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    Self Destruction

    in Education

    Saturday on Behind the Blue Curtain we’re going to discuss the current state of America. From politics, policing, racism, gas prices, religion, lack of food and health care. How much of America’s problem are manufactured right here in America? Are we destroying ourselves from the inside? Why can’t we seem to talk to each other anymore? Our politicians (on both sides) are creating more problems than they solve. A lot of churches seem to have gone of the prosperity gospel. The line  separating of church and state is blurring. Rich gets richer, middle class gets poorer and poor get trampled on.  We are on the brink of becoming one of these 3rd world countries where, if you don’t like the outcome of an election, just grab a pitchfork, a torch and put on a ridiculous costume and storm the capital. If you would like to chime in, the call-in number is (646) 716-4621, press 1 when you would like to speak and be mindful of your background noise.
    Copyright Disclaimer under Section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

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    in Education

    CROE presents the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad

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    Mama Efia Nwanganza

    in Higher Education

    Mama Efia Nwanganza ,Veteran in the New Afrikan Independence Movement , New Afrikan Attorney , Community Organizer will be discussing NAPP ,NAPOW , Reparations ,Internal Law and etc .

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    UnScripted - Balancing Act(ions)

    in Education

    Michelle Hipps-Kalkan says she was born to become a certified Oola Life Coach. Her entire life has aligned with everything leading up to this, including traveling to church conferences with grandparents, a college degree in Communications, and that one e-mail that changed her life. Michelle has been gifted with an incredible gift of optimism. It has continued to strengthen as life unfolds.  She completed years of metaphysical studies on her path to being a Practitioner through the Science of Mind coursework. Certified with Yoga Alliance, she's served many wonderful souls through mindfulness and meditation. "Throughout my life’s journey, I have encountered my share of pitfalls where I’ve stumbled down and had to get back up again. I believe that these situations have allowed me to experience real life, which in turn, helps me to really identify with my clients and relate on a first-hand basis. I’ve worked along side of issues ranging from divorce to depression to alcoholism to bankruptcy to body image problems, and everything in between, from individuals as early as pre-school babies all the way to the elderly." Michelle's community describes her as enlightened, skillful, and playful! She knows it IS possible to live your best life.

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    Domestic Violence/Abuse (TTLO) Take The Lid Off "Promoting Positive Change"

    in Education

    Pychological, emotional abuse .... How to recognize, etc

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    True Life Stories - 1 // Ashton Smith

    in Education

    Ashton Smith, she's an incredible athlete, winner of Gold meadows in swimming and track. She's passionate speaker with a story that will inspire us all. She going to openly speak about the experience as a special Olympics Champion and how the Special Olympic's policy affect its participates.
    The average person have no concept of the treatment of special olympics participates, this conversation will be a major eye opener.
    This is a true life story of Ashton Smith.

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    Part 2: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Education Advocate Maureen Santora

    in Education

    Long Island City, NY - While preparing for this series, Maureen had just returned from a camping trip with her family. Camping, she notes, is one of many family experiences, such as sports activities and global travel, that Maureen has enjoyed all her life, and experiences that provide teachable moments,
    “There is a teaching moment in everything. If a child loses a game, if a student doesn’t get an excellent grade, that is a teaching moment. It works for everyone and in every situation.”
    So says this dynamic educational expert who has been teaching since 1967 and only retired a few years ago. There was a small gap while she raised her four children, three of whom went into the education field as well. Maureen believes the first, best, and most constant teacher every child can have is their parent.
    Maureen has been a vocal advocate for education her entire life, helping families, students and other professionals to shape curriculum, share effective approaches, and participate in program and policy making. She made another notable contribution to education when she established The Christopher Santora Educational Scholarship Fund in honor of her son, who was a history major, then a substitute teacher and a firefighter. Sadly, Christopher passed away in the September 11th national tragedy.
    Maureen has particular expertise in early childhood education. She wishes we could get back to basics —like phonics, math by formula/repetition, and teaching geared to the most intelligent students (which she considers top down instead of bottom up.)  Maureen says teachers know better than anyone else just how kids learn.
    For more information on Maureen’s work or the Christopher Santora Educational Scholarship Fund, please email her,

  • 02:23

    The Goose ?? That Laid The Golden Eggs

    in Homeschooling

    The Good That Laid The Golden Eggs.
    Goose = Asset/Income Producing Asset Gold Egg =  Value Resources Don't Kill The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs Golden Goose Skills  

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    in Education


  • 01:05

    Children's Authors Talk - Host Marsha Casper Cook

    in Education

    Please join Marsha Casper Cook and Children's authors Judy Snider and Rich Linville on June 30 at 4EST 3CST 2MT 1PST.
    Children are the future and in this show, the discussion will start with how can parents and teachers help children develop their speaking and listening skills? The discussion will move on from there with helping children in any way we can to keep them safe and interested in learning during this very troubling time. 
    Judy was raised in Michigan and currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with her husband Gil and her cat Bailey. She also has two grown sons. She is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). After her retirement, Judy had the joyful job of working at the library at Cape Henry Collegiate School for eight years. The award-winning Goldy's Baby Socks, published in English and Spanish, is Judy's first children's book that she has published.
    For over 40 years, Rich enjoyed teaching all subjects in elementary, middle school, high school and college. Since retiring in 2016 he has published over 120 children's ebooks, audiobooks, and paperback books. He received awards for Teacher of the Year, for Innovations in Education and Technology plus a Lifetime Achievements Award in Education. 
    Marsha Casper Cook is an author, screenwriter, host, and producer of all the Michigan Avenue Media Podcasts. 
    After the show is over it will be on-demand and then on iTunes.
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    Eugenes corner

    in Education

    Contemporary music and weather.

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