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    Wholesaling Real Estate

    in Real Estate

    We've all felt how good it feels to be a part of something special.  We all know what it feels like to not be part of a group or to feel excluded.  Icky.  Today I want to extend my 24 years experience wholesaling real estate, out to you.
    I'd like to invite you to join me on my mission.  My mission is to create lifelong friends and partners across the country using real estate.
    I use wholesaling because it's the quickest, easiest path to success in real estate.  It's also a gateway to other opportunities, and not just in real estate.
    Today's session is about my mission to create joint-venture real estate deals with people like you, no matter where you live, no matter your experience.  If I can be taught, so can you.  If I can make a success out of wholesaling real estate, so can you.
    Let's get into it.

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    smoke test 13 Feb

    in Management

    smoke test 13 Feb

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    Employee Autonomy and Accountability Can Go Hand in Hand

    in Marketing

    Companies continue to struggle to fully understand and manage their cultural potential. As a result, employee engagement in American firms has hovered at around only 30 percent for decades. Yet leaders who move from abstractions and ideals to tangible and employee-centric facets will create conditions that allow their teams to build culture organically from the bottom up.
    Contemporary managers too often adhere to the misbegotten idea that people are inherently incapable and untrustworthy, and therefore need managerial control. Yet when employees and teams are empowered to make important decisions, self-organize, and work autonomously to achieve their project goals, such self-management not only improves employee engagement but generates more productive and adaptive teams. 
    Drew Jones focuses on aligning management practices to ways that enable employees to innovate, adapt, and outcompete the competition.
    Tune in to hear Drew’s thoughts on:
    How does your approach to managing corporate culture different from the many other approaches out there? What do you mean when you say that Microsoft’s financial turnaround under Satya Nadella began as a cultural turnaround? What do you think companies need to do to stem the tide of quiet quitting and the Great Resignation? What is Activity Based Working (ABW), and why do you think it is such an effective solution for companies’ hybrid working challenge? Why do you think employee engagement levels in American companies have remained so low for so long? You refer to Nike’s former CEO, Mark Parker, as an anthropological leader with a high level of cultural intelligence (CQ). What do you mean by that? What do you mean when you talk about ‘the natural company?’ And much, much more!

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    Heart of God Baptist Church Sunday Service

    in Social Networking

    Heart of God Baptist Church Family Sunday Service online.  As we continue to worship and serve God we thank Him for this online medium to allow us to touch and agree as a church family.  Where two or three are gathered in His name He is in the midst!

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    in Real Estate

    In this episode we continue to share our Big Why! Agape is a faith based real estate company so we will also be sharing God's Bread of life, as well as learn more about Agape Real Estate Solutions LLC and the many services and incentive programs we offer. Just to name one of them we offer a FREE CREDIT REPAIR COACHING AND CREDIT REPAIR REBATE PROGRAM! Let us help you take 2024 by force! We will be sharing POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE  that can set you on the road to ending that RENTING CURSE! You can call in with your questions and thoughts too! So don't leave a friend behind, give them the guest call in 563-999-3563 NOW!.
     Please register to follow us and let your friends and family know as well, and if you register, you're get an automatic reminder each week when the show airs to join us. You can also connect with us at www.agaperealtors.com 24/7, and while you're on the site please set up your own private real estate search account, it's FREE and you can check out the newest properties as they come on the real estate market. 
    Please share the guest call number with your friends and family 563-999-3563! We look forward to chatting live with you soon! Please check out our Google Business page for comments from our past clients go to Agape Real Estate Solutions LLC. We know that buying or selling a house is a major event, and we specialize in holding our clients hands throughout the whole process. So, getting you the best deal for your current financial picture is our goal. Please tour our website agaperealtors.com today as well to check the latest house on the real estate market and much more.
    So please follow us hear at blogtalkradio.com/housetalk101 to stay connected!

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    Rob Thrasher Sootlight on Success

    in Business


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    Social Anxiety

    in Business

    This Friday evening we're going to talk about social anxiety. 
    Bipolar Talks; Social Anxiety, Episode 2.

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    Where to find a Pro Bono Lawyer

    in Legal

     [David Lusick], the visionary and founder behind Legal-Eagles.org, an esteemed platform dedicated to revolutionizing legal accessibility for those in need. A legal luminary and passionate advocate for justice, David is scheduled to grace the airwaves on February 23, 2024, as a distinguished guest on Unmasked, with Terry E Lyle the Authoress's podcast.
    With a profound commitment to bridging the gap between justice and those seeking legal aid, [David] is set to unveil their groundbreaking new book, "Where to Find a Pro Bono Lawyer." This invaluable resource guide serves as the ultimate compass, empowering individuals to access free legal support effortlessly.
    David's book transcends conventional guides by encompassing comprehensive profiles of lawyers, curated emails, listings of prominent law schools, invaluable information about innocence organizations, profiles of dedicated paralegals, the role of private investigators in legal proceedings, and an abundance of additional crucial resources.
    Through [David]'s unwavering dedication and extensive expertise, "Where to Find a Pro Bono Lawyer" emerges as a beacon of hope, providing indispensable tools for those navigating the complex legal landscape.
    Join [David] as they share insights, expertise, and a visionary perspective on legal accessibility during their enlightening conversation on Terry Lyle the Authoress's podcast.
    Please ensure that the provided bio resonates with the audience and captures the essence of the CEO's mission, book, and expertise in making legal aid more accessible. Tune in on your time zone at 7:30pm EST, 6:30pm CST, 5:30pm MST & 4:30pm PST by calling the studio number at 3479456003 and hit the one key if you have a question or comment.

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    Lorie James founder of "Purpose Youth Foundation" join me here On the Edge

    in Social Networking

    Youtube https://youtu.be/sR09BSdFrBk
    Founder/President https://purposeyouthfoundation.org Our founder Lorie James shares similar experiences with the adolescent girls with whom she serves. Lorie experienced turbulent teenage years, but fought to overcome obstacles that would have stopped many others. As a result, she went on to earn a Master’s degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building from California State University, Dominguez Hills. As the driving force of Purpose Youth Foundation her goal is to empower youth-aged girls through mentoring, while teaching etiquette, education, and exposure to the world through life events and travel. Lorie is a world traveler who realizes that travel is one of the best learning experiences. She strives to expose adolescents to these learning experiences so that their enthusiasm for service will be sparked when they realize that there are people less fortunate than them. For the past three consecutive years Lorie has traveled to Kumasi, Ghana with her team of volunteers to donate hygiene products, school supplies, and to speak at various primary schools, middle schools, high schools, and the Kwame Nkurumah University of Science and Technology. As a certified mediator, Lorie has mediated cases between at-risk youth who were in severe conflict with their families or involved with the criminal justice system. She was able to bring these youth to a peaceful resolution with their families or victims and help to positively turn their lives around. She has also volunteered with many community organizations, and believes volunteerism is a vital component of community service. As a retired human resources manager who worked for the County of Los Angeles for 26 years, Lorie is skilled at managing people and bringing out the best in them. Lorie is mother of three daughters and grandmother of seven grandchildren. 

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    Layla Rahmeh coaches solopreneurs to elevate confidence, redefine identity

    in Business News

    Youtube https://youtu.be/16axp8TjV3c
    About Image is all about Personal Presentation, which in turn is all about marketing YOU, the brand that is you. Guiding you in presenting yourself to your best advantage and in expressing your highest potential to live a life that’s aligned from the inside out. Giving you the tools and support to tackle your career and personal life with passion and enthusiasm; and coach you to step into that passion, that pursuit, that new direction, and to awaken the confidence and clarity that’s been missing.

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    Increase Your Small Biz Success Rate by 60%

    in Entrepreneur

    Tune in to Business Coach Margaret Jackson on this week's episode on how to increase your small business success rate by 60%. Learn how to use statistics and research to better succeed in 2024 on this episode of AM 1220 KDOW.