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    Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - Finance & Romance

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    02/23/2023 - Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - Finance & Romance
    Hostess/Producer: Mz. Inez
    Topic: Finance & Romance
    Audience: Worldwide Listeners
    Ain't nothin goin' on but the rent? Is there such a thing as Finance and Romance? What are YOU bringing to the table? Is there my money and your money and our money? Are we combining accounts or having separate accounts? Welcome worldwide listeners to Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It - Finance & Romance. Join me tonight and let's talk about Finance & Romance, whose money is it and if I don't work, do I get an allowance at 845.241.9985. Share this link with others who you might think would benefit from these conversations. Thank you.
    In case you missed past episodes, you can listen ON DEMAND @ blogtalkradio com letsdoitradio. 
    Donate to Keep Let's Do It Radio on the Air - CashApp: $anaisevalcour | VenMo - @Mz-Inez | Zelle
    Email: LetsDoItRadio@gmail.com
    Follow us @ blogtalkradio com under letsdoitradio
    Call-in/Skype 845.241.9985. Listen, Share or Click link to join during the following time zones: 6P/7M/8C/9E

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    Let's Talk Teen Dating Violence Awareness!

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               2/21/2023                           Show #74
    Tonight's Guest Are Nicole, Michelle And Danny,
    These three brave girls whose names were changed for privacy,
    Agreed to come on and share their relationship experiences as teens and young adults.  The cycle of abuse, boundaries, healthy relationships and much more.

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    If You Had Been a Better Parent, They Wouldn't Have Been On Drugs.

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    We know what bad parenting can do to the safety and welfare of a child, but is it always the right excuse? At which point does the adult child have to take responsibility for their actions, despite what the parenting was? We know that if you knowingly put your child in the company of a predator, then the parent has to bite the bullet for what happens to a child, but what about the decisions that some children make for themselves? Is it always a parent's fault that a child sells, or uses drugs? Is always a parent's fault that a child is violent, or can't stay out of jail? Is it a parent's fault that a child has bad social skills. Could be, right? Let's talk.
    That's what we're talking about tonight at 7PM ET on The Daily Gogetemism Show. Check this out:  https://youtube.com/live/wHjgLOpEbr0?feature=share
    #BadParenting #ItsAllYourFault #WhenIComeHome #BillCosby

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    ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to help you figure our if this is the right podcast for you.
    1st Saturday: Movie Review (Spoiler Alerts/Fantasy, Sci-fi, 9-ether-centered). 1st Sunday: TV Show Reviews (spoiler alerts). 2nd Saturday: True Crime Involving 9-ethers. 2nd Sunday: In the News (An Analysis of Trending Headlines). 3rd Saturday: Cosmology, metaphysical, quantum-physical. 3rd Sunday: I will talk about Tartaria, Antiquetech, the mud flood, clones, the orphan trains and the 1800s world reset. 4th Saturday: 9 ether WOMEN CALL IN ONLY - TELL US WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND. ASK ME QUESTIONS. 4th Sunday: 9 ether MEN CALL IN ONLY - TELL US WHY YOU'RE A 'GOOD MAN'. PUSH BACK QUESTIONING INCLUDED. GOOD MEN GIVE YOUR SOICAL MEDIA ACCOUNT INFO AT THE END 'IF YOU PASS AND IF I GIVE YOU PERMISSION'.
    Remember to type these links in the correct way into your browser.
    EMAIL ME HERE any show ideas, links, articles or videos you'd like me to discuss on the show: elderempress (at) gmail (dot) com. Please type that email address 'the correct way' into your email address bar. TAKE THIS FREE POLL: tinyurl (dot) com (forward slash) 2y4axw23 .
    PLEASE SUPPORT THIS BROADCAST. THOSE WHO DONATE $50 OR MORE WILL GET TO JOIN OUR GROUP ZOOM CLUB. THOSE WHO DONATE $100 OR MORE WILL GET 2 HOUR 1-ON-1 ZOOM TIME WITH ME You may donate ANY amount, even $1. Type this in the correct way into your browser: Paypal (dot) me (forward slash) echatattendant

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    My Heart Is Broken - What Do I Do Now (Part 3)

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    Episode Six...
    Today, we hear Debbie Laaser's perspective regarding something that is all too often an issue for women, no matter where we find ourselves: CONTROL.
    Let's dive in.

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    The Power of Recognition

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    There is no Oneness without the reality of recognition. No relationship survives without the management and acceptance of recognition in some form. Recognition is not necessarily physical, much of the recogntion  may be spiritual, mental, and/or emotional. 

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    the one that got away

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    the one that got away

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    Set the Tone of the Room. Linda w host Fred Fitzgiles

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    Topic:  Set the Tone of the Room.  Linda w host Fred Fitzgiles. We talk about relationships, new and old, being in command, confidence, negotiation, parenting, family life, business...and a whole lot more!
    Listen On-Demand: Soundcloud, Spotify,  iTunes, TuneIn & more. Buy Book: The Science of Mastering Women Buy Audio book! Fb&IG Coaching&Biz Coaching Amazon Link.<Click to support my show.