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The Other Side of Midnight

The Other Side of Midnight


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Hosted by Richard C. Hoagland, Exposing Suppressed Science, Cutting Edge of Science and Thought

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Show Page: Alternative Listening: Well ... tonight -- February 25, 2024, just a couple days after an American private corporation ("Intuitive Machines") successfully landed an unmanned spacecraft named "Odysseus" softly (well, kinda ...) on the Moon, David Copperfield (the famed "billionaire Los Vegas magician" ...) is supposed to make the whole place itself "just disappear!" Or NOT .... Announced many months ago in a very slick professional video, Copperfield's "crowning magic trick for February, 2024" seems to have suddenly "disappeared" itself; Andrew Currie --the member of our Team who originally became aware of Copperfield's ambitious plans many months ago -- cannot now find ANY recent reference (!) to this coming feat ... nor ... even a (now) scheduled (or rescheduled!) "launch date." What happened? Well tonight, we will connect the mysteriously-changing David Copperfield "Moon Magic Show"... Intuitive Machines' miraculously "saved lunar landing" of a couple days ago ... and the extraordinary technological properties of our proposed "ancient lunar dome"-- Into one AMAZING Theory .... With real VIDEO of "the Ancient Dome" PHYSICALLY responding ... to some kind of repeated "energetic inputs!' Like someone, from 2012 ... on, has been "testing Something." Is Copperfield trying to use "ancient lunar ET technology" itself, to pull off "the slickest magic trick of ALL TIME?" Join us .... Richard C. Hoagland Copyright 2024

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Show Page: Alternative Listening: It is the assertion of one of my guests tonight, Barbara Honegger, former Senior Policy Advisor to President Reagan, and a considerable "citizen hisotrian," that today's Coronation of King Charles III --... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: A MOST "peculiar pattern" -- regarding human's accelerating exploration of the Moon (and, to a lesser extent Mars) -- has emerged from our research over the last few years .... With the exception of... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: "The Balloon Goes Up ...." The expression comes from WWI .... Over a hundred years ago, in the "the War to End all Wars ...." -- reconnaissance balloons (first militarily developed in the American... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: On August 9, 2021, David Sereda's wife Crystal, loving mother to their two very young daughters, tragically died; she and David were apart that night, yet-- "In the middle of the night of August 9, 2021, I... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: Answer: EVERYTHING .... How do we know ... they "know?" Because ... since the first Chinese robotic lunar landing, in 2013 -- at 44-degrees North Latitude, 19.5 degrees West Longitude -- with a... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: What is S.E.P? Douglas Adams, best known as author of ?The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?, put forth the idea that some objects in question are so ridiculously out of context that the mind ignores them.... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: With the "sudden" FOX dollar settlement of the looming Dominion lawsuit -- literally, two hours into the beginning of the trial! -- there was an immediate, palpable disappointment racing across the nation; that... more

Show Page: Alternative Listening: Copyright 2023

Show Page: Alternative Listening: Copyright 2023

Show Page: Alternative Listening: What if…? An ancient group of ET gods carved the rock planets and moons in our solar system. The entire surface of Mars and Earth are covered with reliefs crafted by highly advanced beings. The... more

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