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    The Healing Magic of Neuroplasticity

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    In this episode, Dr. David Hanscom talks with chaplain and pain coach Bonnie Lester. She shares her experiences with chronic pain, delving into the profound impact it had on her life. She details the various experiments she tried with alternative approaches to find what would work after conventional medical treatment offered little relief. Her breakthrough came when she became acquainted with neuroplasticity and the realization that she could change the way her brain processed pain.
    Chaplain Bonnie Lester, MA, Certified in Advanced Pain Rehabilitation, is a pain coach who has personally overcome CRPS after a 30-year struggle with this challenging chronic pain syndrome. Drawing on her own recovery and evidence-based research, she now specializes in teaching neuroplasticity techniques and comprehensive lifestyle strategies to help others overcome chronic pain. Bonnie has helped hundreds of clients significantly reduce their pain levels and improve their quality of life. She is the author of the book Unwinding Pain: Affordable and Accessible Ways to Feel Better Now (available on Amazon for preorder now). For more information, visit https://www.bonnielester.com/ .

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    Hydration Benefits

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    Below are the questions I asked Jaroslov Boublik PhD, one of the researchers who formulated the Aquas, about hydrating the body.
    Why can’t we become better hydrated by simply drinking more water? Why do we become more dehydrated as we age? Why is a well hydrated body essential to eliminating toxins from the body? How do the following affect hydration? Salt Energy Drinks Coffee Alcohol Milk What are the symptoms of dehydration? Do structured water products facilitate better hydration? Does good hydration help alleviate symptoms of diseases? Does good hydration improve: Mental clarity? Digestion? Make us look younger? Body weight?
    For more information about the Aquas visit: https://www.aquas.us

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    Roundtable Wednesday: Dr. Marlice Vonck Interviews Ben Woodward VP of Sales NA

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    Honest and transparent interview with our new BEMER North-America VP for Sales, Ben Woodward. He is here to lead us, BEMER Partners, in our BEMER sharing actrivities and clear the obstacles and help us achieve our goals! We discuss his proposed strategy to support us, his values, and how personal growth can help us become more succesfull in life and bsuiness and his recent meetings with BEMER Corp leadership and Partners in the field. Please join the National All Distributor Call Monday July 15th at 12pm ET / 9am PT for the roll-out of his support plan!

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    Returning back to work and school after a TBI with Kelly Tuttle

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    Kelly is the author of After the Crash: How to Keep Your Job, Stay in School, and Live Life After a Brain Injury. She is a traumatic brain injury survivor and advocate. Her TBI marked the beginning of a new life and a personal journey of self-discovery. As a neurology nurse practitioner, she has had a front-row seat to observe patients struggling with many of the same things she experienced during my recovery. She strives to share her coping strategies and tools to help other brain injury survivors continue to work and study while they heal.   www.kellytuttle.org
    Find her book on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zIT8Bx 
    If you're enjoying this podcast, please consider supporting it for just $5 at www.buymeacoffee.com/amyz

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    HD Uncut: Being Gene-Positive & a Scientist

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    "Bri" joins me to discuss what it's like being gene-positive for HD and a scientist doing HD research.

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    HEALTH AND WELLBEING W VIYAHTA: Stolen Intellect w Author Catrina Ravenel

    in Health

    Your host Viyahta is an Author, Holistic Life Coach, Doula, Yoga Teacher and proud grandma of 2 amazing souls.  She shares her knowledge and experience from over 35 years in thd wholistic health field.  
    This show we meet author and health activist Catrina Ravenel.  She'll share parts of her new book, "Stolen Intllect: Recovering the Missing Link to Generational Health. 
    This show is not intended to replace any advice you may be receiving from your doctor. If you have a chronic or acute health condition you have been unable to resolve please see your trusted health professional. 

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    Avoiding The Parasitic Mind - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 7/8/24

    in Health

    Avoiding The Parasitic Mind - Dialogs With Dr. Cousens & Dr. Sacks 7/8/24
    SUPPORT RICHARD SACKS: https://www.givesendgo.com/richardsacks
    A new LIVE series with Dr. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. & Dr. Richard Sacks, Ph.D., host of Lost Arts Radio
    LOST ARTS RADIO EMAIL LIST FREE SIGN-UP: https://globalleadersconsulting.activehosted.com/f/1
    LOST ARTS RADIO SUBSTACK: https://lostartsradio.substack.com
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    http://www.drcousens.com and http://treeoflife.mn.co
    http://www.planetaryhealingclub.com and http://www.lostartsradio.com/live
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    Close Up Radio Spotlights Janine Regan Sinclair of The Consciousness Architect

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    Allesley, Coventry, United Kingdom - Janine Regan Sinclair is an international therapist and consciousness coach, a pioneer in her field and her groundbreaking techniques are second to none, as are her testimonials. She is a highly sought after Certified Hypnotherapist / Counsellor, NLP Practitioner, Teacher, Speaker and Author, and Consciousness Coach.
    By working with Janine, a highly trained professional, we are able to clear up our energy systems and restore imbalances where we have a build-up of blocked or “stuck,” energy, the actual cause of many of our aches, ailments and mental health issues.
    Janine’s mission is to guide us all to a higher level of consciousness and more profound sense of wholeness. Her goal is to help heal as many people with trauma as possible and to fill a football stadium of people to experience the ONE Portal healing with her.
    Treatment helps by releasing the traumatic memories, as Janine guides us into our subconscious mind and help us to rewire our brain, so we can erase those memories and rewrite our own stories. Even addictions are trauma related.
    Today she is working by facilitating the ONE Portal, a healing portal for people to release discordant energies and replacing it with source energy with remarkable results. She accomplishes this through her work not only as a consciousness architect, but as a guide to everyone looking to soothe their souls with her Patreon channel. A platform of healing and meditation.
    With her enlightening, relatable, educational, practical talks, videos, and healing Janine bring us back the joy of living again as we journey to a remarkable path of recovery of pain free living that is absolutely accessible to each and every one of us.
    For more information, visit www.janineregansinclair.com

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    COFFEE with Kim with Host Kim Crabill and Special Guest Brooklyn Wittmer

    in Health

    Welcome to COFFEE with Kim with Host Kim Crabill and Special Guest Brooklyn Wittmer.
    Topic:  Don't Say My Name
    Many of us have seen the award-winning movie, Don't Say My Name, which was inspired by the true story of a human trafficking survivor. On the next “COFFEE with Kim,” Kim will introduce us to the very talented Brooklyn Wittmer, the young award-winning actress and singer songwriter who played this difficult role. Tune in as Brooklyn takes us behind the scenes of this intense movie and shares how God showed her that His hope can transform even the darkest of situations.
    Enjoying the Conversation?  Visit the COFFEE with Kim Show Page at www.up2meradio.com to learn more about the show, Host Kim Crabill, guests, to leave us a comment and subscribe to the show!
    This show is a production of Up2Me Radio in coordination with the Media Team of the Roses and Rainbows Ministry.  Visit the ministry at www.rosesandrainbows.org

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    Surviving Head Trauma with Terry Smith

    in Health

    Episode 0094 Living with Tinnitus - The Sounds Inside our Heads
               Surviving Head Trauma                             with                       Terry Smith * Call Us  +1.424.243.9540 -           Once in queue, press 1 if you want to speak LIVE on-air * * Where YOU, Our Audience, Choose Each Episode's Topics * * We Talk About Everything Brain Trauma * * Anything Brain Issue You Bring * * Direct Message Us on Facebook * Call Us On-Air, LIVE * * Each Month, 4th Thursday * 10 pm until Midnight ET * * Surviving Head Trauma – The Book * * Archived Podcasts: www.TerrySmithBooks.com *

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    Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - Male Menopause

    in Health

    07/09/2024 - Let's Do It Radio - Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It! - Male Menopause
    Hostess/Producer: Mz. Inez
    Topic: Male Menopause
    Audience: Worldwide Listeners
    “Male menopause” is the more common term for andropause. It describes an age-related reduction of testosterone in cisgender males - males assigned at birth (MAAB) who are aged 50 or older. Signs include fatigue, insomnia, mood changes, and more. Andropause can also affect fertility. It’s often affiliated with hypogonadism.
    Welcome worldwide listeners to Mz. Inez Sez - Let's Talk About It - Male Menopause. Yes, men experience "MEN"opause as well. Gentlemen/Ladies, join in and let's discuss what happens to a male's body and attitude during "HIS" Menopause at 845.241.9985. 
    Missed an episode? Listen ON DEMAND @ blogtalkradio com letsdoitradio.
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    Email: LetsDoItRadio@gmail.com
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