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  • Part 2: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Artist Kimberly Berg

    in Art

    Cadyville, NY - Kimberly Berg is a world-renowned, award-winning artist and exceptional male feminist advocate who supports women and believes in equality.
    “The world is experiencing a massive shift for women to embrace more leadership roles in organizations and government and express emotional liberation, self-transformation and inner peace. Now is the monumental time for women to move forward with confidence and reassurance that they can embrace their capabilities and potential so we can finally break down barriers and achieve gender balance. We need to assert that the world is no longer a man’s world. Women are our beacon of hope to create sustainability for a better world long suffering under patriarchy. We can model those Neolithic times when equality was essential for a thriving more harmonious world that is beneficial for both men and women.:
    A staunch feminist, Kimberly ‘s passion and hopes mirrored in his magnificent paintings that have long captivated the public with the depiction of women as highly self-reliant, honorable, sacred, and gracious. Some of him most notable painting include My Goddess, Creatress, Meditation and Mandala galleries.
    What inspired Kimberly to have such passion to advocate for women’s empowerment was when he read Layne Redmon’s book When the Drummers were Women and learned how women were revered during Neolithic times. He was so awe struck that that it literally encouraged him to make feminism his lifelong mission and he decided he wanted to share his knowledge with the world.
    While we have a long way to go before achieving gender equilibrium he is leading the advancement of women through his art.
    For more information on Kimberly Berg please visit www.isisrising.net

  • BookTime

    in Books

    An open forum for aspiring author's and their works...


    in Writing

    Join host Tom Riddell when he welcomes author Teri M Brown to The Writers Lounge. Sit back and relax as Teri discusses what it's like to be a writer and she will also talk to us about her book: An Enemy Like Me
    In a world that now finds itself thrust into many conflicts, Teri Brown, author of Sunflowers Beneath The Snow, once again reminds us that “war is not won and lost by nations, but it is won and lost by ordinary men and women and the families who support them.” She explores the family dynamics of what it’s like when a husband and father has to make a decision that will forever impact the rest of his and his family’s life. Added to the mix in this novel is the complexity of a decision that will also collide with his German heritage.
    Teri M Brown’s ability to enrich me with her words and to take me back into an earlier time in our history, is like riding in a time machine. Her characters come to life, and you truly care about them and the historical events that surround them. We can certainly learn and empathize more with history if we just take the time to read novels like An Enemy Like Me.
    Teri Brown has proven her literary skills and her passion for writing; she is destined to become a best-selling author.
    Join us and

  • Epiphany Radio Presents; King& Queens Quarters

    in Poetry

    Join King Atterberry and Queen Zweena Simmons in the King & Queens Quarters, as we kick off Black History Month. Tonight, we are talking Black Love Ballads. The musical and the poetic!  Dial in at 319-527-6300 and press 1 to get on the mic. And as always, bring your soul vibes for a great night of music and poetry. This is the Forreal Ent. Network, sponsored by RAW links LLC. "Why be average when you can B RAW"

  • Garden of Enlightenment ... Luyu Wild Dove

    in Poetry

    "Poetry IS When an Emotion has Found its Thought and the Thought HAS Found Words"... Robert Frost Poetry has its own individual voice in each of us. It is the lyrics of our experiences that form and shed enlightenment in who we are. Each poem paints what is, what is missing and the desires that burn inside each of us that we crave. They are the door we open in our soul's closet taking out our hidden treasures, exposing them to the world. Trinkets, jewels of emotions of different textures, colors and strengths we place before you in poetry.

  • A Team of Voices Deborahlee and Jhatter 1/30/23

    in Poetry

    Welcome to A Team of Voices radio... Our group is filled with Love and Respect... We're all so happy to see you here... We are poets from all over the globe  and offer a variety of programming  for your entertainment...
    There is something different going on with us  every single night of the week... You never know what we might have up our sleeve...
    We have games... slams... talk shows... magic tricks... contests and  special events  with poetic topics from a - z...
    and YOU  are invited to join us for all the fun. - just click on to listen to the live show  or to hear any prerecorded episode  and you can also call up to participate...
    You can find our hosts and hostesses  writing over at All Poetry.com and hanging out  in the A Team of Voices radio group chat room  on All Poetry.com... We push love and respect! - Stop in and check us out...

  • After Midnight with Rex and Pam...

    in Poetry

    Stop in After Midnight, We at L-N-P's After Midnight invite you to- dine on the words, voices of those giants; those ministers to the maelstrom brewing third eye bright, screamt from that reality, billowing, with their breaths. You've suckled with Bukowski, published obscene odes with Ginsberg, went on the Road with Kerouac and broke on through the other side with Morrison. Come .... walk past the edge of Midnight, open those doors wide and step through that portal. And as your eyes see, then the mind becomes a playground, a vast universe,  Unique. Free, of the constraints born in preconceived theories, where your voice, will be uncloaked, Heard.

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    "Confessions of a Farmers Market Romeo" Author James R. Dubbs on SPB Show

    in Books

    Jim is a guy who spends a fair amount of time at farmers markets, and in a series of stories spanning two decades pursues "complete unfetteredness" in his search for love in "Confessions of a Farmers Market Romeo."
    James R. Dubbs has lived in South Central Pennsylvania all his life. In addition to writing, he's been a factory workers, realtor, liquor store clerk, groundskeeper and baker. A veteran of farmers markets, Dubbs has found this unlikely place a ground for stories, such as these. His debut work, "Life in the Lion's Mouth" was published in 2016; his other works include "Christmas 1974," and "The Mortician's Daughter & Other Short Stories."
    When not writing, Dubbs can be found playing his beloved Taylor six-string, listening to Led Zeppelin or practicing Tae Kwon Do.

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    Author2Author with Matthew Hollis

    in Writing

    Bill welcomes poet and biographer Matthew Hollis to the show. Matthew is a poet, biographer, editor, and teacher. His first full-length collection Ground Water was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award, the Whitbread Poetry Award, the Forward Prize for poetry, as well as being a Poetry Book Society Recommendation. He is also the author of Now All Roads Lead to France, a critically acclaimed biography of seminal English poet Edward Thomas. His most recent work is Waste Land: A Biography of a Poem. 

  • Twisted Tuesdays with The Twisted Sisters ...

    in Poetry

    Welcome To Twisted Tuesdays with The Twisted  Sisters... and A Twisted  Mister or Two .... Each Week We Will Provide Food For Thought !... From A Few Angles... We Encourage You  to Check Out The Late Night Poets Topic Board...or...The Allpoetry.com Contest Page ... Love To See Where Our Ideas Take You !