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    African Americans in the Midwest with Mica L. Anders

    in History

    Join Janice Gilyard and Cherekana Feliciano for a conversation with Mica L. Anders. Mica is a professional genealogist who focuses on African American family history and anti-racist genealogy. Her work combines artistic creativity, thanks to her MFA in visual arts, with in-depth historical research. She is passionate about bringing family stories to life through compelling narratives and visually engaging exhibits.
    Her collaborations with museums and cultural organizations have led to diverse community history projects, emphasizing inclusive and underrepresented narratives in Midwestern family histories. These projects not only fulfill her professional goals but also fuel her passion for uncovering and sharing multifaceted historical stories.

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    in History

    Layman's knowledge for everyday life!

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    Flori-DuH Abortion Ban Law Starts Today

    in Current Events

    The ban, which took effect on Wednesday, was part of Gov. Ron DeSantis’s push into cultural conservatism. But Florida politics is rarely that simple. & Donald Trump On The Campainge Tril Without His Medication

  • 01:24

    The Mike Douglass Show, Thursday 05/09/2024

    in Current Events

    The Mike Douglass Show, Thursday  05/09/2024  Rep. Greene move to oust Speaker Johnson fails in House; Stanislaus Surgical Hospital gets temporary reprieve from Feds yanking Medicare; Anti-Semitism hearings regarding K-12 issues?; Biden Admin plan to federalize States National Guard personnel in space missions hits big objections, including 50 governors.

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    in Current Events

    As we watch the ongoing reality show leading up to the 2024 presidential election. We see another Arab spring only in America this time as college campuses explode in protests. Also we will take a look back at the Philadelphia Move Organization the imprisonmnet of the Move 9 and killing on 11 of it's memebers during a police raid that ended up destroying nearly two city blocks of west Philly. Join us in the conversation live by calling in 319-527-6308

  • 01:04

    Pro Palestinian movement and how it negates importance of Israel.

    in Current Events

    I first present information on the historical, Judaic value of God's permanent promise to the Israeli people of the promised land as stated in Joshua 1 that states the perimeters of the chosen land.  Then we discuss the nuts and botts of Hamas intentions in persecuting Jews and what non negiotable damage they are specifically causing.  Equally so, Israel could display more pragmatism regarding their chosen targets.  We discuss the broader strategies on how diplomatic efforts could relieve tensions and historically, why they have not.  We discuss the level of suffering on both sides.

  • 01:10

    Episode 706 Private Officer Beat Radio with Rick McCann

    in News

    Your host is a 49-year veteran of private security and law enforcement, a multi-certified instructor including POST and certifications as a regulatory security instructor in 4 states!
    Rick McCann is currently an active law enforcement officer, firefighter, and medic and a serial Entrepreneur with several public safety and private security-related businesses including a Vocational and Public Safety College.
    Mr. McCann is an accomplished writer and published author of numerous training and news articles and, an author of five novels, and he has been featured in local and national media articles including Security Magazine, Time Magazine, DC Today, FOX News, CNBC, NBC, the Boston Globe, and other publications on topics involving private security, the use of force and law enforcement issues.

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    DFW Daily news

    in Current Events

    It's all about the community and news you can use

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    The Business

    in News

    The Business

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    Discovering Truth with Julie Scelfo- founder of Mothers Against Media Addiction

    in Current Events

    Julie Scelfo is a media ecologist, accomplished journalist, and most importantly a Mother of three.  She founded Mothers Against Media Addiction. (MAMA) Scelfo was moved to start MAMA after reporting on the youth mental health crisis and seeing suicidality affect children at ever-younger ages, and recognizing how a multitude of factors—including screen addiction and absent regulations—has created an unhealthy, unsafe media environment.Scelfo’s stories on mental health have been leading the national conversation for decades, from her coverage of suicidality and social media on college campuses, to increasing suicidality among tweens. She created the Get Media Savvy coalition to help create a widespread cultural shift so everyone recognizes the central role of media in human affairs and takes steps to protect the building blocks of well-being.In addition to her MAMA  advocacy, Scelfo is the author of The Women Who Made New York, 

  • 01:45

    BRN 261: btowntruth Radjeoh Network With Ian Saint Ian

    in Current Events

    So,last week btowntruth decided to leave a few minutes in and allow his limey cousin from across the pond Ian Saint Ian do the rest of the show. A rather stunning turn of events but apparently ol' Ian got what the hep cats say are "skills". Sooooo this broadcast will be btowntruth doing an intro then handing it over to Ian Saint Ian The Third Esquire. Promises to be a jolly good time with discussions on Parliament and of course the Premier League fixtures,scores,and tables. Hip hip .... cheerio ...... rule Brittania and what not...... Live.... Local (Forgottonia).... Liuna Friendly (always) and Limey This is THE British......errrrr we mean btowntruth Radio Network. FIsh and chips and SCCPBS and whatnot......

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