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Jim Peters At Night

Jim Peters At Night


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This is the audio feed from popular podcaster Jim Peters internet TV show JIM PETERS AT NIGHT, broadcast live Monday thru Thursday at 11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific simultaneously on six popular platforms - including live audio-only on BlogTalkRadio. Jim is known for conservative news analysis and for his crackpot UFO theories - and in a talkshow first, he takes VIDEO phone calls from the public. Go to jimatnight.com to call in, or dial 563-999-3435.

On-Demand Episodes

Jim welcomes back our old friend, former Executive Editor of Hustler Magazine, TIM CONAWAY, to discuss the lying liars in Biden's media cover-up. Plus: The astrophysicist Avi Loeb proposes that we build AI into gravestones, so we can... more

...at least, that's what he's telling everybody. Today POTATUS let everyone know he's not dropping out of the race - but we shall see... Plus: a crop circle shows up in England 500 yards from the Stonehenge visitors center - and no one... more

Jim concludes his Merv Griffin-like theme week (do you even know who Merv Griffin is?...) with an interview with HotAir.com Associate Editor DAVID STROM, who explains why the lying f*cking liars in the Mainstream Media are going to... more

CONK! News CEO and Publisher JEFF MEYER joins Jim to talk more about the lying f*cking liars that make up the Mainstream Media. Plus: Last night we reported about the dozen employees of the Red Rocks amphitheater in... more

According to Jim - and a lot of other people - the problem really isn't Joe Biden. We expect all politicians to lie - ALL of them. No, the problem is really the Mainstream Media - who has been collectively lying relentlessly for years to... more

Our Debate Night Panel - TIM CONAWAY, LARRY NEWMAN and JEFF MEYER - joins Jim LIVE right after the presidential debate tonight at 10:30 PM Eastern for analysis as only a bunch of pissed-off old guys can. And you can call in and join... more

HotAir.com Weekend Editor and Salem Media UFO point man JAZZ SHAW joins Jim tonight to discuss tomorrow night's debate, the continued hilarity of Queers for Palestine, and whether the government is trying to condition the public into... more

American broadcasting icon and Talkers Magazine founder MICHAEL HARRISON joins Jim to talk about his band GUNHILL ROAD"s latest single, "Articificial Intelligence", in a wide-ranging conversation about sentience, the nature of the... more

The Dynamic Duo - JENNIFER OLIVER O'CONNELL of RedState.com and JEFF MEYER of Conk.com - join Jim to highlight quite possibly the single biggest use of gaslighting in contemporary politics, ever. Apparently your eyes are deceiving... more

Jim returns from two weeks off for surgery wondering what The Old Codger will step in next. Our good friend, intelligence operative and lover of women DON ZORRO joins Jim to break it all down for you. Plus: Harvard puts out a paper... more