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    S07/E14: OPEN MIC TALK ??

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    Open Mic Talk where any topic is discussed. 
    Thanks for joining us. We are months away from the 2024 Presidential Election. Can Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump? Will Democrats rally behind the Biden-Harris 2024 ticket or pick someone else for President? 
    Thanks for joining tonight. Call in at 515-605-9802. Say your first name and where you're calling in from? Be polite and Thanks for sharing across social media and by word of mouth. 
    We are the proud ???Defenders of Democracy! We make a lot of classist, ageist, misogynist, and racist people mad.
    Were building a movement fighting for transformative change through our website, radio show podcast,  and merchandise. If you'd like to help support our humble efforts, could you donate $5 or anything you can afford right now to keep our movement strong?
    Website: www.kitchenpolitics123.com 
    Subscribe to podcast: www.blogtalblogtalkradio.com/ProgressiveTalkGo 
    Episode #: 12352298
    Original Air Date: Thursday, July 11th, 2024
    Kitchen Politics 123 Radio Show with David Franklin and Lori Pica 
    "We're Not Anti-Social, Just Anti-Stupid...LET'S GET COOKIN'!"

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    PNN/EJR w/Jeanine Molloff--How the MAGA SCOTUS is destroying democracy.

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         This 4th of July, I will discuss how MAGA Scotus (aka Supreme Court) is single handedly destroying the last shreds of our democracy--already on life support. I will discuss multiple decisions handed down before their recess, which have a dire impact on our lives and our right to self govern. These MAGA Supreme Court Justices have elevated the nutty theory of 'originalism' to a theology of the warped and corporate. 

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    The Black Holocaust

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    The Black Holocaust from 1619 to 1861 more than 15 million Africans were sold in slavery over 35 million were killed by slave traders making it the greatest holocaust the world has every known.

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    Ralph Poynter: What's Happening -BlogTalkRadio-Tues, June 25,  2024--  Call in 1 - 563- 999-3611 @ 9-10 pm ET----
    What to the ?(MODERN) DAY  Slave ?is the? 4th of July?
    1. NEWS ANALYSIS - An anatomy of oppression requires an anatomy of colonialism/imperialism i.e. Anatomy of the American Capitalist System: Ralph Poynter(TAPES), Joel Meyers,Henry Hagins, Julia Wright, Dennis Sayero,  
    2. UPDATES - Political Prisoner Death Camps - Anne Lamb-NYC Jericho & Kazi Toure- Boston Jericho  
    3. LIBERATION POETRY: SISTER NZINGA ~ in remembrance of Sister Lynne Stewart