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    MAP5 (Muslim American Power5)

    in Politics

    Join us each Monday 10a PT/1p ET for an episode of MAP5 (Muslim American Power 5) with Sis. Amatullah Alaji-Sabrie, Bro. Fleming El-Amin, Hon. Cheryl Sudduth, and guests for a discussion on our obligations as Muslims to transform our faith into action through proactive civic engagement, examining our roles as Muslims in establishing a more just society.
    How do we inform, educate & engage our communities on a sustainable level? How do we train & support future leaders? How we get elected/appointed to boards & commissions? How do we encourage & protect our leaders? What does 'true accountability' look like? How do we create, build & sustain collaborative & mutually beneficial coalitions?
    THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: Faith into Action, host amatullah alaji-sabrie discusses with guests the actions of faith leaders and students in the current civic engagement and civil disobedience actions centered around the US role in the P@le$tine-I$r@el conflict? Invited guests include: Imam Nasir Ahmad; Prof. Samer Alatout; Dr. James Garrett; Prof. Ayesha Mustafa, editor Muslim Journal.
    Listen on-line at AM360.org and 24-hour live streaming (701) 719-4197! Live audience call-in to the studio at (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253. Press 1 to enter the queue to leave a comment or ask a question.
    Email us at info@cwsc.us, tweet @CWShuraa, like us on Facebook, Community Wide Shura’a Conference. Visit AM360 parent corporation Community Wide Shura’a Conference at cwsc.us, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297. You're listening to AM360, the #1 Islamic Radio Station in the Nation, where your intellect is respected and your voice protected.

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    Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar

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    Marvelous Monday with Dr. Shirley McKellar is always the way to start the week! It is our civic responsibility to stay informed on the issues, pay close attention to the actions and decisions of our elected officials, and educate ourselves and others about the importance of VOTING in every election!  Let's work together to be the change we need! 

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    Shocking American History Public Schools hide from Children

    in Politics

    Also listen to us here on Iheart Radio
    You have heard about the Boston Tea Party but did you know the Christians were the biggest part of this Rebellion?  We will discuss this and challenge atheists to call in tonight!  Stay tuned  :)
    Did you know this country was founded by Christians? Did you know the founders believed Liberty was an actual gift from God? Did you know our founders taught that our inalienable rights come directly from God and that it is the job of the Government to insure and protect your rights? Atheists think you can answer this question below?   Call our radio station NOW by dialing  (515) 602-9778
    The question of the day for atheists is:  What proof and evidence can you provide that would finally at last prove that atheism is accurate and correct?  (So far no atheist has been able to provide any for over 18 years)

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    The Captain's Quarters

    in Politics

    The persecution of Donald Trump
    What crime was committed? 

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio to Highlight Decorated Officer Captain Morgan Little

    in Military

    Austin, TX - Morgan Little led a stellar career with the US Navy that spanned more than three decades and included notable contributions to our country as well as to fellow Veterans.  He has served in capacities (not a chronological list) that included successful junior jobs, commanding officer, executive officer, Warfare R&D (Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare Defense), and other officer positions. He holds a Dedicated Service Award, an Anchor Award, a Presidential Valuable Service Award, and was honored with many other recognitions during his tenure and reserve time.
    He has participated in many impactful committees, both Naval, Federal, and civilian. Captain Little served on a destroyer during the Vietnam War, and recent findings show just how historically valuable what the Army and Marine Corps accomplished together for our country was back then ( in establishing the gun line.)
    Just prior to beginning his naval career, Captain Little earned his Master’s Degree in Animal Sciences. People would always tease him about what that might have to do with being in the Navy or steering a huge ship. One area that readily connects is in maintaining careful logs of data (for instance on a female horse’s production of colts.)  You see Captain Little has a special passion for the wild mustang population in America, aiming to help keep them roaming free and their bloodline pure.
    Captain Little has a noticeable sense of purpose and integrity, a soft Southern voice, and clear intelligence and wit. One favorite quote of his came from one-time President Calvin Coolidge.
    Morgan Little is now into his eighties and still he presses on. He might live to be 100 and add to his legacy story.
    Visit Captain Morgan Little profile on LinkedIn

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    What are some of the uncovered Secrets in USA? Rose asks Judy Watson, author

    in Politics Conservative

    Do you ever wonder how many untold secrets and cover-ups thoughout America's history are never told as seniors and elderly who know the past are passing away without sharing with future generations and the effects today on peopley, money, politis, relgion and buswinesses.   LISTEN LIVE at 646-564-9742 or worldwide online at www.blogtalkradio.com/colombochronicles when ROSE COLOMBO interviews guest, JUDY WATSON, author of WINGS on today's podcast.  All shows are archived and some can be heard on You Tube by typing in Colombo Chronicles in the Search Box.  
    International Award Winner - OBAMASAURUS:  The Legend of How the Judeo-Christian Dinosaur Nation was Depopulated and Suffered Extinction 
    5 Star Review -  IS AMERICA UNDER MARTIAL LAW:  What is the real meaning of the yellow fringe flag flown on U.S. soil o gov't buildings?
    DRESSING UP AND DRESSING DOWN  - a blast from the past to the future and how lockdowns and globalism, economic and political environment affect the American World of Fashion

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    The ABC Podcast on Blog Talk Radio EP 70: The Donald Trump Superspecial

    in Politics

    In today's episode, I am going to forego the gender war for the week. INstead, we I will host a forum discussion of Donald Trump and everything that is going on woth hom. I will also simulcast this show on TikTok live and take feedback from that live on the air. It should be a wild ride!

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    The elected official are trying to destroy our children Mayor Marcus Singer

    in Politics Progressive

    The water in Benton Harbor is contaminated, The water has a odor, most are brown or yellow. The attack on Black people in Benton Harbor is shameless. We the residents of Benton Harbor must protect our children.

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    Election 2020 results suspicions and post Trump trial fallout

    in Elections

    Tonight I am discussing the PBS documentary about Trump upsetting the Georgia Election board and how Guilliani and Trump inflated the idea of a stolen election.  We will discuss a case study of Antrim County, Michigan where they had to add an extra local candidate which altered the voting cards tabulation.  The local clerk said it was caused by human error.  A private group flew in on Thanksgiving to examine the voting machine, a private company with no specific authority.  A Texas firm, Allied Security Group, produced a tainted report about errors and false claims.  The county clerk was forthright about mistakes made and corrected.  We will also discuss how a Georgia official had a struggle with Trump who kept accusing the state of voter fraud.  

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    Sam Adels and Dana DeSousa

    in Non-Profit

    Sam Adels and Dana DeSousa both work for the nonprofit, Land to Learn located in the Hudson Valley, New York. Sam is the Co-Director | Beacon Educator & Program Manager | Youth Leadership | Development.  Dana is theCo-Director | SproutEd Chair | Newburgh Educator | Outreach Chair.
    Land to Learn’s work is rooted in gardening, food, community, health, and ecology. Their learner-centered approach fosters understanding and agency within youth in schools, residential centers, virtual classrooms, and other educational settings.  
    Their mission is a growing a movement for food justice and community wellness through garden-based education.

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