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SkyWatchTV is a new paradigm in Christian broadcasting, examining topics that most churches and Christian media prefer not to discuss. Ghosts, demons, giants, UFOs, spiritual warfare, conspiracies--topics that drive Christians to look outside the church for answers. Featuring longtime broadcaster Derek Gilbert and bestselling authors and investigators Tom Horn, Josh Peck, Joe Ardis Horn, Donna Howell, and Sharon K. Gilbert, SkyWatchTV brings you new content five days a week: Daily news updates, 'Into the Multiverse' with Josh Peck, 'SciFriday' with Sharon K. Gilbert, 'Chalk Talk' with Josh Peck and Donna Howell, and the weekly flagship 'SkyWatchTV' program. SkyWatchTV: Investigating prophecy, discoveries, and the supernatural.

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A new study finds that, because of inflation, the average US household will have to spend $11,500 more this year to maintain the same standard of living it had in 2020. 5) Breakaway regions of Ukraine vote on joining Russia; 4) War games... more

Vladimir Putin's ally, Dmitri Medvedev, threatened the use of nuclear weapons if areas of Ukraine occupied by Russian troops are attacked. 5) Putin, Medvedev threaten use of nuclear weapons; 4) Mexico, Taiwan, New Zealand rattled by... more

Is it possible that the goddess Ishtar, also known as Venus, or Aphrodite, is playing a part in what is taking place in America and the world today? Could this mystery trace back to the gods of the ancient mythology, who are making a... more

Five red heifers were arrived in Israel last week. The Temple Institute says if they remain unblemished until the age of two, they will be sacrificed for the purification ritual needed to prepare for the Third Temple. 5) Regions of Ukraine under... more

Our world today is filled with potential dangers, traps, and pitfalls that have been almost nonexistent in the past. Much of this stems from the digital world that is constantly expanding. There seems to be no end to the ways nefarious... more

A German bakery was shocked when its bill for natural gas, normally about $5,800 a month, jumped to about $87,500 a month for the last quarter. The ongoing proxy war between NATO and Russia is leading to a cold, dark, and... more

Fighting broke out between Azerbaijan and Armenia last week that left a reported 170 soldiers dead between the two sides. A fragile cease-fire appears to be holding, but a web of alliances could draw Russia, Turkey, and, possibly, NATO... more

The only segment of the American population more willing to vote Democrat now than in 2018 is Educated Liberal Females. Undeterred by rising inflation, shrinking wages, and spiraling crime in our cities, ELFs appear vulnerable to fear-based... more

That's how one analyst described President Biden's remarks after the release of August's inflation numbers Tuesday. Contrary to Biden's claims, it was the 27th straight month of rising prices and 17th straight month of declining real wages.... more

Is it possible that behind what is taking place in America and the world today lies a mystery that goes back to the gods of the ancient world…and that they now are returning? In The Return of the Gods, Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn... more