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Trek Talking

Trek Talking


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Trek Talking is a live call-in podcast run by Trek fans for Trek fans! We discuss everything Star Trek related including the shows, comics, books, toys and more. Thursday nights at 7:30 eastern you can tune into Trek Talking and join the conversation LIVE on air by calling (646) 668-2433 during the show. Join us Monday nights at the same bat time, same bat channel for Trek Talking 2, our overflow show. Our growing Facebook community of almost 100,000 followers would love to have you! Here, we at Trek Talking strive to create a safe space where fans of all eras/genres/timelines of Star Trek can openly discuss one of the greatest franchises of all time. Not everyone shares the same opinion, but we work to conduct ourselves with the ideals of Gene Roddenberry in mind. Trek Talking is more than just another Star Trek Pod Cast. We are part of a global Star Trek family…and we would love to have you join us! Like we always say, Star Trek fans are the best fans. Live Long and Prosper.

Upcoming Broadcasts

Uncle Jim and his Treksperts discuss Star Trek Prodigy season two episode "Who Saves the Savior's". Traveling through the time rift, Dal and the crew search for Chakotay on Solum. With the support of her father, Gwyn challenges Ascencia. We have fan scores, fan shout-outs, Star Trek Birthdays and Star Trek News. Call (646)668-2433 to join the fun. Let's see what's out there...ENGAGE!
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On-Demand Episodes

Uncle Jim and his Treksperts take a deep dive into the Star Trek Discovery season five episode "Jinaal". Culber has a six pack, Booker gets stung, Saru is engaged, and Tilly says what? We visit Trill and find the next piece of the map,... more

Join Uncle Jim and his Treksperts as we discuss Star Trek Discovery Season five episodes, "Red Directive" and "Under the Twin Moons", not only will you hear what we think, but what our FB fans scored the episodes as well. We also have... more

Uncle Jim and his Treksperts are joined by a very special guest, Paul Dr. Mego" Clarke, production manager for Mego toys. The Mego Corporation was first founded in 1954. In 1971 the company shifted direction and became famous for... more

Where we're going, you don't need roads. Join Uncle Jim and his Treksperts as we take the time machine back to the 1980's. A time when phrases like, Hasta la vista, baby, Luke, I am your father, Dead or Alive, you're coming with me,... more

Uncle Jim and his Treksperts are joined by David Gerrold science fiction screenwriter and novelist. He wrote the script for the original Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles", contributed two stories for the... more

Join Uncle Jim and his Treksperts as we discuss Romulan Commander Sela. Where did she come from, where has she been, and where is she going? This is a special crossover show, we discuss TV appearances and comics.... more

Uncle Jim and his Treksperts jump back to season four of Star Trek Voyager and take a look at "Year of Hell" parts 1 and 2. We hear what the fans thought about this episode and what we had to say. We also have Star Trek trivia, fan... more

Yes, we are going there. Uncle Jim and his Treksperts revisit TOS third season episode "The Empath". Is it a hidden gem, or best forgotten, let's discuss it. That's not all, we also have our Fan Shout-outs, Star Trek Birthday's and fan scores... more

Section 31 has been a part of Star Trek for a very long time, just how long, let's find out. Uncle Jim and his Treksperts talk Section 31. With Academy Award Winner Michelle Yeoh, back as Phillipa Georgiou, in the title role of the made... more

Star Trek was born in the late 1960's with Star Trek Star Trek was born in the late 1960's with Star Trek The Original Series, and continues today with Star Trek Discovery, along the way we had, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, LDS, PRO, PIC... more

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