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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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We will soon find out if the "experts" are right when they say we are entering into Daniel's 70th Week and if the at-trib rapture is correct or not. The Bible says there is DELAY, and most have zeroed in on the FIG TREE PARABLE 4-year... more

Wake me up when September Ends, a song that might have more meaning to it that we want to believe. Putin is being pushed into a corner and sooner or later he must act on his nuclear threats - and only the Lord can stop all of this madness,... more

So much is going on behind the scenes and much right out there in the open, but few are taking note of how close we are to Daniel's 70th week with the death of the Queen who ruled for 70 years. I don't think that people realize how close... more

Things appear to be moving very fast as world leaders (Eagles) gather in London to pay tribute to the carcass of the Queen. Is this what Jesus was referring to? Are we about to start Daniel's 70th Week on 9-25/26 depending upon the NEW... more

This a short update concerning what appears to be the immediate future of World War, revolution, collapse of everything we all have known and the horrific future that awaits an apostate world that has rejected Jesus Christ and His offer of... more

The date of 9-11 draws close, but does it mean anything for the year 2022 or is this yet another sign of trouble coming upon the Earth and sudden destruction? We have a FULL HARVEST MOON tonight and the 10th, and almost full... more

So we are now 4 days away from the infamous day of 9-11, and more evidence is pouring in that this date will mark major changes and the advancement of the New World Order. Then we have more rumbles of WW3 with Russia... more

911 was a good example of SUDDEN DESTRUCTION, for it came out of the blue, was totally unexpected, and here we are with another warning to those watching that we could be facing a FALSE FLAG of some type in another 911... more

August has sailed away and now we are 11 days from 9-11, a time of SUDDEN DESTRUCTION out of the blue, a time when no one expected anything to happen THE TWIN TOWERS are removed, like the destruction of the Georgia... more

Where did August go? Are we in a time compression? War drums are beating louder, at the same time it appears that nothing is going on - then we have floods and drought, cold and hot, sun anomalies, possible missing stars, cosmos... more