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  • November will be here before we know it

    in Personal Journals

    This episode we're gonna talk about it. We're gonna talk about November. Are you gonna vote or either one of these clowns? Are you gonna show up and vote for yourself? How do you feel about

  • This Carbondale one really ticks me off

    in Paranormal

    Tonite, my little night owls, stay up with the mysterious Miss X as she explores this video supposedly showing a white, or Albino, Bigfoot in Carbondale, Pennsylvania some years ago, and wants a stop to all the fakery of videos which have popped up since the late 1960s concerning the Search for Sasquatch, a so-called creature who intermittently appears to walk like a human, not walk like a human, changes gait, hides in trees to be camoflaged by shadows, is covered with brown hair or not covered with brown hair but, rather, whitish hair.. on and on the different stories go. 
       Wacky story of the week..
    The actress whom Miss X, actress Wendy W, referred to in her childhood as 'the most beautiful woman ever'  was born March 29, 1915 in Worcester, Massachusetts as Helen Ericson.
    Her stand-out role was as 'Light' in the incorporeal movie 'The Blue Bird', starring Shirley Temple, in 1940. Her portrayal displayed quiet beauty and peacefulness.
    Other film roles include 1940's Charlie Chan in Panama, and Wife, Husband and Friend (1939).
    Little is known of her early life or how she got a start in films.
    She was married to Chicago fur dealer Phil Berman from 1940 until she passed away in 1984. She had two sons and three stepdaughters.  
    What are the real facts about the creature called Bigfoot?

  • Who were the sky PeoPle, and the croP circle in Northern Nevada

    in Paranormal

    Your Miss X, host and creator of Night owls radio, asked one of the guests on a well known radio show the other night if there had been a croP circle formation recently in
    Nevada.  We will get our answer tonite on this show.
    Also, just who were the Sky PeoPle, and what was their meaning on Earth.

  • the God show

    in Personal Journals


  • BIDEN "What Have You Done For America Lately?"

    in Blogs

    President joe Biden is asking for 4 more years "to finish the job" Biden getting back in office depends on did he keep all of his promises from 2020. Let's talk about what he has done , and what he has not done.
    1. Did he lower the cost of families everday expenses?
    2. Are more people working in America?
    3.. Are people making more money?
    4. Did he resue the ecomony?
    5. Did he rebuild the infrastuctures?
    6. Provide more health insurance to people
    7. Help bring gas prices down
    By the way do anyone know where the Vice-President is?

  • Horror film expert Joe Flynn stops by night owls radio

    in Paranormal

    It is that time you have waited for! Our yearly guest Joe Flynn may call in to discuss monster movies and the latest horror movie conventions, including Monsterama and Monsterpalooza.  Horror movie conventions give you a chance to meet your favorite horror, science fiction and monster movie actors, as well as browse all the movie collections from years gone by.
    To talk to Joe, dial Phone number 657 383 1357    during the live broadcast.
    Joe has long been a feature on Creatv and San Jose cable television in California, as well as co hosting several internet shows, and he brings his monster movie EXPERTISE TO US TODAY.

  • Why Do Men Love & Attract Broken Women?

    in Podcasting

    "Unapologetically Dani"
    THIS WEEK'S SHOW-04/09/2021 -"Why Do Women Love & Attract Broken Men?"
    WE'LL LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! - Call the Studio ~ (516) 453-9392 
    Email: daniskye1980@yahoo.com 
    YouTube Channel: Dani Skye STLPOET

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