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  • PNN w/Jeanine Molloff - Trump wants to suspend Constitution and GOP is silent.

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    This week, I will cover several stories. The first story deals with Donald Trump's insane demand that we 'suspend' the CONSTITUTION. The legal problems with this asinine idea are beyond obvious. No politician, no Congress, no President has a legitimate right to suspend the Constitution except in the instance of a dire emergency requiring martial law. It legitimately would require something on the level of a massive nuclear attack on multiple US cities to justify such a move. It is NOT warranted because a spoiled politician is throwing an infantile tantrum over his loss. I will discuss this issue and legal ramifications of such a dangerous move. 
    The next story will cover the issue of political revenge sought by republicans in the House. While it is reasonable to assert that the new majority will have a different agenda, it is not reasonable to pursue frivolous cases against the opposition party, claiming criminal wrongdoing when no such criminality occurred. The fact that a sizeable majority of congress members are attorneys doesn't seem to deter this clearly unethical move. 
    The last story will discuss how Congress doesn't have to obey the laws they push on the rest of us. This is true for both parties and it must change. 
    And of course, we have our "Jackass of the Week Award." 
    Come tune in. 

  • George Chidi

    in Politics Progressive

    George Chidi will join us to discuss Atlanta & Georgia politics

  • Ep. 028: One-Person Train Operation Doesn't Work!

    in Politics Progressive

    For over 30 years, working at the CTA has slowly crumbled into a shadow of was once a great company to make a good living. The introduction of perpetual PT jobs is literally killing our union, pension and jobs. The solutions are many. We have some at the CTJC. The big one is Two-Person Crews and Full-Time Jobs. Let's debate and discuss it—along with any other topics!
    Learn more about the Worker's Contract and your rights at our website: http://www.chicagotransitworker.com
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  • PNN w/Jeanine Molloff - Dr. King's legacy vs. the GOP of injustice.

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    Today is Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. It has been turned into a national holiday--begrudgingly. The same GOP of Lincoln has morphed into the neo Confederate, neo Nazi regime of the United States in the 21st century. The elevation of Donald Trump to the presidency was merely a symptom of our national moral bankruptcy. Now you may see republicans attempting to coopt Dr. King as they also relegate real GOP crimes to a false equivalency. This is childish beyond belief. 
    Dr. King stood for justice and true democratic rule absent any privilege. Let's honor and celebrate Dr. King, while we condemn the GOP of Trump. 
    Our 'Jackass of the Week Award" goes to a special republican who has made 'elevated' childish excuses for criminal behaviror to an art form. 
    Come join me.