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    1-10-23 Re-Discovering The Word of God Pt.IV

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    1-10-23 Re-Discovering The Word of God Pt.IV

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    Existential Deity—The Eternal Son (Part 2)

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    God, the Universal Father, is love; the Son is mercy.  Mercy is applied love, the Father’s love in action in the person of his Eternal Son.  The Eternal Son is the great mercy minister to all creation.  Mercy is the essence of the Son’s spiritual character.  The mandates of the Eternal Son, as they go forth over the spirit circuits of the Second Source and Center, are keyed in tones of mercy.
    [NOTE: Archive page of symmetryofsoul.org includes referenced 'Sections' previously studied in The Urantia Book. Broadcast begins each Tuesday at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (02:00 GMT). Check worldtimezone.com for local time.]

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    Episode 441 "The Blood Power" Pastor John Kyle

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    Stopping sins control over one's life, Moving forward and conquering in 2023 with the power of the blood of Jesus, Stopping past habit patterns and demonic controls, the blood and the tremendous power it has, spiritual understanding and revelation about the blood of Jesus, seeing past the present, deliverance from demons session after message

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    Truth Talk With Liberation Tabernacle Of YAH

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    This podcast was hosted By Moreh David Israel & Moreh Ahrayah Israel. Our mission here at Liberation Tabernacle of YAH is to bring Israel back to the laws, statutes and Commandments of YHWH. Our Foundation is based from the Tanakh ( miss call old testament) . Isaiah 58:1 Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins

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    John MacArthur - Facing A Tolerant World with Intolerant Truth

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    John MacArthur - Facing A Tolerant World with Intolerant Truth
    Truth Be Told Radio is a conservative reformed Christian talk/variety show that features teaching/preaching from a biblical perspective and a unique blend of special guests, humor, critiques, sermons, music, clips, and news.
    We play music from Shai Linne. You can find him on www.lampmode.com. We also play music from "Go Fish," you can find them at: www.gofishguys.com. Check out WWUTT (When We Understand The Text on the WWUTT channel on Youtube and also at www.wwutt.com. Also see Wretched on the Wretched channel on Youtube and their site for their radio and tv show at: www.wretched.org. Also featured is the "One Minute Apologist" channel on Youtube, TreasureChrist Youtube channel, and Melissa Dougherty on Youtube. Also, Joni Eraekson Tada, "Diamonds in the Dust," segments.

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    THOE Presents Prophet Mark Reinbolt

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    The House of Ephraim Show

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    Can It Be That Simple? - What's With The Other Side?

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    HalleluYAH!!! Praise, glory and honor belong to YOU Abba YAH, b'Shem Yahushua Ha'Mashiyach. May Your perfect Will be accomplished in our lives as we accept our calling...skillfully teach your WORD, comply with what we are being asked to do and thus demonstrating our obedience to YOU Father through the blood of Mashiach Yahushua!! Our Sacrifice. Our Example. Stay under HIS UMBRELLA, because the grass is NOT greener on the otherside...trust. Get your study tools family...and hold on to Abba's hand and NEVER let it go. Shabbat Shalum!!!!

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    The Gospel Light Radio Show - (Episode 291)

    in Religion

    The proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by members of the churches of Christ, with your Host Stevie R. Butler (Helen Street Church of Christ, Fayetteville, North Carolina).
    Co-host: Robert Lee Johnson               Subject: "Are You Fit for the Kingdom of God?"      Lesson Text: [Luke 9:62]               (New Horizon Church of Christ, Lake City, Florida)
    Host: Stevie R. Butler  "Shout It Out" question from his social media platform (Facebook). Co-host: Courtney Carthers (Colonial Village Church of Christ, Chicago, Illnios).
    Co-host:  Glenn McMillion                    Subject: "The Divinity of Christ" Part lll            (Waterview Church of Christ, Richardson, Texas)
    DATE:  January 5, 2023                   

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    Critical Issues - Money Sense - A New Day For Al-Islam in America

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    Join us every Thursday morning from 7:00 to 10:00 EST. 
    In the 7:00 hour, Dr. Jamal Rasheed, an educator and author along with Imam Henry Haseeb, address critical issues that affect all of us, and render useful solutions.  Dr. Jamal’s topic today is Where?? Exactly is USA going?? Latest version. Gambling, wide open!
    Then in the 2nd hour, it's Money Sense with Imam Adam Beyah.  Adam, a past Senior Accountant at Price Waterhouse, is owner of Beyah’s Accounting & Tax Service which specializes in Small Business Accounting and individualized tax planning. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from tax law, entrepreneurship, business and nonprofit management, to community development.  Today Adam’s topic is The History of Our Community in North Carolina.
    Imam Yusuf Ramadan rounds out the 3rd hour with a discussion on current news events, trending topics and issues of concern from a Muslim perspective. The Imam leads the historic Masjid Nuriddin at Corona, Queens NY and is a former Chaplain for the NY State Department of  Correctional Services.  Imam Ramadan’s topic today is Direction is in the Definition.
    Live audience call-in to the studio at (515) 615-9891 or (425) 929-4253. Listen in at AM360.org and by phone at (701) 719-4197! Share comments at info@cwsc.us, tweet @CWShuraa. Visit AM360.org's parent corporation Community Wide Shuraa Conference at cwsc.us, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297.

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    Invisible Kingdom #2

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    Sunday School and You!

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    Talking about Sunday School Lesson

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