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    Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe—Paper 38: Final - The Midway Creatures

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    We are back this week to finish our study of Urantia Paper 38 - Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe, with Section 9: The Midway Creatures.
    So far, we have learned about the Seraphim, that are created by the universe Mother Spirit. We've explored how they appreciate human efforts in music, art, and humor and that they truly love human beings.
    Paper 38 reveals a long ladder of vital and living beings who serve in our universe. Section 9 of this paper reveals the beings who, on that ladder, come the closest to human beings. The Urantia Book calls them Midwayers, because they come midway between men and the angels. In most cases, they are vital to the success of the efforts that the spirit realm engages in on behalf of the humans who live on the inhabited worlds. They are absolutely fascinating creatures and they help humanity in countless ways.
    38:9.12.The primary midwayers are the planetary historians who, from the time of the arrival of the Planetary Prince to the age of settled light and life, formulate the pageants and design the portrayals of planetary history for the exhibits of the planets on the system headquarters worlds.
    The Midwayers are our resident planetary custodians and historians. They work tirelessly to bring our world from chaos to order and from darkness to light. This is no easy accomplishment, and especially not on a confused world like ours.  For example, was Midwayers who authored Part IV of The Urantia Book, The Life and Teacings of Jesus. Who better to keep these records than beings who actually stay on this world through its most critical evolutionary phases. We owe them our profound gratitude and it is amazing to learn who they are and how they function. 
    We will no doubt have many great cross references in this episode. We hope you will join us for a fascinating discussion on the Midwayers, as revealed by The Urantia Book.

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    Memoirs of a Mystic Misfit with Barbara Korte

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    Barbara is an intuitive sound and energy practitioner, psychic, spiritual counselor, teacher and life coach. She is a big component of teaching and activating people to empower themselves and connect to their own souls guidance. Her life has been blessed with many inter-dimensional experiences which has helped her to understand the planet and it’s true history at a far deeper level. Her mission to source has brought her to different places around the world where she has worked with Spirit to clear and encode water and the land to help set the energy for the shift that is getting ready to unfold for humanity and the planet, once the old outdated energies are dismantled. Part of that work was to open up Cities of Light around the globe. Barbara has just released her new book “Memoirs of a Mystic Misfit” ( Healing dysfunction and programming to open our higher potential‘s.) The book takes you and her intimate, memorable and often times humorous journey to heal and transcend her life in ways most people couldn’t imagine. She shares her interactions with an invisible teacher which guides her through past life visions, ghosts, a soul exchange, meeting the masters, and working with a group of Beings who are here to oversee the Earth’s Ascension process. That work sent her on an amazing global journey to gather her energy back from past lives, while helping to activate, clear and seed in the energy of the New Earth. It also brought on inter-dimensional experiences like visiting Inner Earth, interacting with UFOs, meeting Bigfoot, Fairies and Star Beings.  You can learn more about Barbara by visiting her website www.aligningthesoul.com or emailing her at healthewaters@gmail.com.

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    1-11 Portal, Mars and Mercury Moving Forward

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    Claire Candy Hough/Angel Ariel is a two-time #1 Amazon international bestselling Author, Radio/TV Host, Reiki Master/ Teacher, gifted Intuitive Counselor, Healing Practitioner, Clairvoyant/Psychic Tarot Reader, and angelic Walk-In, Angel Ariel.
    If you would like to donate, you can make your contribution to Claire Candy's/Angel Ariel's Angel Healing House PayPal account https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/AngelHealingHouse
    After her angelic Walk-In experience, Claire Candy created her business Angel Healing House 19 years ago in 2003. To book an individualized Intuitive Counseling, Angel Tarot Reading, Reiki Healing Session, Past Life Healing/Ancestral Clearing Session, Twin-Flame Energetic Reconnection Sessions or to learn Reiki, please call 831-277-3716 (PST) or visit Angel Healing House at https://www.angelhealinghouse.com/
    Tune into Claire Candy/Angel Ariel every week on her Angel Healing House Blog Talk Radio Show now in its 11th year for channeled messages from her angelic family The Posse of Angels and for listeners to call in for free-mini Angel Readings https://www.blogtalkradio.com/angel-h... To purchase Claire Candy Hough’s award-winning #1 Amazon International Bestselling books, "One True Home-Behind the Veil of Forgetfulness", "I Am an Angelic Walk-In-The Autobiography of Angel Ariel" and "Angels of Faith" visit Amazon Angel Healing House angelhealinghouse.com or Amazon https://tinyurl.com/5t42x934 and    as audiobooks on Audible
    To connect on Audea, please visit https://www.audea.io/clairecandyhough

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    Part 2 Exposing the lies of the Catholic Church and the LDS (Latter Day Saints)!

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    Part 2 Exposing the lies of the Catholic Church and the LDS (Latter Day Saints)!

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    Live with Ilene ~ The Heart Healer: Creating Sacred Space: Chaos or Peace

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    Join Ilene tonight as she shares about “Creating Sacred Space: Chaos or Peace”. Tune in Jan. 15th at 7pm Eastern for Live with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer. Ilene shares spiritual insights and heart-centered wisdom from the Akashic Records in response to caller’s questions. If you would like a live reading, dial (619) 924-9726 at 6:45pm Eastern to get into the queue.
    Combining over 50 years in Nursing and 29 years in Vibrational Healing, Ilene creates a personalized holistic approach to clearing energy blocks. She helps an International clientele of heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs who struggle with trauma, fear, self-sabotaging, negative thoughts or behaviors and self-worth issues, to experience inner peace, self-confidence, empowerment and clarity about their soul’s purpose. Enjoy the benefits of working with an experienced facilitator who has served 1,000's of clients just like YOU! Ho'oponopono ~ "I love you, I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you.
    IleneTheHeartHealer.com Introduction To Ho’oponopono Replay Join The Heart Healers Ho’oponopono Membership Community Monthly New Moon Clearing: bit.ly/NewMoonClearingProcess Youtube: youtube.com/c/IleneGottlieb Schedule a Complimentary Heart Healer Session: SpeakWithIlene.com Love essential oils? IleneGottlieb.com

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    An Evening with Psychic Medium, Intuitive Coach and Clairvoyant Michelle Gray

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    Greetings and welcome to an evening with Intuitive Coach and Clairvoyant, Michelle Gray. Join in as Michelle discusses what it is to be a medium and does actual on-air readings! Michelle has been providing energy readings for about 13 years. The accurate, descriptive information provided in her readings don't sugar coat much, and they're not just fluffy answers that don't provide insightful support and empowerment. People need to have answers that validate their gut feelings. Medium work is the same as psychic readings. She sees the person and picks up on characterizations, physical descriptions, and evidence that the client will recognize. She also picks up on medical situations too; feeling them out to guide you inside what you need to know. Michelle understands the health and wellness perspective because she's also a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Pilates Instructor, and Health and Wellness Coach, as well as a Life Coach with 36 years in the fitness industry and still going strong!!! Michelle absolutely loves to work with people from all over and hopes you will be guided to work with her soon. Join us for an evening with Michelle Gray!

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    Pt2 #Rastafari #1stDay #Sundays #RSS #12 #Vayechi #Jacob Lived #BlackJews #LOJS

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    Vayechi | ???? | "And he lived" ????? | YeHiywetu
    Genesis 47:28-50:26
    1 Kings 2:1-2:12
    Hebrews 11:21-22; 1 Peter 1:3-9
    Genesis 47:27 | The Last Days of Jacob
    Genesis 48:1 | Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons
    Genesis 49:1 | Jacob's Last Words to His Sons
    Genesis 49:29 | Jacob's Death and Burial
    Genesis 50:15 | Joseph Forgives His Brothers
    Genesis 50:22 | Joseph's Last Days and Death
    1 Kings 2:1 | David's Instruction to Solomon
    1 Kings 2:10 | Death of David
    Part of life is preparing for death, and part of preparing for death is preparing for life after death. Jacob prepared for death in full confidence because he had a relationship with the living God.
    Commentary: https://www.lojs.org/this-weeks-reading-ends-12-18-21/

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    Psychic View® ANNUAL New Year Overview for 2023

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    Annual New Year's Overview on Psychic View® at 8:30AM Pacific Time!
    To dial in, please unblock your number by entering *82 prior dialing 1-347-850-1494 and then pressing "1" to be in the queue. Blocked numbers will be ignored. This is the ONE time per year that you get a mini global overview of the upcoming year.
    ALL callers welcome...calls taken in the order received. The queue opens at 8:15AM PST.
    You may schedule your private New Year Over View here Schedule a Session with Mona
    Have an intuitive to answer your questions (right in your phone) by downloading my app! www.dicewisdom.com
    I’ve been reading for people for many years and since 2002, I am licensed in the Psychic Arts as an Intuitive reader in Las Vegas. I’m also known in Las Vegas as Mystic Mona ® and considered one of the best psychic readers on the Radio airwaves.
    Awareness is the most important perspective to adopt. I help you recognize those opportunities that are present and available to you now. You have the gift of this moment and now IS the only time to change your life.
    The best way to predict your future is for you to create it.
    My specialty is the ability to see what’s going on with you, and what’s likely to happen if you stay in the same energy. I am not a medium (someone who connects with spirits on the other side), and I don’t make predictions regarding future events. What I do is predict YOUR potential in this moment.
    Contact me here: www.mona.vegas or by calling me at 702-233-4790

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    Happy New Year! Life Changing Universal Laws for 2023 plus Free Mini-Readings

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    Psychics Secrets Radio January 7th 2023
    Hosts Psychic Zelda Kelly & Psychic Angel Anne 
    Happy New Year! Life Changing Universal Laws for 2023 PLUS Free Mini-Readings
    Psychics Secrets Radio, Your Psychic Radio Online! A LIVE, On-Air, Call-In Radio bringing YOU Spiritual Topics every Saturday at 3pm EST US PLUS Free Mini-Readings
    Call in at +1 (563) 999-3569 Real Answers, Real Solutions, No Fluff, No kidding
    Spiritual Topics, Tarot, Readings and More. We both work full time as Professional Readers with years and years of experience.
    Check out Psychic Zelda Kelly at www.psychicssecrets.com/psychiczeldakelly and Psychic Angel Anne at www.psychicssecrets.com/angelanne.
    Call in at +1 (563) 999-3569 or listen LIVE at blogtalkradio.com/psychicssecretsradio.  Select the Episode, click on the Player to Listen, Scroll Down to text chat with us in the chatroom. 
    Next Upcoming Psychics Secrets Show is January 14th 2023
    LISTEN to REPLAYS of ALL our shows ANYTIME, KEEP yourself UPDATED on Upcoming Shows and you listen LIVE at blogtalkradio.com/psychicssecretsradio and you can find us at facebook.com/psychicssecretsradio
    LIVE On-Air for YOU Every Saturday at 03:00 pm Eastern Time 09:00 pm Stockholm 10:00 pm Rhodes
    See You Soon!  Love & Light  
    Zelda & Anne
    *Please make sure to turn off any background noice like tv, radio, music etc while talking On-Air with us since it creates  disturbance noice.

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    Psychic Tapestry

    in Spirituality

    Psychic and Author Toni DeMaio and Music Intuitive Ken Kessler help you receive messages from your Angels and Guides! We'll be talking about metaphysical topics, especially connecting to Guides and Angels (and how you can do it yourself)!

  • 01:56

    Messages of Light

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    Join Amanda with  radio show Messages of Light Every Monday at 11 am cst time . Each week, Amanda  features a guest speaker with spiritual gifts , healing talents and so much more  You can call in for one  FREE question. Call in number is 347-237-5339 you can listen on your phone, and hit #1 to be put in line  for online question or you can go to the link and use the CHAT function for your question

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