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    Turning Off What Can't Increase My Faith In God

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    How can I turn off what can't increase in faith in God. Many things, thoughts and doings can't increase my faith. Gossiping, judging others, paying attention to what my natural mind feels. The Believer must keep good thoughts going even when bad things happens, Bought with a price no longer their own. The life is hide in Jesus Christ.

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    Medical Murder: Scott Schara Interview

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    Scott Schara, the father of Grace Schara, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome who was killed by St. Elizabeth’s Hospital (Ascension Health), Scott is on a mission to spotlight the crimes of the American medical system. We discuss the Biblical implications of the system of Medical murder that has been built and deployed against the public over the past century. Most important of all is the call to repent and seek Jesus while there is time left, tomorrow has no guarantees.
    Scott Schara's website:
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    “From Abraham’s Bosom to Heaven!”

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    Tune in TODAY (Saturday 02/03/24) LIVE at 4 pm EST (3 pm CT/9 pm GMT) on Blog Talk Radio to hear: "From Abraham’s Bosom to Heaven!" Just dial (319)527-6197. Or listen online by clicking on this link.

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    "It's DEW Time with Pastor Steph" - 1-22-24 - "A Romantic Trip Gone Wrong!"

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    A word from the Lord and a praise to get your day jump started!!

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    Sandy Austin is the founder of B.I.O.N.I.C., an international organization that supports and encourages students facing challenging times.
    Sandy was one of the school counselors most involved with the 1999 Columbine school shooting tragedy and helped with three other school shootings. She was President of the Colorado School Counselor Association twice and past American School Counselor Association’s Facilitator of the Crisis Professional Interest Network. Sandy has authored three books, and speaks throughout the country on subjects such as bullying, school shootings, and suicide.
    Join us as Sandy talks about the motivation behind the creation of BIONIC and the impact the organization has had on schools in teaching students, from kindergarten through college age, how to demonstrate caring and compassion by identifying and addressing needs of those around them.  

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    SDG 641 2024 End Game Update #5: Fall of the Cabal part 10 VALIDATED!

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    We all want to know the truth about what’s really going on here in this crazy, confusing, often times chaotic world.  So be sure to listen in for the forbidden news that you'll never hear on the Fake News and later in the message we’ll tie it all into a transformed life.  The Bible says if we want transformational power in our lives then come to Jesus!
    Matthew 11:28-30 KJV  Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. [29] Take My yoke upon you, and learn of Me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. [30] For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.
    So stay tuned to learn how to come to Jesus for freedom, help and training.  Many times Jesus says “Come to Me “ and when and if we do we are literally TRANSFORMED!!!!  And then we can become more than conquerors!
    And as always, bottom line folks is that as believers we may be in this world but we are not of this world and as God’s people we are just pass in’ through.  So let’s all REFUSE to be destroyed by this Luciferian all out war on humanity.  And be sure to stay tuned in to find out the latest news that the Fake News will never tell you as we dive deeper and deeper into America’s new 911 events which are unfolding in slow motion while on steroids, but remember, it all started with this lab engineered ....media manipulated ....corona Virus Heist

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    Is Elvis Still Alive? Jim Paris Is Back After A 3 Month Break

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    On this episode - Is Elvis still alive? The growing momentum among believers in the Flat Earth Theory, Will Biden drop out, why Jim thinks a popular type of bicycle is dangerous, and the latest on mortgage interest rates going into 2024. 

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    Close Up Radio to Feature Speaker, Coach, and Author Reverend Joan L. Davis

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    Lehigh Valley, PA -- Joan L. Davis is a speaker and coach who helps people take a journey—from self-doubt, grief, depression, stress, and other matters that hold them back. It is a journey that comes with a slogan: Trust God. And Trust the Process. That is because Joan L Davis has one unique qualification as a coach: in every client engagement she relays the purpose that God has in mind for that client.  Revered Joan L Davis is an ordained minister who achieved her first divinity school degree in 2018 and graduated from the Coaching 4 Clergy program in 2020. She continues on a mission to bring hope and positive change to the lives of those who struggle.
    She began her career in forensic accounting but felt increasingly drawn to evangelical subjects. She later studied the history and theology of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME). Reverend Joan believes we all recognize the call when we hear it, citing Jeremiah 1:5 “…I know you and will call you to be a prophet to the nations.”
    Reverend Joan’s personal struggles, which included near homelessness, are part of the story she tells in her book Revend Nobody. Another popular title is Surrendering to the Voice of God. In her upcoming radio show, Reverend Joan will talk about her books and where to buy them, including the brand-new releases. She will also talk about the conferences she runs, which are known by the title Empowered for the Journey.
    For more information about Reverend Joan and her coaching practice, visit https://joanldavislifecoaching.com/ and https://revjoanldavis.com/

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    GOD'S LOVE hosted by Evangelist Virginia

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    GOD'S LOVE hosted by Evangelist Virginia
    Join Evangelist Virgina to learn, discuss, and discover GOD'S LOVE as the source of our entire life. No matter how sinful and broken you are, Jesus loves you, Jesus wants you and Jesus can transform your life. It doesn’t matter if you are a mainstream sinner or a reject sinner or a terminal sinner. Jesus can forgive your sins, heal your wounds, and change the whole direction of your life. The “righteous” and “healthy” people including so-called Christians who tell you directly or subtly that you’re a lost cause and are lost! Following Jesus always involves sharing His love with others who need him. The moment you meet Jesus, He immediately gives you the privilege to do the most important thing anyone can do and that is to tell others about his love! He may send you to people who are like you, or he may send you to people hugely different from you. You may lead many people to Christ, or you may sow seeds. Our responsibility is to embrace the privilege to follow Him and share His great love and message with others and leave the rest up to Jesus! GOD'S LOVE! THE N.O.W. NETWORK

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    Divine Mercy Jan 22

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