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    "How to Overcome Rejection" Sermon

    in Christianity

    Pastor James Brandt preaching at Living Waters Chapel in Caro, Michigan.

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    Episode 385: Psalms, Part Six--Psalms of Imprecation

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    In this week's episode, pastors Erica, Sarah, and Steve take a look at a difficult group of psalms in the Bible--those that wish for revenge or cursing on the enemies of the ones praying.  For many of us, we wouldn't have even known this was in the Bible, and for others, we just don't know what to do with such angry--and often violent--words brought to God!  So in this conversation, we'll explore some ways to deal with these psalms, how they might give voice to pain that needs to be expressed somehow, and why it's good news that God is free to respond to our prayers in whatever ways God sees fit, even if it's not what we asked for or wanted.  Join us for this week's episode here on Crazy Faith Talk!

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    Busting Loose in Faith with Apostle and Prophetess Thibeaux

    in Christianity

    Busting Loose in Faith with Apostle and Prophetess Thibeaux

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    The Virgin Mary Stuns Italy in 1944

    in Christianity

    Join John Carpenter, Don Hartley, and the Deeper Truth research team as we assess an amazing series of supernatural events in Italy in 1944.   
    As in all Marian events, the most glorious miracle of all generated by the apparition was the grand awakening of the people’s faith. Just from May to July of 1944, a multitude estimated at 3 million (3 million!) flooded the crumbled roads and the precarious railroads of North Italy to Le Ghiaie, to pray at the place where Adelaide saw the Holy Virgin. The pilgrims asked for the safe return of sons and husbands from Russia, for the end of the civil war, for healing of diseases; but most of all they prayed for the conversion of their households.
    We have positive evidence of all this because a lot of visitors wrote their prayers on small slips of paper and left them at the apparition spot. A few thousand of them were happily preserved by Don Cesare Vitali, then the parish priest of Le Ghiaie, and lately studied by Ermenegilda Poli who confirmed that two appeals to the Virgin predominate: Bring back my husband/son from the war and convert my father/husband/son to the true religion. The endless processions marched day and night to the tempo of rosary and Marian chants and it is recorded in the newspapers that the bystanders at café terraces stood up and took their hats off at the passage of the pilgrims.
    Spring 1944 was a severe war-time period for the North of Italy, with daily air raids, aimed at destroying the heavy war industry, as well as the morale of the population by massive bombing of cities. Nothing happened to Le Ghiaie, nor to any of the pilgrims heading there, though once back home they had to suffer the raids of allied aircrafts. Several times airplanes were seen and heard above the crowd gathered to attend the apparitions, but no harm came to the people.

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    The Lord is My Sheperd

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    The Lord is my Sheperd
    Truth Be Told Radio is a conservative reformed Christian talk/variety show that shines the light of truth from a biblical perspective and a unique blend of special guests, humor, critiques, sermons, clips, and news.
    Here is a list of channels and ministries we use: WWUTT (When We Understand The Text on Youtube. Also another channel of Pastor Gabriel Hugh's called WWUTText).
    R.C. Sproul lessons from Ligonier Ministries, Wretched on the Wretched channel (on Youtube) and their site for their radio and tv show at: www.wretched.org, Melissa Dougherty on Youtube, Dr. Voddie Baucham with Youtube channel Grace Family Baptist. Church and, Joni Eareckson Tada, also Voddie Baucham via Grace Baptist Church Youtube page and James White via Apologia Studios. One Minute Apologetics by The Gospel Coalition and another called Debunked (videos) can be seen on Youtube

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    WITHOUT PURSE OR SCRIPT Part 2, Chapter 6 of The Church and The Gospel

    in Religion

    WITHOUT PURSE OR SCRIPT, Chapter 6 of The Church and The Gospel
    Pages 62 to 82
    The Lord’s Missionary System
    The Lord had a special program for missionary work-it was for His servants to devote full time to the spiritual call of preaching the Gospel. The manner He prescribed was to go without purse or scrip, meaning they were not to take a wallet or money (or credit cards) with them. It was a very unusual system by worldly standards, but one that certainly promoted faith and humility.

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    What A Word From The Lord Radio Show - (Episode 287)

    in Religion

    The proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ by members of the churches of Christ; with your Host Stevie R. Butler (Helen Street Church of Christ, Fayetteville, North Carolina).
    Co-host:  Paul Sanders         "The Paul Sanders Show"          (Smithsonia Church of Christ, Florence, Alabama)
    DATE:  June 25, 2024

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    in Islam

     Human Excellence "Prescribed" In All Fields of Conduct
    Allah teaches us to slay clean and mercifully. If you saw the Hollywood picture of the Crusades you saw Richard the Lion Heart with a big heavy sword. It weighed so much, it required training I guess for ten months or more before the King could lift it up. King Richard's sword was a big long heavy piece of iron. It did not have to be very sharp. If he hit anything with it, the thing hit by Richard's sword would break.
    To the contrast, Salahuddin who is called Sala-din in the Hollywood made movie based upon the story of the Crusades was the Muslim Emir (ruler) and General with a very light sword. He would swing it and it would sing, for the metal was so thin and light. They met for a truce and were having a test as to which weapon was more efficient in battle.
    King Richard the Lion Heart with the big heavy sword brought it down on something and the thing hit was broken into. Salahuddin responding took a silk handkerchief and threw it up and held his sword out. The Handkerchief fell on Salahuddin's sword and onto the floor in two pieces. The General Salahuddin did not have to hit the handkerchief at all. He let it fall on the sword and the silk handkerchief split into two pieces.
    This same Salahuddin had a chance to kill King Richard the Lion Heart. Salahuddin stealthily made his way into the enemy camp and found King Richard sick. Salahuddin was also a doctor of medicine. Isn't this ("Islam") a comprehensive religion? You see the m an who is leading the army for the Muslims is also a physician.
    And by the way, the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization is a medical physician, with a Ph.D. (Yasser Arafat).

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    Prophecy is

    in Christianity

    Revelation 19:10 "Worship God, he said, the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy."

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    Saturday Worship Service / Pastor Sarah Tate-McClendon / Be Strong & Courageous

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    Pastor & Mrs. Overall and the RFCM Church Family invite you to come and worship the LORD our God with us as we grow together in the knowledge and grace of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. ALL ARE WELCOME IN THE LORD’S HOUSE Revelation 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let the one who hears say, “Come!” Let the one who is thirsty come; and let the one who wishes take the free gift of the water of life.
    Tithe & Offerings - Runner For Christ Ministries (rfcm.org)
    Salvation Prayer @ Salvation Prayer - Runner For Christ Ministries (rfcm.org)

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    #Advocacy #Persecuted #Church, #Christians #Victimized, #Christian Equal Rights,

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    Advocacy Persecuted Church reminds us of what Matthew chapter Five says, and we remind you of verse five. It says, "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." This along with the rest of Matthew chapter five give a glimpse as to what our Lord expects. The #troubles besetting our nation would never have arrived if we were where we should be as a nation and a people before the #Lord. Even now Muslims, American Muslims are preparing to #takeoverAmerica and make it Islamic and filled with Sharia law. In addition, others from the #MiddleEast, #China, and elsewhere are bringing their list of desires with them to this country. It is the #eagles gathering to #feast on the #corpseofAmerica. Wake up #America, for you will be the next #Persecuted and #destroyed if you fail to heed the #warnings. “For wheresoever the #carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together”- see Matthew chapter twenty-four and verse twenty-eight.  #AdvocacyPersecutedChurch
    ??Listen now, go to Post:
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