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    The Vito Esposito Show with BIG AL

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    UNRWA, a United Nations agency, FTO Hamas Data Center found directly under UNRWA's Gaza Headquarters.  12,000+ U.N. employees, members of UNRWA were found to have links to Hamas, a terrorist org.  12 sacrificial UNRWA employees were found to take part in Oct 7, 2023 attack on Israel. Stop all funding to UNRWA & United Nations!   
    Gaslighting - defined as manipulating someone into questioning their own perception of reality.  Lyin Biden gaslighting Americans with Obama Alumni coming up with new cliche - "Shrinkflation".  The reality is Shrinkflation is a result of Bidenomics! But GASLIGHT the American people to deflect away from Biden & BOAR FAILED policies! Bidenomics has FAILED the American people since January 20, 2021! Once again the Cognitively impaired Malleable Simpleteon Joe Biden & his Anti-American Handlers blame everyone else, but their failed policies!
    Biden's Cognitive decline gives DOJ an excuse not to prosecute Joe Biden for Treason - "Willfully Disclosed Classified material as a Private Citizen".  Biden STOLE classified documents & the DOJ once again runs cover for the Corrupt Joe Biden!
    U.S. Senate, including 14 GOP Senators approve $95 BILLION in "Aid" to Ukraine, Israel, Gaza & Taiwan.  U.S. Politicians ARE NOT Listening to WE THE PEOPLE! 
    Join AL & Vito at 6pm EST.  Follow on Twitter: @gpatriotradio @mamamiaNOsharia.  On Truth Social - @VitoGPR.  For a GREAT BLOG: Please support www.BIGFOOTSPLACE.BLOGSPOT.COM 

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    Nothing To See Here! The Border Is Secure, For Real!

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    Southern Sense is conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick-A-Dee" Ubelis, and Curtis "CS" Bennett, co-host.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!
    New Webpage: SouthernSense.net
    Alan Beal, CEO of the military, veteran, and first-responder tribute beer manufacturer, Armed Forces Brewing Company (ArmedForcesBrewingCo.com). Lora Ries, Director of Heritage’s Border Security and Immigration Center at The Heritage Foundation. Dedication: Arizona Army National Guard Staff Sgt. Michelle Young, passed away, Friday, January 19, 2023
    NATIONAL SUICIDE PREVENTION HELP HOTLINE: Dial   988  and press 1 at the prompt

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    Abraham Lincoln His Journey from the lie of atheism to the truth of Christianity

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    Tonight  we are challenging atheists to call the show and answer THE QUESTION. Call (515) 602-9778 For about 18 years we have been challenging atheists to answer our challenge question.  The question is: "What proof and evidence can you provide that would finally at last prove that atheism is accurate and correct?"
    No atheist has been able to provide any proof and evidence that would do this.  So the challenge continues. Let your atheist friends know that they can call in.  Ask them to give their opinion why they are atheist with our challenge question. We will also be sharing the historical facts of Abraham Lincoln which cover his earlier life as an atheist and his dramatic conversion to Christianity and truth in Jesus Christ.  We will be discussing our Christian American heritage.  The USA was founded by Christians.

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    I warned you..The fix is in!

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    On today's show we will be exploring why the Democrats want Nikki Haley as the candidate as well as covering more details on the Jeff DeWitt bribery attempt in Arizona

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    English Defence League Radio Show ~ Gilded Graves

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    Welcome to The English Defence League Radio Show with Your Host Geoff 'Danger Man' Mitchell and my wingman is 'Dangerous' Dave Milner. 
    Tonight we will be discussing various current events including the 'doomsday' preparations being made by the globalist super-rich.  We will make sense out of the chaos that the cowards in power have caused.  NO SURRENDER EVER.
    "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing." ~Edmund Burke
    "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." ~President John F. Kennedy
    "No hostages, NO PEACE." ~Dave Milner, The Unpleasant Blind Guy
    Geoff Mitchell on GETTR:  https://gettr.com/user/Knightlight220651
    Tommy Robinson on Rumble:  https://rumble.com/user/TommyRobinsonOfficial
    Catch EDL Radio + The BEST in Urban Christian Conservative News, Talk & Entertainment at TECN.TV:  https://theexceptionalconservativeshow.com/
    Share AND Prepare for the NEXT American Republic : UBG ~ The Way Back:  https://www.spreaker.com/user/10380823/ubg-the-way-back

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    MAGA Monday ™

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    Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To The Aid of Their Country!
    It's All a Matter of Time . . . Boundaries  . . . and Cognition.
    Testing? . . . Working . . .
    Organic vs. Synthetic  &  Signal vs. Noise
    Embedded and Masked Intrusive & Loud Frickin' Pieces of Poop with NO SIGNAL!

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    Rose Colombo's Commentary? Where Has ALL The Justice Gone?

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    LISTEN LIVE every Wednesdy 12 to 1:00 pm - pst with ROSE M COLOMBO, award-winning producer, host. poet author and Adocate for Justice - Colombo coined the term, "Wake Up, America!  Is the American Dream on the Verge of the American Nightmare?"   Check out the archived COLOMBO CHRONICLE podcasts on You Tube - just type in Colombo Chroicles into the search box and LIKE and SHARE and COMMENT - much appreciated -   Today, Colombo comments from her first award-winning book, "FighT Back Legal Abuse" - on prisons, crime, constitution, law, politics, children, people, congress, and justce, money, and crime. 

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    The American Gulag, The Shadow War, The Duty Is Ours

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    Tim Rivers, author of The American Gulag Chronicles and co-creator of J6 Patriot News joined me to discuss how James Little successfully challenged his sentence for involvement during January 6th only to be sentenced to 60 more days. The terror regime in Iran arms and finances terrorists who killed U.S. servicemen in Jordan. Brandon J. Weichert, geopolitical analyst and author of The Shadow War: Iran's Quest for Supremacy, joined me to discuss who is more responsible, Iran or the Biden administration? Richard V. Battle, award-winning author, media personality, as well as a fifth-generation Texan, joined me to discuss the mess on the Southern border. Mark Burrell, author of Rediscovering the American Covenant, joined me to discuss the root cause of political unrest in America and his new (and soon-to-be-released) book, The Duty Is Ours.
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    Our scheduled guest had an emergency, so tonight Jim is yakking to you and you alone. Item: The AZ GOP director tries to bribe Kari Lake to not run for Senate; what he doesn't know is that the call is being recorded. He's out of a job today. Also: 70 percent of Nikki Haley's voters in NH were NOT Republicans. Plus: Scientists tie the world's smallest knot ever - only 54 atoms! - but they don't know how they did it. If you know, give Jim a call: https://jimatnight.com/call/