his focus is in the field of energetic medicine.
    Dr. Smith has written many articles and authored nine books, which are available through his website (ICNR.com) and Amazon. In addition, he created two online docuseries, Cancer Deconstructed and Energy Medicine. Dr. Smith eagerly seeks to educate others about energetic medicine as well as his knowledge surrounding the dental-whole body connection. Dr. Smith’s primary focus is on defining people and professionals on the root causes of the medical malady.
    In addition to energetic medicine, his dental background offers a unique perspective surrounding the dental-whole body connection. “In my estimation, seventy to ninety percent of all medical problems have a dental origin,” explains Dr. Smith. “If you look at an anatomical drawing of the teeth, each tooth gives off a nerve, which is directly connected to your brain. For instance, if you have an infection in your tooth, it has the potential of going directly to your brain. If you have toxic materials, such as a silver-mercury amalgam filling, that mercury migrates from your tooth to your brain..”
    “Do your homework and do your research before you subject your body to any conventional medical services,” concludes Dr. Smith.
    For more information, please visit https://icnr.com/ and https://frequencyshop.co/

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    Testimonial Tuesday with Marlice & Mike - must listen!

    in Health

    Extraordinary Testimonials about Health, Vitality and Energy, prevention and sports enhanacement and drecreased discomfort.

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    "We Exist" with Tanita Allen

    in Health

    To follow Tanita Allen, please visit her website: https://tanitaallen.com/
    Here is the link to purchase a copy of Tanita Allen's book: We Exist

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    How To Create Peace In This World - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 1/29/24

    in Health

    How To Create Peace In This World - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 1/29/24
    SUPPORT RICHARD SACKS: https://www.givesendgo.com/richardsacks
    A new LIVE series with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. & Dr. Richard Sacks, Ph.D., host of Lost Arts Radio
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    Achieve your Physical Movement Potential Through a Body/Mind Process. Yugi Oka

    in Caregiving

    Yuji Oka is the founder of Adapted Spiral Praxis (ASP), a somatic bodymind process that can help children and adults with disabilities/special needs achieve their movement potential. He travels around the world, working with families and caregivers to help them understand how to work with their children and also gain insight about their own needs and challenges. His unique approach to working with children and adults—developed over 30 years of research and implementation with schools, medical institutions and community centres— can be seen through his beautifully intimate videos on the ASP Youtube Channel.

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    Vanja Wierenga shares some homeopathic alternative treatment for children

    in Health

    https://youtu.be/iEaiVRgGwhY Youtube Version
    Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/vanja.wierenga I help mothers to become their child's best Natural Doctor, so their little ones radiate with health CEO at Natural Health Specialist and works at Owner and CEO at Centrum voor Klassieke Homeopathie