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    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening

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    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening-BlogTalkRadio-Tues, June 4,  2024--Call in 1 347-857-3293/or 563- 999-3611 @ 9-10 pm ET----please try BOTH
    "The Liberation struggle of the 60's was  a result of  the  HISTORICAL MEMORY of American GENOCIDE  at HOME !
    1. NEWS ANALYSIS - An anatomy of oppression requires an anatomy of colonialism/imperialism   i.e. An anatomy of the American Capitalist System: Ralph Poynter(TAPES), Joel Meyers,Henry           Hagins, Julia Wright, Dennis Sayero, Saddam Qaddafi
     2. UPDATES -Political Prisoner Death Camps - Anne Lamb-NYC Jericho/Kazi Toure- Bos   
    3. LIBERATION POETRY: Prof. Louis  ~ in remembrance of Sister Lynne Stewart

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    PNN w/Jeanine Molloff - Trump should get prison time just like a poor man.

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         Donald Trump has been convicted on 34 criminal counts. If he were a poor man or a black man--he would receive prison time. Unfortunately, prison time for 'The Donald' is unlikely as corporate media keeps bleating on like brain dead sheep. One of the excuses arguing against prison time is the old bromide that 'white collar crime' is 'non-violent.' I would argue that 'white collar crime' IS violent, a type of economic violence against the rest of the non-rich society. This episode will examine the open discrimination against low income defendants when compared to wealthy ones. Given the chaos that Trump has caused, his incarceration is necessary. He should receive no special privileges. He should have to await any appeals claims while serving time in prison--just like a low income defendant. In fact, this single case is the poster child for the inequity in our justice system, where rich defendants can buy their way out of pre-trial detention--while poor defendants rot in jail merely waiting for their trial date. More than 60% of defendants are rotting in pre-trial detention merely because they can't afford bail. They haven't been convicted. Their only crime at that point--is not being rich. 
    I will also look at the other looming trial aka as the 'documents case.' First of all, its not a 'documents' case; its an espionage case. I'll review the treatment of espionage defendant Reality Winner and that of Donald Trump. This will be  a cursory review with more details coming in another show. 
    This is a special episode. We will also have the musical parody stylings of Randy Rainbow. 
    Come join me. 

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    The elected official are trying to destroy our children Mayor Marcus Singer

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    The water in Benton Harbor is contaminated, The water has a odor, most are brown or yellow. The attack on Black people in Benton Harbor is shameless. We the residents of Benton Harbor must protect our children.