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Evangelist Rosie

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God has been speaking since the creation of the whole world. We pray to God and we watch him answer our prayers BUT, how many of us actually hear him when he speaks to us? Let's go on a heavenly bus ride down the scriptures. Come on! Let's reason together

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Host: Evangelist Rosie Team: Brother Eppes/ 0743 Sister Christine/ 4366 Sister Denice/ 1330 Sister Andria/ 8186 Brother Shauntae / 6724 Sister Mary/ 9951 Scriptures: Acts 5: 1-11 Mathews Exodus 20: 2-17 Acts 4: 36-37 Acts 9: 10-12 Ananias(High Priest) and Sapphira offences showed contempt of God, vanity, and ambition in offenders and utter disregard of the corruption they brought to people. Ananias means: The gift of the Lord Sapphira means beautiful or mediator (derives from Safir)
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  • 01:30

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When God is placing us in line for a gift from him, we first must believe that it is ours bt faith. Then prepare to receive it with a plan to obtain it and designate the plan to keep it. We should organize our lives to be able to receive every gift... more

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We will discuss unnecessary fear. We will study The Book of Gideon in Chapter 6. It's going to be a great time, I tell you! The Tour Guides are: Brother Eppes 0743 Sister Andria 8180 Sister Christine 4366 Sister Mary 9951 Sister Denice 1330... more

Me and the team

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We missed yesterday folks, but let's make up for lost time. Brother Eppes 0743 Evangeles Rosie / Host Sister Christine 4366 Sister Denice 1330 Sister Andria 8186 Sister Shirita 2141 9042

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