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Night Shadows

Night Shadows


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OK folks, it appears that Russia has decided it can no longer deal in any way, shape or manner with the West and has, it appears, used a possible nuclear missile in Ukraine. Putin has said this is it - they are now going to take all of... more

So here we are sailing through June with all sorts of wars and rumors of war, earth changes, UFO sightings, videos of aliens, and more and more admissions from Government that the UFO enigma is REAL and some of it is NOT... more

It looks more and more like a direct war between Russia and NATO, which brings the USA/Babylon into the conflict as this slow-moving chess game gains speed. The UN/WEF want and need a major nuclear war in order to bring in their New... more

Jesus told us all that He did not come into the world to condemn it, He came to save it because the world is condemned already. He also told us that the vast majority of Christians were under a deception, a delusion of their own, and a... more

Tonight is a very special night of REVELATION of what is really going on in secret, how the acclimation program works, and the reality of aliens among us, and how we have never been alone as a species. The reality of THE... more

The war drums beat ever louder in the Ukraine area of unrest as West meets East in the front waters of the Tribulation soon to come. Humanity never learns and never will because of the knowledge of good and evil, and must go through yet... more

This is a short flash update because of events developing in the Russia-Ukraine war front, and if this keeps escalating, we will be in the middle of a world-wide conflict in which no one wins. Of course the powers that be want their war so... more

As we sailed by May and now enter June, much talk about WW3 being launched and the fear and panic by media keeps on rolling and the economy keeps on sinking and the lies about how good everything is keeps on going, all seems to... more

Tonight we have guest John Vandeventer with us to talk about paranormal sightings and activity as the "acclimation project" of the NSA/CIA moves into high gear just before the arrival. Is the solar activity a precursor to the KILL... more

While it may seem rather quiet, there is a lot going on behind the scenes as the NWO boys and girls push for their Great Reset and total control over everyone on Earth. Satan is the great controller, and Jesus Christ sets a person free, so we... more

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