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  • Part 17: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Michael Armour of SLDI

    in Management

    DALLAS, TX - For decades, Michael Armour (or Doctor Mike, as he is popularly known) has compiled an exceptional leadership record in far-ranging fields of endeavor. He is a multi-dimension achiever, and it consistently puts him demand as a keynote speaker and leadership advisor, more precisely a C-Suite Leadership Coach and C-Suite Executive Coach. Mike Armour’s areas of focus have included management, cultural transformation, and strategic business growth. His insights into the Executive minds and just what it takes to shape a leader teams will trust, and follow, have been shared in different media, such as his most recent  book Leadership and the Power of Trust.
    In the weeks Dr. Michael Amour has been on the radio, this new edition of Leadership and the Power of Trust, rose to Number One on Amazon’s list in four different business categories. It was also one of the most widely read books by business people in the past 
    During the month of February Dr. Mike is going to talk about what compelled him to write this volume and his overall aim for sharing his perceptions. He will share key takeaways, such as the correlation between a trusted leader and an effective leader. He will review the five salient things people must feel in order to trust. Delving into these concepts will stimulate new ideas and policies that can make top tier personnel and their reporting teams more productive and content, and that certainly impacts the bottom line of any organization.
    For more information about Michael Armour and his latest book, please visit www.michaelarmour.com or TrustIsPower.com

  • Dr. Derrick Noble discusses #LeadershipLaunch on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Business

    Join host Cyrus Webb welcomes Dr. Derrick Noble to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his book LEADERSHIP LAUNCH---and what he hopes it does for readers.

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    Social Geek Rock Stars: On The Road Again

    in Marketing

    Hello Geeks! We’re on the road again with part two in our series on business travel and conferences with today’s rock star panelists Kristen Pechacek, Chief Growth Officer at MassageLuxe and Michael Hyam, Franchise Show Director at National Event Management.
    Kristen and Michael discuss making a plan for big events, networking, and their best business travel tips for 2023. We will see you this week at Franchise Show Houston and later this month at IFA 2023!  
    Thanks CareerPlug, Serviceminder, Hughes, and Northeast Color.

  • What makes your product or service different? Differentiation is key.

    in Business

    In order to create sustainable success. You and your product and service as well as your company. Need to be clearly defined. In different than your competition. Doctor John will talk about some key elements that you need to include. So you can stand out. And make your customers choose you..
    If you require accelerated results Contact John now. For a complimentary consultation. When you mention. The radio show. Www.centerforpeakperformance.net

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    The Science of Mindfulness

    in Marketing

    In today’s world, finding time to be “mindful” can seem like a virtually impossible task. Nearly everything seems more important than “doing nothing.”
    However, the toll that the stress of everyday living can take on your body is considerable, even though you may be so used to it, you don’t even feel it. You just know you are in a constant state of anxiety.
    Craig Goldberg, President of inHarmony Interactive, explains how he too used to struggle with any kind of meditation, but shares how he found a tool and new ways to hack the process of mindfulness.
    Discover a mindfulness hack that drastically shortcuts the meditation process.
    Tune in and hear Craig's answers to questions such as:
    How do you define mindfulness? Why is mindfulness and taking time to meditate so important? A lot of the work you do is around sound and vibration. What’s the connection to mindfulness? What is the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses, and do we have control over them? How do you specifically help people with mindfulness and what are the benefits of meditation and mindfulness? And much, much more!

  • Make Sure That Your Website is not Destroying Your Business

    in Marketing

    If you’re frustrated at your website, if it’s not getting the sales and customers you deserve, if you get traffic to your website but that traffic doesn’t convert to buyers – trust me – you are not alone. The best-kept secret in business is that virtually everybody hates their websites. They hate their websites because their websites don’t make them enough money. The sites don’t make enough money because we’ve all been sold a massive lie by the web design industry. The lie is: ‘Build it and they will come.’ In other words, the web designers tell you that if you just build a site that looks good, with great design, the customers will follow. Nice idea. Only problem is, as you may have discovered, it doesn’t work. It’s BS.

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    The Unpopular Benefit Of Life Insurance | 685

    in Finance

    We've talked about the living benefits of using life insurance for infinite banking, such as saving, investing, and more. But what's the part that many ignore that also allows you to spend more money while you're alive, yet still pass on wealth from generation to generation? Find out how Chris Miles was able to show one of his non-married clients how she could increase your cash flow by nearly $100,000 a year!

  • Part 2: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Business Coach Christine Rose

    in Business

    Seattle, WA - Christine Rose is well regarded by Close Up Radio’s hosts and followers. A Forbes Coaches Council Member listed as one of the Top 15 Women Businesses Coaches for the year 2022 and was named Top Business Coach of the Year in 2019, she’s a keynote speaker with frequent media appearances. Christine was recognized with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from the Office of the President of the US. Christine has further achieved rank as a bestselling author and is distinguished internationally as a Business and Executive Coach, specializing in Coaching the CEOs and leadership teams of small to midmarket companies with revenues at the $1 million mark and above.
    Christine holds several certifications including Certified Value BuilderTM Advisor and Certified Psychological Safety Coach (known for supporting companies in their efforts to form a more equitable culture for women and individuals of differing backgrounds and lifestyles.) 
    Christine asserts that time is one of the most precious resources for many leaders. An invitation only community is growing starting with 100 founding members, and listeners will learn how to apply for one of these coveted positions. The beginning of the year is such an ideal time to think ahead and thus explore membership in this new power coalition.
    Christine has worked with CEOs since 2015 individually and in groups. “I help my clients become more effective leaders, engage their teams to be innovative and effective, grow their business, and increase value for their organization and its stakeholders.’
    Her work has one underlying goal: “Compassionately coaching leaders to fully live.”
    For more information about Christine, visit www.coachchristinerose.com

  • The Halal Industry: Do For Self

    in Business

    Join us every Wednesday from 5 pm - 7 pm EST for an edition of "The Halal Industry: Do For Self" with your host Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal President, Founder and CEO of Bilal's Inc., and co-host James Bashir.  The interest to join Bilal's Inc. is to establish economics for the African American people (descendant of slaves of America).  This program is to encourage peole to unite and to build economic strength to establish community life by doing for self.  To build the model community is our motto, and let us come together and do it.
    Connect at AM360.org and 24-hour streaming at (701) 719-4197.  Call in live to speak to the host at (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253, share comments at info@cwsc.us, Tweet us @CWShuraa.  Email us at info@cwsc.us.  Visit our parent corporation Community Wide Shuraa Conference at cwsc.us, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297. You are listening to AM360,  the number one islamic radio station in the nation where your intellect is respected and your voice is protected.

  • FranchiseInterviews Welcomes Back East Coast Wings + Grill Franchise Opportunity

    in Entrepreneur

    Over a decade ago, we met with Sam Ballas, the founder of East Coast Wings + Grill. Today we are meeting with Mark Lyso, CFE, Chief Development Officer at East Coast Wings + Grill. East Coast Wings + Grill is a full-service, family dining wings franchise that spotlights buffalo wings. Guests can choose from 60 award-winning wing flavors and seven heat indexes to create over 420 combinations of Buffalo-style wings. Our secret East Coast Wings + Grill wing sauce has been a catalyst in winning the Best Hot Sauce at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, NY. East Coast Wings + Grill prides itself in offering a complete dining experience by providing a warm and inviting atmosphere and a variety of menu items, including signature burgers, flatbreads, skillets, craft beer, and exceptional hospitality. Their mission is to find the best entrepreneurs to join our chicken wings franchise and stay committed to helping these franchisees succeed. In part two, we play a clip from our popular Great Quotes in Franchising podcast. 

  • The POWER of Confidence (New Year Solutions)

    in Work

    Part 4 of 4: (TCE PushUP - “Know Who You are and What you Bring”!   The POWER of Being Confidence!  Never fear. The New Year is here, and it's time to create another list of resolutions!  You know the most popular ones like losing weight, getting organized, securing a better job, starting that business, or becoming the best you possible!   Unfortunately, most New Year Resolutions fail by Jan 31st!  Never Fear the Career Engineer is here to share “New Year Solutions” that will kick those 2023 & beyond resolutions to the curb every time.