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    Episode 671: Measuring & Modeling the Naval Presence Mission with Jerry Hendrix

    in Military

    You're heard people talk - and on occasion argue - about "presence" as a naval mission, but what exactly is it? What does that actually mean for our nation and what role does it have in promoting its national security requirements?
    What does our nation need to do to properly resource it?
    We're going to dive in deep on the topic today with returning guest, Jerry Hendrix, using as a foundation a report he authored recently for the Sagamore Institute, Measuring & Modeling Naval Presence.
    Dr. Henry J. “Jerry” Hendrix, PhD is a retired Navy Captain, having served 26 years on active duty following his commissioning through the Navy ROTC program at Purdue University. During his career Hendrix served in a variety of maritime patrol aviation squadrons as well as on supercarriers and light amphibious assault ships. His shore duty assignments were as a strategist on the staffs of the Chief of Naval Operations, the Secretary of the Navy, the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy and within the Office of Net Assessment. Through these tours Dr. Hendrix established a reputation for using history to illuminate current strategic challenges. Following his retirement from the Navy following a standout tour as the Director of the Navy History and Heritage Command, he has worked as a senior fellow the Center for a New American Security and as a vice president at a Washington, DC defense consultancy. Dr. Hendrix holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University in political science, a masters in national security affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School, a masters in history from Harvard University, and a PhD in war studies from Kings College, London. 

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    Sunday Rebroadcast for 12/03/2023 - Brianna Ghey

    in Politics

    Hey gang.  This is a rebroadcast of our Weekday Morining Wine Cellar material.  These were originally Patreon early access and now they are available in an episode that you can play while doing house chores, relaxing or getting some work done.  

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    Republican Politicians are Children

    in Politics Progressive

    On the November 15, 2023 episode of Liberal Dan Radio we will be discussing how Republican elected officials act like children, as do many of their supporters. If we have time, we will do more Unravelling Toxic Masculinity. Live at 8PM Central on Liberal Dan Radio, Talk From The Left, That’s Right. 
    Listening live? You can also watch on YouTube! You can comment on the show thread at liberaldan.com, on the Liberal Dan Radio Facebook page, and @liberaldanradio on Twitter. Also, heck out the Liberal Dan Radio Minicast. You can become a Liberal Dan Radio Patreon. If you don’t feel like a subscription, you can also Buy Me A Cider.
    “Hypocrite of the Week” – Music: If I Had a Chicken – Kevin MacLeod

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    Cannabis farming outdoors with USCG retiree

    in Military

    Lt. Commander Will Bowden , USCG (ret), talks about his time in the Coast Guard, law enforcement, pharmaceutical industry and then his pivot to the cannabis industry.  He grew up in Santa Cruz, California and has lived in Naples, Florida and Wilmington, Delaware.  He has seen the world with the Coast Guard and obtained an MBA, but is no farmer by upbringing.  Grasshopper Farms has outdoor grow locations in Michigan, Colorado and New Jersey.  He ties all this together when talking to host Jim Fausone.

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    Action Radio: Dr. Bryan Ardis - Covid Shots, the Ultimate "Snake Oil!"

    in Politics Conservative

    Showdate:  11/22/23
    Bill site -- WriteYourLaws.com    Show site -- BlogTalkRadio.com/citizenaction   
    My articles -- GregPenglis.Substack.com    Paid subscriptions available!
    Sponsorship -- PayPal.me/ActionRadio  Venmo.com/ActionRadio  GiveSendGo.com/ActionRadio 
    "We the People Give Our Consent to be Governed, through Writing the Laws by Which We are Governed!"
    Action Radio Show Notes:  Greg Penglis - Creator and Host.
    0:00 - The Bond Report, with Bonnie Nesbit.
    56:00 - Chrismas Greetings.
    1:24:00 - Contact info, Marjorie Taylor Greene's slams the GOP in an article.
    2:00:00 - A special return visit with Dr. Bryan Ardis!  The binary, cobra, two vaccine, bioweapon.
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    Live show 7-10 am Central time weekdays, then podcast.
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    International Skype online call in - Skype name - live:.cid.fddbac53a2909de1  
    Email:  Greg@WriteYourLaws.com

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    New York City and budget cuts, Acapulco after the storm and other stories

    in Politics

    New York City and budget cuts...Acapulco after the storm.......and other stories..
    ...Check our blog....and follow our friend Carlos Guedes......  

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    Can Palestine, Israel, USA communicate? Rose Colombo and Joyce Alexander Black

    in Politics Conservative

    Can the art of communication and diplomacy among world leaders bring a world of peace and love instead of wars and hate, death and destruction?  Join ROSE COLOMBO, award-winning author, producer, and host welcoming guest, JOYCE ALEXANDER BLACK, M.A., on COLOMBO CHRONICLES -JOIN ROSE COLOMBO every WEDNESDAY 12 noon to 1:00 pm pst or 3:00 to 4:00 pm est - check the time in your state or country online and BOOKMARK COLOMBO CHRONICLES live so you don't miss the VIP authors and experts who will share tips, facts, information and empower and enlighten the audience with information on health, mafia, crime, congress, politics, wars, romance, constitution, and more,  

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    Pan-African Journal: Special Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to the Sunday Nov. 12, 2023 special edition of the Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. The program features our regular PANW report with dispatches on recent claims that the United States has launched additional airstrikes in eastern Syria purportedly targeting bases of the resistance forces which have fired on Pentagon installations; billionaires in the U.S. are preparing to launch a well-financed campaign to counter Palestine solidarity efforts; hospitals in Gaza remain under siege by the IDF; and French military forces are continuing to leave West Africa. In the second and third hours we look at the countries which are severing ties with Tel Aviv. Later we analyze the cost of the war on Gaza. We then examine the early history of the formation of the State of Israel and its impact on the United Nations.

  • 01:02

    Dr. Isabel Skinner

    in Politics Progressive

    Dr. Isabel Skinner will join us to discuss issues surrounding immigration and the US/Mexico border.

  • 01:36

    Exposed Vet Radio Show. Recap of the Winchester Tennessee Veterans Conference.

    in Military

    On Thursday November 16th at 7:00pm Est, You are invited to join Ray Cobb, James Cripps, Alex Graham, Bethanie Spangenberg and John Stacy as we all get together to discuss the Veterans Conference held on November 8th 2023  in the beautiful town of Winchester Tennessee. Overall the Conference was a major success with discussions already in place to do another one in the future.
    To listen, dial 515 605 9764, If there are any questions to be asked in advance, Email Exposedvet@gmail,com

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    Mike Essen Endorses Ron DeSantis for President

    in Politics Conservative

    Mike(who will be solo) will officially endorse Ron DeSantis for President of the United States. 

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