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    Good to the taste or good to the eyes only?

    in Motivation

    Join Coach D weekly, as she bring Practical Principles unto Perception based on the Word of God.

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    7 Ways Fear is Your Subconscious Mind's Security with guest Rob Wilson

    in Self Help

    Join me with guest Rob Wilson talking about why Fear is your subconscious mind's security and a new revelation about mindfulness. Rob created what he calls "liberating lingo" which is a way of talking to yourself and about yourself that keeps you in the now and frees you from subconscious ideas, thoughts, and concepts that can hinder you from expanding into your best life. Rob is the founder of Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity which is hypnotherapy that quiets the thinking memory mind. He is also the author of several books including "My Wisdom Breathes".
    Rob's website: https://mycowboywisdom.com
    Free Downloads: https://mycowboywisdom.com/free-downloads-best-day/

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     Looking for my Give a Fukk podcast explores the journey of rediscovering one's "give a Fukk" compass in a world filled with distractions and societal pressures. Drawing inspiration from Eckhart Tolle's book "A New Earth," the episode delves into the importance of transcending ego-based consciousness for personal happiness and global harmony. Tolle's wisdom guides listeners on a path towards a more fulfilling existence by emphasizing the significance of living in the present moment. The episode encourages a deep reflection on passions, values, and causes, ultimately inspiring a meaningful reconnection with one's inner compass and a reclaiming of passion and purpose.   

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    Keepin it Real With Jashon

    in Relationships

    I’M BACK
    Season 4 of the Keepin It Real With Jashon Podcast
    May 24, 2024 -8PM
    Every Friday
    ***Call in number (563) 999 3718
    Relationship talk at it’s Best with the Relationship Guru and sex coach himself - JASHON
    is it ok to date or have sex with your siblings Ex ?
    Have you ever had sex with two sisters , two brothers , a mother & daughter , a Father & son ?
    "Adult Mature individuals "ONLY"

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    Carlene Kupke takes us on a self exploration journey from the Inside Out

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    Youtube https://youtu.be/wXIpth2o3B4
    https://insideoutmindbody.com.au MY STORY I never really understood why I felt so unhappy, unsure, lost fearful, anxious and unfulfilled in life. On the outside I seemed to have it all, but really I was avoiding and not facing what was going on inside. I attracted a lot of bullying and narcissistic behaviour over much of my life and this caused immense stress, anxiety and wonder about “What’s wrong with me?” I withdrew myself from people and situations, because I feared being hurt again. This in itself created many unconscious habits to protect myself, and never get close to people ever again. On top of that the car accident that nearly took my life when I was a teenager, continued to surface as PTSD. With panic attacks, fainting, fear of driving in the country and more. Something I had hidden from everyone for 20 years, out of shame and embarrassment that I was not coping. Without fully understanding all of this and how to deal with the emotions, this affected my relationship with my husband as well. I always made sure though, I was smiling in public, as I didn’t want to bring attention to myself. My work was always professional and on point, by being positive all day everyday, but as the years went on the emotional impacts became harder to hide. Out of desperation for answers, and in need of some respite from life. I was given an opportunity to teach in Cambodia, something I always wanted to do.  I had hit rock bottom and finally I accepted I needed help. Not knowing where to turn next, I starting asking questions, seeking solutions through different avenues. Other unexpected events led me to finding – Hypnotherapy, Resource Therapy, Energy Healing, NLP and Time Line Therapy and they were my saviours. I received instant relief from the very first session I had with these therapies. 

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    Rhythm and Poetry Live Daily

    in Relationships

    The Vision of A Relationship?? New Series. W covering every area of Life. 

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    Let's Do It Radio-Mz. Inez Sez-Let's Talk About It!-Chess/Checkers-Men v Women-2

    in Relationships

    06/06/2024 - Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - Chess/Checkers-Men v. Women (2)
    Hostess/Producer: Mz. Inez
    Topic: Chess/Checkers - Men v. Women (2)
    Let's continue to talk about the question at hand: Are Men Playing Checkers While Women Are Playing Chess or vice versa? Are men and women strategizing against each other to see who will win the biggest prize? "People in relationships often have strong expectations that their partner will be just like they are: exhibit the same attitudes, values,  perceptions and behaviors.  However, we know that you will not change your partner’s attitudes and behaviors unless they themselves are motivated to do so."  (Relationship Institute)
    Worldwide Listeners, the men and women need to voice their opinions and/or thoughts about your chess and checker moves. CHECKMATE or ??? We are looking forward to your suggestions, input, comments and reactions. Join us tonight on Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - Chess/Checkers - Men v. Women.
    Miss any episodes? Listen ON DEMAND @ blogtalkradio com letsdoitradio. 
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    UNLEASHED w/ Huni Bak Atun

    in Relationships

    O.N.E Dynasty 9:00pm EDT www.blogtalkradio.com / 2022 IIRHOF Broadcasting Lifetime Achiever, 2020 IIRHOF Broadcasting Enshrinee, 2018 & 2020 WBNN Communications Host Of The Year #TheLegacyContinues #TheDynasty Join us for our 3777th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our spotlight: HUNI BAK ATUN UNLEASHED: Double Standards: The Race Issue).. Featuring Special Guest Co-host Alternative Radio Broadcaster @ WBNN Mo Garman by Huni Bak Atun w/ Beverly Nation Online Radio

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    Character Traits

    in Motivation

    Who are you as a person? I have heard it be said that they are really a good person. Question is how is that determined? One would say character traits. Character traits are the individual parts of one's personaity and behavior that express who one is as a person. There are three distinct classification: Personal, Social and Cultural Traits. As well as one's attitude towards one action The traits can be positive or negative. Such can also affect one's personal life, employment and relationships with others. 
    Within a relationships many individuals settle for negative character traits such as dishonesty, disrespect and betrayal. Such behaviors can appear to  be normal. Others  would say that is just who I am. However is that acceptable? Is that unconditional love?
    Join myself and others as we talk about character traits. Change is possible. However, the work or process may not be easy. To join in on the conversation call 516 387-1914. Hosted by Jeanette Abney LMFT

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    Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - The STRUGGLE is REAL!

    in Motivation

    06/11/2024 - Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - The STRUGGLE is REAL!
    Hostess/Producer: Mz. Inez
    Topic: The STRUGGLE is REAL!
    Audience: Worldwide Listeners
    The STRUGGLE is REAL!!! What do YOU STRUGGLE WITH??? Money? Rent? Speaking? Love? Hate? Mental Health? Fear? Loneliness? Lying? Cheating? Gambling? Alcohol? Women? Men? Racism? Bigotry? Welcome worldwide listeners to Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It. Tonight, I'll let YOU talk about what you struggle with. You can remain anonymous. Join us as we talk about what YOU STRUGGLE WITH *** by dialing in at 845.241.9985 or share this link with others who you might think would benefit from these conversations. Thank you.
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