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    Future of Medicine Needs You: What it takes to become Sound Health Practitioner

    in Health

    Roberta Cuffin - Sound Health BioAcoustic Instructor & Practitioner, Teacher of Judaism from a Christian Perspective and Podcast Host.
    With over two decades of research and teaching experience, Roberta uses her unique skills to instruct Sharry Edwards' students in BioAcoustic protocols at Sound Health.
    Roberta's ability to make the complex simple and her genuine passion for guiding people to heal and find and fulfill their purpose, attracts high caliber clients and students from around the world.
    Her Saturday podcast takes listeners and viewers on a journey of self-discovery to explore the intersection between Christianity and Judaism to find the truth hidden within.
    Roberta considers herself the "Shock Jock of Christianity" and her classes are refreshingly not what you'd expect!
    Roberta can be reached at roberta@bioacoustichealth.com

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    TBI and Vision -- There Is More than Meets the Eye with Dr. Michael DeStefano

    in Health

    Dr. Michael DeStefano is a neuro-developmental optometrist practicing at Visual Symptoms Treatment Center in Arlington Heights, IL. Dr. DeStefano received his Bachelor of Science in biology and his Bachelor of Arts in Italian from Loyola University Chicago, where he graduated with high honors. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Optometry, where he was valedictorian of the school’s inaugural class, the founder and president of the university’s chapter of College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa honor society. He finds gratification in regularly evaluating and rehabilitating patients who strive to return to their normal lives after a concussion or stroke, as well as in aiding children who have visual issues affecting their learning. Dr. DeStefano is a member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, as well as the Illinois Optometric Association. He is active in his community, having lectured to neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and educators. In addition, he belongs to multiple online support groups for those who have suffered a TBI and those with other neurological visual conditions. visualsymptomstreatmentcenter.com
    Episode brought to you by Integrated Brain Centers
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    Healing Inflammatory Bowel Disorders in 2023

    in Health

    Bowel disorders are at an epidemic level in our society today!
    This episode we will review the causes and solutions for a healthy bowel and how to heal the damage.
    Don't miss this life changing episode!!

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    Airik: Mitochondria Healing

    in Health

    Rev. Safiya Oni Brown https://radiantalchemy.org Mitochondria Healing with Radiant Alchemy Wellness with the Browns
    Coming from a family with 3 generations of natural healing and traditional healers, I never had a doubt that helping people get peace of mind and healingwas my destiny as well. For over 13 years, I’ve been providing individual & family coaching, focusing on helping you all achieve a kind of clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit that is crucial in the hectic world we live in today.
    Experienced in applying all kinds of techniques, I feel fully prepared for helping you get your mental, physical & spiritual health and well-being back on track. My approach will get anyone out of the deepest depression hole so that you can be your own healer in times of need!

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    Lewy Body Dementia Is On Increase And So Is Support For Those Dealing With It

    in Caregiving

    Lori La Bey talks with Norma Loeb, Founder & Executive Director of the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center.  Norma and leaders of LBDRC are former care partners of loved ones with Lewy body dementia, so they understand the experience, and are here with loving support to help you through it.  A cure would be wonderful, but their vision is to foster early diagnosis and enhance the quality of life for people with Lewy Body Dementia and their care partners. Their website is all-inclusive. 
    We are live today so call in and ask your questions (323) 870-4602
    Contact Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center     Websites    www.lewybodyresourcecenter.org  or  www.lbdny.org   
    Helpline    516-218-2026 or 833-LBD-LINE  Available 365 days a year 8am - 8pm      Facebook    Instagram   lewybodyny     Twitter   @lewybodyny
    Contact Lori La Bey at www.AlzheimersSpeaks.com     Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Shifting dementia care from crisis to comfort around the world one episode at a time by raising all voices and delivering sounds news, not just sound bites since 2011.

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    Cancer fighting nutrients from roadside fruit vegetable vendor

    in Nutrition

    The roadside fruit and vegetable stall has numerous cancer fighting nutrients. The more bright red, orange, purple, green, yellow and white coloured fruits and vegetables s on your plate, the more anti-cancer nutrients you get. Anti-cancer nutrients such as lycopene, beta carotene, Anthocyanins, polyphenols, flavonoids are easily recognizable in common fruits and vegetables. To get the optimum benefit, one has to follow the guideline of “5-a day.”

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    Unlock the Power of the Foot with Dr. Emily Splichal

    in Health

    The foot is your foundation. We take our feet for granted, day in and day out (unless they hurt for whatever reason). Did you know that the foot is a complex structure developed by fascia (connective tissue), composed of 33 joints, 26 bones, and more than 100 ligaments? Did you know that it is much more than a mechanical structure?
    Yes! It is a powerful sensory structure. And why is that important?
    It communicates to the brain and the rest of your body as a sensory structure. If you have any leg pain, back pain, hip pain, or even neck pain, you may wish to explore the health and balance of your feet.
    During this episode of Light Warrior Radio, I interview Dr. Emily Splichal, Functional Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist, Creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist® Certification, CEO/Founder of Naboso Technology, and the author of Barefoot Strong. With over 22 years in the fitness industry, Dr. Splichal has dedicated her medical career to studying postural alignment and human movement related to barefoot science, foot-to-core integration, and sensory integration. 
    Tune in to learn: 
    How the foot is the gateway into our nervous system The importance of muscle tuning (and why miscounting the number of stairs you're stepping down on may injure you) Mechanoreceptors in your hands and feet and what that has to do with movement Naboso insoles, with their tiny pyramids, help you achieve better nervous system communication The fascial web with its 1 million nerves and the three keys to fascial health Supplements for foot health and more! Use coupon code HEALTHY for 10% off your purchase!

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    The Truth Shall Prevail - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 1/23/23

    in Health

    The Truth Shall Prevail - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 1/23/23
    A new LIVE series with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. & Dr. Richard Sacks, Ph.D., host of Lost Arts Radio
    http://www.drcousens.com and http://treeoflife.mn.co
    http://www.planetaryhealingclub.com and http://www.lostartsradio.com/live
    Help keep us on the air: REWARDS PROGRAM - http://www.subscribestar.com/lostartsradio

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    Testimonial Tues: Jeannette & Sue 1-17-23; Female aging, energy, grey hair

    in Health

    Please call in today and share your brief compliant personal testimonial on how using this amazing technology has changed your life! If 515-605-9877 is 'busy' try 323-642-1520 and press 1 to be placed in the queue to share. 
    Compliant means:
    no mention of 'disease names' common in the medical field no mention of 'drug names', or the use of words like 'pain', 'cured', 'treatment', etc.  DO NOT give your own 'protocols' or usage tips; there are no protocols, only the BEMER Basic plan Keep it simple and brief mentioning the symptoms you were experiencing and how they may be minimized or gone.  If you're an athlete, tell us how it has improved your performance and recovery.

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    Pandemic Stress Prematurely Aged Teenage Brains with Dr Kathryn Smerling

    in Health

    We all knew that mental health was greatly affected due to the pandemic, but a study published last week in Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science has revealed that the stress due to the pandemic prematurely aged teen brains by at least three years, and in ways similar to children who have faced chronic stress and adversity.
    One of the study’s findings showed that when comparing the MRI scans of a group of 128 children, half before the pandemic and half at the end of the first year, there was growth in the hippocampus and amygdala, parts of the brain that control memory access and help regulate fear, stress and other emotions.
    To quote today's special guest, NYC psychotherapist Dr. Kathryn Smerling,  “What we’re seeing is that when we are isolated and fear-based, we don’t grow as well when we are not fear-based.”
    A collaborative and dynamic psychotherapist, Dr. Kathryn Smerling specializes in creating healthy and meaningful relationships. She works with individuals and families in all phases of life, crises-related or otherwise. Her extensive professional and educational experience has developed her working knowledge of a broad range of techniques, allowing her to creatively tailor sessions to meet the specific needs of her clients.
    Dr. Smerling provides individual adult therapy, as well as comprehensive couples and family therapy. She also specializes in family systems, with an approach that is both inclusive and supportive of children and their needs within the greater picture of the family. Having begun her career as a nursery school teacher, Dr. Smerling has always been an advocate for children and their education. She is an authority in aiding families going through divorce, both as a parent coordinator and a child advocate, and she is a known expert with families who have children in the autistic spectrum, especially working with their siblings.

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    Honestly HD

    in Health

    Please visit the Honestly HD website by going to www.honestlyhd.com
    Nina DeLucia is the Director of Consumer Marketing for AUSTEDO at Teva Pharmaceuticals.  She has worked in the life sciences industry for over 20 years for Pharmaceutical companies as well as for healthcare platforms such as WebMD and ePocrates.  She has a passion for patients and care partners and her goal is to represent their voices in her everyday work.  When she is not working, she can be found spending time with family and friends, training and racing for triathlons, or volunteering with her local youth group. She can be reached at nina.delucia@tevapharm.com.

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