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    Mixing It With Nicki Kris - Alternative Singer - Songwriter Flora Algera

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    SIMRADIO is honored to share Singer - Songwriter Flora Algera.  Join us for Mixing It with Nicki Kris on March 13th 2023 at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT. Connect with Flora Algera on TikTok, Instagram, and stream on Spotify.  
    Connect with Nicki Kris on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram
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    Thanks to our Podcast partner “Chatting With Nat” Mixing It theme music, ‘October Sky’, by Nicki Kris
    #SistersInMusic - Together We Are Stronger

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    Encouraging Widows

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    Facebook.com/TheNextChapter or Email: TNCwidows@gmail.com
    The Next Chapter (TNC) Widows' Ministry, a faith-based support group encourages widows and helps them heal in the years after the loss of their husband.  Nearly 700k women lose their husband each year. What a traumatic and even scary feeling a new widow can experience! So many questions. Premarital counseling never prepared you for the lonely nights, heartaches, and the many decisions. It doesn’t matter whether the marriage was long or short, the loss was from a long illness or an unexpected accident, or how much money is or is not in the bank. What matters is that the person you married, shared secrets with, made love with, laughed with, been angry with, and a host of other scenarios is not here. TNC gives widows a unique connection with others who understand why his clothes are still in the closet, his name is still on the bank account, and grocery shopping is so difficult. Widows are loved! God has a special plan to care for them. I Timothy 5:3 says, “Honor widows that are widows indeed.”
    A Widow’s Touch, (available on Amazon.com) a collection of powerful true stories from 20+ widows can be a source of comfort. It allows the readers to find themselves in a character, as the widow, the family member, friend or someone mentioned. Readers can journey with the writers as they share loneliness, frustration, confusion, and victorious moments. A journey of faith dries the tears and turns grief to joy. TNC enjoys annual getaways, serves the community, celebrates special occasions, and produces a weekly talk show. Mary Hollis and Sheila Coley, co-founders, are available tor speaking engagements, workshops, and book signings.

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    Meet Angela Covany founder and CEO of Havana Book Group LLC.

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    Angela Covany is the CEO/Founder of HAVANA BOOK GROUP LLC. She is the Director of the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (G.S.F.E) for Temecula, California chapter and previously Co-director for Menifee, Ca. She has also been the Director for Ventura and Santa Barbara California chapters of National Association of Female Executives (N.A.F.E).
    Angela is a #1 best-selling Author, Publisher, Artist and Illustrator. Some of her published works include Silver Lining Abstracts, A contributing Author in: Entrepreneurial Women of Faith Anthology, It’s All About Showing Up: The Power is in the Asking. Holiday Express, 100 Most Successful Women from around the World, and her latest Anthology entitled LOVE YOUr haters: How to harness the power of self-love and embrace the peace found in forgiveness. She is also the Publisher of book 2 Anthology of It;s All About Showing Up and the Power is in the ASKING to be launched on International Women's Day March 8th 2023.
    Angela has been recognized with 3 separate awards by 3 seated presidents from 2016-2022 for her dedication to her community. One of these awards was the Lifetime Achievement Award. Angela has also been awarded by many city and state municipalities, recognizing the efforts she has made to help others personally and professionally. Angela has recently been the recipient of the Most Inspirational People in the World from (SIMA Global Awards 2022) She Inspires Me Award. She has also recently received the international award “Beautiful Survivors Reaching Beyond Boundaries” from (LOANI) Ladies Of All Nations International. This past December in London, England Angela Received an Honorary Humatarian Doctorate degree and also while in London received an award in Parliament.  
    _She can be reached at Angelawcovany@gmail.com or hbgpubloshing@gmail.com  phone 1-951-249--6831

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    January Jones Sharing Zoom Numerology with Gail Minogue's Su

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    The war is ongoing and affecting many areas of our lives, especially food shortages, prices etc. Gail Momogue will be updating you on inflation, interest rates, prognosis for 2024 elections and more. Will the US get physically pulled into the war? It may not be probable but it is possible, especially if Russia sends more waves of troops and enters from Belarus. Europe doesn't want to have The Soviet Union again as its neighbor. January Jones Sharing Success Stories is broadcast live Tuesdays at 2PM ET.

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    GEMS w/ Genesis Amaris Kemp

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    WBNN #bevnatstrong #TheDynasty  Join us 3407th presentation of Ngozi Time Multimedia LLC w/ our topic: Women Firestarters ?? ...Breaking Barriers and Going Places
    GUEST SPEAKERS - PANEL Hosted by Genesis Amaris Kemp  Popsiclo  - Carrie Sinah & Chelsea Fan Chelsea fan  Sharon Caples McDougle  Goody PR -  Liz H. Kelly  Kim Benoy  Kaila Maguire  How are you saluting women for Women's History Month? by Genesis Amaris Kemp

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    Still Becoming: Hope, Help & Healing for the Diet-Weary Soul

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    During this interview with Marnie and guest, Laura Acuña, you’ll discover:
    How Laura gained one hundred pounds as an eleven-year-old and was finally set free fifty years later How to re-think your thinking regarding food, body image and dieting The surprising truth that you can be free from food and body image issues before ever losing a pound Why so many women struggle with body image and dieting-related strongholds, and the number one first step toward freedom The importance of to learning to show up as your true female self and become comfortable in your own skin How to walk away from what has never worked and embrace something new Why rejecting shame, in all its forms, is crucial for healing and peace  The importance of stopping legalism and embracing grace Our culture’s negative view of a woman’s aging body and how, as Christians, we can resist falling for this toxic and impossible standard Laura Acuña is a speaker, author, Bible teacher, coach and host of the Still Becoming podcast. She’s served as a women’s ministry leader for over 22 years. A graduate of Liberty University, she earned a degree in Christian Counseling and a minor in Biblical Studies. She’s the co-founder of Sisters In Faith Ministries, a non-profit ministry to women in the Damascus, Maryland area. Learn more at www.Laura-Acuna.com and invite Laura to speak via www.WomenSpeakers.com.

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    Love, Lessons, and Lullabies: Hope and Aspirations for Teen Moms | Glenda Moton

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    The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show | www.Sharvette.com
    Glenda Moton is the author and contributing editor of two books: “Hopes and Fears: Learning Academically in a Covid-19 Environment” and “iRead, iThink, iWrite”. Both books have received media press and “Hopes and Fears” has received numerous features including TIME Magazine, Grand Canyon University, The Miami Herald, WLRN, WSVN news, and many more. Glenda’s mission is to inspire, equip, and empower educators and students beyond the classroom. Moreover, Glenda is a Certified Professional Life Coach. She received her certification from Breakthrough Coaching and Leadership Academy (B.C.L.A) in May 2021 and she is the founder of “Restore Hearts, Inc.” ?Meet our host: Sharvette Mitchell is a Marketing Consultant that helps entrepreneurs tell the stories of their businesses through marketing so that they enrich their lives and grow their businesses. She does this by focusing on their visibilities strategies, positioning, and personal branding with one on one consulting, group coaching programs based on her trademarked framework, THE PLATFORM BUILDER®,  speaking engagements,  book collaborations, and producing conferences & retreats. 
    Since 2008, Sharvette has hosted a weekly internet talk radio show  - The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show. She has been seen on CBS 6, The CW Network, and featured in publications such as Huffington Post & AARP.   

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    Issues Concerning Women the Radio Show

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    Welcome to Issues Concerning Women with your host Francine Humphrey and co-host Veronica McMillian of the Micro Nonprofit Network Inc.
    Issues Concerning Women focuses on women and their families reaching long and short term goals. Assisting them in the areas of business, careers, housing, finance, and life skills.
    The Micro Nonprofit Network Inc. helps small nonprofit organizations become foundationally strong through education, coaching, mentoring and program development for 501 (c) 3 organizations.
    We offer advocacy services to infuse and stabilize households and foster a sense of community involvement, self-worth, & self-determination.
    Our vision is to empower women through hands on demonstrations, details of homeownership, career development, investing for retirement, exercise and nutrition classes, entrepreneurship, relationship building, and adult literacy programs.
    We are dedicated to making a difference.
    Our mission is to create economic independence for all women by providing a voice to those that would otherwise not be heard. ICW was created to encourage all to take charge of their lives and become educated and savvy about all aspects of life
    You may contact Ms. Humphrey at icwdirector@gmail.com or go to the web:www.issuesconcerningwomen.org
    Contact Veronica McMillian at info@micrononprofitnetwork.org

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    Entrepreneur | Founder | Moy Fung

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     Toronto, on – As part of the Black History Celebration initiatives, Pray for the Men Global (a division of Solid Rock Family Services) will host a virtual mental health awareness event, on February 23, 2023, 5:30PM – 7:00PM.  Solid Rock Family Services, is a family services and child welfare organization offering holistic programs including counseling, coaching, training, and mentorship programs that help educate, heal, and transform individuals and their families. “Pray for the Men Global”, is a social activist organization providing men with the support, tools, and resources to address many challenges in society today. This special virtual event tagged "Mind, Your Business, Brother" shall have community leaders and professionals seasoned in mental health-related matters, address issues in a bid to increase the level of awareness, especially amongst black men.  Speakers and presenters include the Event Host/Founder of Pray For The Men Global & Executive Director for Solid Rock Family Services, Moy Fung, Community Advocate, International Speaker & Expert Moderator, Anton James, Minister& Businessman, Sam Tita, Multi-Award-Winning Spoken Word Artist & MotivationalSpeaker, Dwayne Morgan, International Speaker & Coach, Danny Stone, Mental Health Professional & Communication Specialist, Andrew Blackwood, Author, Jelani Daniel and Entrepreneur, Jeof Bollers. 

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    Stephaine Felice Singleton coaching & mentoring The Ladies League of Jackville

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    Youtube Version https://youtu.be/tFkuak1GV3E
    Stephaine Felice Singleton coaching and mentoring with The Ladies League of Jacksonville https://www.facebook.com/groups/1394419374357609 Facebook Group

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    Women Speak N.O.W. with Prophetess Lisa

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    Women Speak N.O.W. (WSN) is THE MOVEMENT for all women - believers and non-believers - seeking an environment of love, of empowerment, of trust and coming together as one in Christ.
    WSN broadcast on THE N.O.W. NETWORK is dedicated to real talk, to deal with real issues and to find real GODLY solutions.
    We seek the truth without compromising the word of GOD.
    We speak the truth ONLY from a biblical perspective.
    We believe that ALL those who worship GOD must worship GOD in Spirit and in Truth ~ John 4:24.
    We are calling all women of truth to join the movement of the power of ONE! Bring your real voice, your real issues and a real listening heart as Women Speak N.O.W. and are heard ~ N.O.W.
    Proverbs 12:1: The lip of truth shall be established forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.

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