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Jennifer ONeill

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My name is Jennifer O’Neill. I am a Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, & Energetic Practitioner. For the past 30 years, I’ve worked professionally in the metaphysical, spiritual health and wellness space. As a healer and energetic practitioner, I specialize in working with energy and its impact on the body, mind, and spirit. I work with a very specialized energetic balancing technique to help balance and align the energetic body. Which is incredibly important because if energetic Imbalance occurs and is left unattended in your body’s energetic field it can lead to physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. ~ Namaste Jennifer

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Anxiety can have various spiritual causes, and these can be very deep-rooted in your energetic body. If you are someone who's experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks or have been struggling with anxiety, I think you will find this podcast... more

On today's episode, I will be talking with Michelle who had IBS, Idiopathic Gastroparesis, Candida of the Gut, and Extreme Anxiety. She will share with you her experience with energetic balancing and the amazing effects it's had on... more

Participating in a spiritual wellness retreat can greatly contribute to your spiritual journey and finding inner peace. Here are 6 benefits to attending a spiritual wellness retreat: 1. Focused Approach: Retreats provide a space away from... more

Energetic Imbalance is where almost ALL disorders (physical, mental, emotional) stem from. Imagine any disorder being like a weed in your flower garden. For the most part, your life can be filled with flowers, and you don't notice one small... more

There's a lot going on with this Supermoon! Mix this with Venus Retrograde and it's like whoa...The energy is intense and the effects are uncomfortable, but the Universe is speaking to us. Find out what she's trying to say... ~ Money... more

Venus retrograde can have various effects on different aspects of our lives. Here are five areas that are being influenced by Venus retrograde right now: 1. Relationships: Venus retrograde is bringing out conflicts and tensions within... more

We are facing some really intense energy right now... So buckle in, it's gonna be a rough ride! You will want to focus on these things right now: ~ Sleep is gonna be an issue, so just ride it out. You might find that you're wide awake during... more

The Lion's Gate Portal is open...which means manifestation energy is on the higher side! But there are definitely some other things you will want to be aware of... You will want to focus on these three things this month: ~ Ridding yourself... more

Energy Clearing is one of the most important things you will ever do for your spiritual body... But why? Simply put...because it's necessary to maintain your spiritual health. Your spiritual body is being exposed to low vibration frequencies... more

First let's talk about fear...for the last few weeks, fears from your past, (this lifetime and others), are being pulled to the surface. And you might find they are also affecting your dreams... Because dreams are where you get a glimpse of... more
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