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  • Entrepreneur Regina Long of Dark Orchid Organization United and Uplifted

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        Regina Long is a native of Flint, Michigan. I am a wife of 12 years and mother of a 20-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome.  I am the founder and owner of Dark Orchid, founded on May 3, 2016. When growing up Regina mentioned was teased in school because of my dark complexion. Those negative bad names followed as she grew older and made her feel I wasn't beautiful or attractive.  Regina mentions turning to the on TV the media was portraying how beautiful light-skinned people were. This made Regina feel ashamed and embarrassed so  always walked with my head down. Regina says that she always heard people say beauty is more than skin deep, Beauty comes from within but she never quite knew what that meant. One day Regina wanted to share her experiences and feelings with women who may have felt this way or presently feel this way now. Regina Long searched the internet and found several women who had insecurities about themselves. But there was one person that stuck out to me; which was academy award winner Lupita Nyong'o . Lupita made a speech at Essence Magazine's Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon stating that she used to be teased and taunted for her "night-shaded" skin and felt unbeautiful. She also stated that she experienced self-hate because of her dark complexion. One of her prayers to God was that she would wake up light-skinned. Dark Orchid was created to uplift and inspire dark-skinned women, challenging them to appreciate themselves by exhibiting love, luxury, beauty, and strength.  Regina Long says if she could help one woman feel better about herself despite the color of her skin then she have done her job. This showcase will be talking with an entrepreneur about her organization, upcoming events, and others representing themselves in modeling events.

  • Positivity

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    Community Chatter   Kiddo Klatters

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    The Power of The Mindset

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    Welcome to 'The Money Game,' where we explore the transformative power of mindset in achieving financial success and personal fulfillment. Today, we're delving into an essential topic: 'The Power of The Mindset.'
    Your mindset is more than just a set of beliefs—it's the driving force behind your actions and decisions. A positive, growth-oriented mindset can propel you towards your goals, while a negative, fixed mindset can hold you back. But how do you harness this power to create lasting change in your life?
    In this episode, we'll uncover the secrets to developing a powerful mindset that can revolutionize your approach to both finances and life. You'll hear inspiring stories of individuals who have shifted their mindsets and achieved remarkable success. Our expert guests will share practical tips and strategies for cultivating a positive, resilient mindset that empowers you to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
    Discover how to break free from limiting beliefs, embrace a growth mindset, and unlock your true potential. Whether you're aiming for financial freedom, personal growth, or professional success, the power of your mindset is the key to unlocking these achievements.
    Tune in to 'The Money Game' today at [Day and Time] for an enlightening and empowering discussion that will change the way you think about your future. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your mindset and transform your life!

  • Healing Self Sabotage

    in Business

    What steps are you taking today to shape a positive and fulfilling future for yourself? Join us on Women Lead Radio as Shelly Harrison, your host of Amplify Your Influence, has a conversation with Karen Robinson, Trama Recovery Expert of Heal Thrive Dream, LLC (www.healthrivedream.com), on practical strategies and inspiring stories to help you shape a positive and fulfilling future for yourself.
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    Benefits Essentials for the 5 Generation Workforce

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    Benefits Essentials for the 5 Generation Workforce
    Hosts: Steve Boese & Trish Steed
    Guest: Tom Hammond, Vice President of Strategy, Partnerships and Business Development, Paychex
    Today, we met with Tom Hammond to talk about comprehensive and diverse benefits solutions for different generations in the workforce.
    - Benefits and employee engagement
    - Digitization and the employee experience
    - Innovative benefits focusing on financial wellness and access to cash
    - Improving employee benefits and HR technology
    Learn more about Paychex Flex perks here
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  • Startup Founder Pitch Practice & Office Hours - Free Expert Investor Q&A

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    Founders do you have questions about raising venture capital? How to find product/market fit? Angel investors? Pitch decks? Building your team? Protecting your intellectual property? How to find investors? Starting a company as a first-time, female, or minority founder?
    Bring your startup questions and challenges to the Startup Council’s FREE founder support “Office Hours”. You can get FREE expert Silicon Valley advice to help you start and grow your venture.
    A free, fun, friendly #livestream show for startup founders and friends, our mission is to increase access to innovation and investment for all. Join Startup Council CEO, Scott Fox, for valuable startup strategy advice, fundraising expertise, and networking, too.
    WHEN: The 4th Tuesday of every month at NOON Pacific Time (300pm ET/~800pm UTC):
    https://www.youtube.com/scottfox (Live Chat!)
    Podcast: http://scottfoxradio.com

  • Martial Arts Masters & Pioneers Radio Network with Professor Gary Lee

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    Award-Winning Talk Radio AMAA Network presents “Parts Unknown" 
    With Pioneer and Creator of the Sport Karate Museum Professor Gary Lee and Co-Host Dean “The Wolverine" Pyles and Tang Soo Do Animal AJ Perry--Together they interview some of the top pioneers in the Martial Arts and Sport Karate. 
    Tune in live at:
    9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time
    8:30 Texas Time 
    7:30 Mountain Time 
    6:30 PM Pacific 
    SETVR.APP “The Hologram Experience “  The History Generals Portals of the Sport Karate Museum
    Click the link below to purchase the NEW Sport Karate History General Biography Book Today! 
    Sponsored by the American Martial Arts Alliance (www.WhosWhoInTheMartialArts.com) & Elite Publications (www.ElitePublications.org)

  • Part 2: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Lisa Gary of Nautilus Leadership

    in Management

    Charlotte, NC - As a business leader for over 3 decades in 4 different industries, Lisa Gary of Nautilus Leadership has been developing leaders and helping business leaders tap into their personal strengths to excel for 20+ years. Over the course of her corporate career, she ensured companies had skilled and talented leaders to grow and deliver outstanding business results. With a fundamental belief corporations can make no greater investment than in its employees,
    Lisa works with business leaders who need a safe, trusted, and honest place to explore their thinking and belief systems in a way that helps them process feedback and build new leadership skills and behaviors quickly. “Because I have walked in their shoes for over 30 years, I absolutely get the challenges they face. Leadership is not for the wimpy,” explains Lisa.
    For her company’s symbol, Lisa uses the nautilus, as it is the perfect metaphor for growth. “The nautilus is an amazing creature living in the deep sea, with its unique and beautiful spiral shell and mysterious and largely unknown behaviors, it is one of the oldest living creatures on the planet.  As leaders and human beings, we are never done learning and growing.
    As a NeuroLeadership Certified Coach, Lisa helps leaders find their own answers. “In fact, questions are so powerful, visitors can find thought-provoking leadership questions on my website (Nautilus-Leadership.com) under Learn About The Nautilus and Reflection Questions,” shares.
    For more information about Lisa Gary of Nautilus Leadership, please visit https://www.nautilus-leadership.com

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    Why Banks Aint Worth S___

    in Entrepreneur

    Welcome to our candid conversation on 'Why Banks Ain't Worth S___,' where we delve deep into the realities of traditional banking. Join us as we uncover the hidden fees, financial constraints, and alternatives that could save you money. Our discussion will shed light on practical tips to navigate the banking system more effectively, empowering you with knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Tune in for insights into financial pitfalls and discover how you can take control of your money. Don't miss out on this essential discussion that could change how you view your banking options.

  • Dare To Win

    in Business

    A sacred discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.

  • PURISLOT : Situs Judi Slot Online Resmi Server Luar Paling Gacor Hari Ini

    in Marketing

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