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    Jonathan Alexander gets interviewed

    in Podcasting

    Jonathan Alexander gets interviewed tonight

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    Brother lee and the sisters bringing the Word.

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    Lifehas a way of snatching you back in place

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    Tonight I'm gonna talk about a lesson. I've learnt this week when you think you can control your emotions when you think you can handle things and when things happen, you find out.

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    Sometimes you have to encourage yourself!!!

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    Encouragement to yourself enjoy the show. Stay tuned for important announcements!!!!!! Email me  queenj256@yahoo.com happy Wednesday 

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    CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio Welcomes Educator and Saxophonist Lord Yancyy 6/13/24

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    Yancyy was born to entertain touching the lives and hearts people around the world with his music. His impeccable styling and artistic charisma are not confined to certain genres or generations. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Yancyy recalls hearing a saxophone solo in church at the age of 13, and was gripped by the impact on the congregation, 
    Lord Yancyy's  music is exploratory with his purity of tone, dazzling technique you’ll love his relaxed soothing style and melodic embellishment.
    Yancyy's ambition was undeniable that his father soon surprised him with an alto sax, and he blossomed overnight as a self-taught prodigy. He joined his high school band, and within two years, renowned classical saxophonist Donald Sinta sponsored Yancyy's attendance at the prestigious Interlochen Fine Arts Academy. He continued his pursuit of artistic excellence, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts. in performance at University of Michigan's acclaimed School of Music, and remains a faithful academic, amassing a collector’s dream of instruments, equipment, and a respectable library of instructive materials.
    Meet Our Host: Ms. Bridgette Lewis: She is the creative genius and founder of the award-winning podcast CoffeeTalk Jazz radio. Bridgette gets you up-close and personal with insightful interviews taking you behind the scenes with your favorite artist. 
    Promotional Music Marketing: Let's take your music brand to the next level with a custom-tailored music Marketing campaign.
    TELL US WHAT YOU NEED: Let's Talk 1-562-544-8102
    Twitter: CoffeeTalk Jazz Radio (@CoffeeTalkJazz) / X (twitter.com)

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    The Gloves Are Now Off... Enough is Enough!!!

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    The Gloves Are Now Off... Enough is Enough!!!

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    The Force Be With You

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    Meet Mr Brandon Jones a walking, living and breathing Space and beyond expert. Let's delve into that Black Hole of curiosity and other space phenomenon. Tune in on your time zone at 7:30 pm EST, 6:30pm CST, 5:30pm MST and 4:30pm PST by calling our studio number at 3479456003 and hit the one key if you have a question or comment. Then I will unmute their mic 

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    smoke test 28 May 1

    in Personal Journals

    smoke test 28 May 1

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    Hotel California Truth

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    let walk down memory lane to 1977

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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Athlete and Entrepreneur Bobbi Little

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    Theodore, AL -- Bobbi Little has achieved many things in life, for herself and her clients. She was a gifted athlete who attended college on a track scholarship and was always running or in training instead of partying. She launched a healthcare business acting as a personal trainer and sharing her tips for a healthier lifestyle with others. She has successfully showed horses and taught others English riding.  She helped to found and run a spa-like business dedicated to skin care (and is a qualified esthetician.) When Bobbi last appeared on this radio show she had a business that focused on balance and reflected her lifelong passion for health and fitness.
    Today, Bobbi has put all of that behind her and is simply retired—living a full life of nature and relaxation while house sitting along the lovely Gulf of Mexico. When the mood strikes, she travels to other stunning natural places, such as Sacramento where she was based for many years, Arizona where her parents lived in their later years, or Montana where she grew up and discovered her equine love. In between these natural and relaxing experiences, she shares tips about being an entrepreneur.
    Bobbi is enjoying what she calls her spiritual healing time, a moment when there is no stress or need to decompress. She practices hobbies like kayaking, flyfishing and barefoot waterskiing. She also goes snowmobile riding (back in Montana). She takes long walks with her dog, a toy Australian Shepherd, and together they chase squirrels and butterflies.  They also watch the birds, such as the blue heron who has a white feathered mate this year.
    Bobbi has always had a purpose, such as when she helped others with their training  or escorted a close friend through a challenging battle with Cancer. Perhaps her purpose now is to teach others to simply be—without overthinking or overworking themselves.

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    Peter Mingils joins Harshman Travel Agency on Cruiseship news for Holidays

    in Travel

    On this episode of Building Fortunes Radio Peter Mingils joins Harshman Travel Agency on Cruiseship news for Holidays. 
    Building Fortunes Radio and The Youmongus Ad Network host a weekly radio show. Pam Harshman and Ron Harshman review Harshman Travel Agency on Vax and Mask Mandates and Cruises with Peter Mingils. Save money on your cruises.
    Harshman travel Radio show is on https://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/harshman-travel/
    Here's an example of a previous show: https://www.buildingfortunesradio.com/harshman-travel/weekly-updates-on-cruises-on-the-building-fortunes-harshman-travel-radio-show-with-peter-mingils-4066
    https://harshmantravel.com is the site to book and look for your vacation and travel plans. You can find this and much more on The Youmongus Ads https://www.youmongusads.com 
    Contact Peter Mingils 386 445-3585 Our Affiliate program is https://buildingfortunes.com 
    For generic travel news, go to https://travelagency.news 

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