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Symmetry of Soul

Symmetry of Soul


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Each Tuesday, a broadcast focused on science, religion, and philosophy, based on the unifying concepts of The Urantia Book. Broadcasts begin 9:00 PM ET(worldtimezone.com for local start time). Co-hosted by Dr. Chris Halvorson, Andrea Barnes, Brad Garner, Dave Tucker, and Justin Armstrong. Artwork compliments of www.rassouli.com.

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Jerusem, the headquarters of Satania, is an average capital of a local system. Two hundred thousand years after the rebellion, Satania is being administered most efficiently; and as the ages pass, the results of disharmony are being slowly but surely eradicated. Order and good will are being restored, and the conditions on Jerusem are more and more approaching the heavenly status of our traditions. We begin the reading in Paper 46.
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Late on Monday evening, March 6, A.D. 30, Jesus and the ten apostles arrived at the Pella camp, where Peter and Andrew awaited their return. Word regarding the resurrection of Lazarus had reached the encampment two days before the... more

When a prayer is apparently unanswered, the delay often betokens a better answer, although one which is for some good reason greatly delayed. No sincere prayer is denied an answer except when the superior viewpoint of the spiritual... more

The vast celestial host was all astir in unified action. In just twelve seconds of earth time the hitherto lifeless form of Lazarus began to move and presently sat up on the edge of the stone shelf whereon it had rested. His body was bound... more

After Jesus had spent a few moments in comforting Martha and Mary—apart from the crowd of mourners, some sincere and some merely pretenders—he asked them, "Where have you laid him?" Then Martha... more

The angelic hosts are a separate order of created beings; they are entirely different from the material order of mortal creatures. Angels are not the glorified spirits of mortal men who have gone on to progress through the mansions on... more

The Father gives salvation to the children of men, and this salvation is a free gift to all who have the faith to receive sonship in the divine family. There is nothing man can do to earn this salvation. Works of self-righteousness cannot buy the... more

Knowing that his friend Lazarus was dead, and fearing not the Jewish leaders at Jerusalem, Jesus said to his apostles: "Let us prepare at once to go into Judea again. I would do one more mighty work for these Jews; I would give them one... more

Jesus and his apostles were much rejoiced over the progress of the gospel at Philadelphia and among the near-by villages. Excepting the cleansing of the ten lepers, thus far there had been no miracles on this Perean mission. This was a... more

Jesus said: "All too long have your fathers believed that prosperity was the token of divine approval; that adversity was the proof of God's displeasure. I declare that such beliefs are superstitions. The Father's human children have equal capacity... more

The followers of Jesus, even the apostles, were unable fully to comprehend his teaching as to the necessity for using spiritual force for the purpose of breaking through all material resistance and for surmounting every earthly obstacle which... more

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