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    Manifesting for 2023!

    in Lifestyle

    Great Information about manifesting for the next year!  Tuning into your intuition will help direct you to success in every area of your life.  Remember, YOU ARE AN INCREDIBLE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE.  Bring your heart and mind and INTUITION into action.  A special Guest is Alexi Hartwell who wrote the book "Becoming Journal on Amazon." https://medium.com/@alexihartwell
    Great Show to start the year off! 

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    Jan. 17: Purdue passes toughness test at Michigan State

    in Sports

    Purdue was tested once again, and came out with a passing grade – once again – winning 64-63 at Michigan State on Monday afternoon, keeping the Boilermakers atop the Big Ten. Let’s talk basketball with Brian Neubert – and the latest on the football transfers with Tom Dienhart – on Gold and Black Radio.

  • 01:04

    Olympic Project Nest Area Long Term Recorder ''Lite'' Analysis

    in Science

    Chris Spencer of the Olympic Project, and Wes with Squatchermetrics, join MXR to discuss a two year long audio recording project in the OP's nest study area. We delve into some of the findings from the audio recording project, and review the analysis of what has taken place so far with this endeavor. We also discuss the future of this project.
    Squatchermetrics | Facebook
    Squatchermetrics (@squatchermetrics) • Instagram photos and videos
    Chris Spencer -Toutle River Valley Skookum - YouTube
    Bigfoot Research - Olympic Project

  • 00:37

    Great Loop Radio: 2023 Boat Buying Market Update

    in Travel

    The past few years have presented challenges to new Loopers looking to buy their perfect Great Loop boat. Will those challenges continue in 2023? Join us on this week's podcast as Curtis Stokes of Curtis Stokes & Associates shares his insight on what to expect in 2023.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed with guest EagleSong Gardener

    in Health

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Herbalist EagleSong Gardener.
    EagleSong Evans Gardener dances her mischief in the hedge, the veld, that luminous place between wild and tended. She is a 3rd generation northwesterner raised on salmon and cedar long enough to find a root and love for a place she calls Home. EagleSong is a practicing herbalist in the wise woman tradition and a lifelong gardener. She is most at home cultivating life and watching things grow. Working with apprentices for over 25 years, her “Healing From the Ground Up” community centered herbal apprenticeship is a 9 month journey for the rigorous adventurer. EagleSong is known for her wit and kitchen table wisdom and her incessant need to go outside and play! She stays busy these days weaving the Pacific Women's Herbal Conference back into being and teaching at her home place, RavenCroft Garden and the flumdiddley kitchen school. Learning opportunities with EagleSong can be found online at: www.eaglesong-gardener.com

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    1-8-2023 "Zorra Call" Zorra and Zaraya, Dr Tom Updates plus Q&A

    in Spirituality

    Dear beloved Gods and Goddesses, Today, Zorra and Zaraya (Beings from 6th density) will share more about Hollow Earth and our brothers and sisters who reside there. If you have questions that you would like to ask about our inner/hollow earth worlds or about healing or other topics such as UFO's and Area 51 etcetera, join us. Feel their higher vibrations and higher Knowing. Call in to our live blogtalkradio show and Press 1 to raise your hand to ask your question. In addition, we have presenters of products or technologies that we feel are excellent in how they are manufactured and have proven to have positive benefits for our mind, body and spirit. It is imperative that we take excellent care of our physical/spiritual bodies to stay steadfast on our Ascension Mission.
    Come to celebrate with us as we enter our New Earth Year of 2023. Have a Wondrous, Glorious and Loving NOW!
    NOTE: If you have a topic you would like covered on our shows with "Q" or "Zorra & Zaraya" please text me, Jane at 719-428-9746, the topic in 1, 2, or few words. Thanks you! Endless Love to ALL Zorra, Zaraya, Jane/Quazar Email: bzjrainpartners@gmail.comWebsite: https://zorraofhollowearth.com  Text us with your name, time zone and your question. Jane-719-428-9746 (for products)  and text Billie 775-233-3925 (for healings)

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    Lunar New Year Energy, with Anjie Cho and Laura Morris

    in Spirituality

    Happy Year of the Rabbit, Alchemists!
    We are just entering Aquarius season, two days before the Lunar New Year. With all of these energetic pathways guiding us forward, differently, I had to ask the experts to come share some insights to support us. Laura Morris and Anjie Cho are the founders of the Mindful Design Feng Shui School and the co-hosts of the Holistic Spaces Podcast. Together they have over three decades of experience, and through their articles, books, workshops, videos, TV appearances, and consultations, Laura and Anjie have guided thousands of people to shift their energy and revitalize their living spaces.
    Laura is a certified Feng Shui consultant, interior decorator, and artist. She was the Feng Shui expert on the CBC’s popular lifestyle show Steven & Chris, and is also the author of Creating Change: 27 Feng Shui Design Projects. Anjie is a certified Feng Shui consultant, licensed architect, and assistant teacher in the Shambhala lineage. She is also the author of Holistic Spaces: 108 Ways to Create a Mindful and Peaceful Home. She’s the feng shui expert at the Spruce and has been featured in dozens of publications including: The New York Times, MindBodyGreen and BuzzFeed.
    JOIN US TOMORROW, January 21st, for the ceremonies led by Anjie and Laura: https://mindfuldesignschool.teachable.com/p/energy-reset-package-2023?coupon_code=RABBIT50&product_id=4450445 ...and learn more about their upcoming Feng Shui courses at http://mindfuldesignschool.com
    Learn more about Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist, at http://theenergeticalchemist.com, and get your limited-edition of The Energetic Alchemist Oracle!

  • 03:08

    Lucifer Father of Cain, Eden to Armageddon w Dr. Joye Pugh and Zen Garcia (47)

    in Religion

    Lucifer Father of Cain, Eden to Armageddon w Dr. Joye Pugh and Zen Garcia (47)
    Join Johnny Baptist while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order, and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forth7coming apocalypse and the Seven Seals of Revelation (chapter 6). Join us tonight for part 47 of the fascinatng series, Lucifer Father of Cain, Eden to Armageddon with brother Zen Garcia, author of Sons of God, Who are We and Why are We Here, and Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh, author of the Eden to Armegeddon trilogy.
    God Bless You - See you there!
    To sign up for radio show Email Notifications click  Mail Link: [http://gem.godaddy.com/signups/185380/join](http://gem.godaddy.com/signups/185380/join)

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    LempsTalkinPack #128: Turn The Lights Off, Carry Me Home

    in Football

    Chris Lempesis is back to break down Green Bay's extremely disappointing 20-16 loss to the Detroit Lions at Lambeau Field on Sunday night, a loss that will keep the Packers out of the NFL Playoffs. He talks about all the points left on the table by Green Bay, as well as the numerous mental mistakes made by the team. He also goes in on Aaron Rodgers and tells you why his time in Green Bay needs to come to an end. Lastly, he takes questions and comments from listeners - and there are a lot - received via Twitter, Facebook and email.
    You can follow Chris on twitter at LempsMKE (@ItsJustChrisNow)

    LempsTalkingPack is a part of the Packers Talk family of podcasts, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow Packers Talk on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes

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    Are You Ready to Move On In Your Life Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    It is so exhausting to deal with the collateral damage of being a partner. It is just so unfair!  You didn't ask for the betrayal with all of its emotional wounding and many partners wonder if they will ever be able to recover. To make matters worse, partners put themselves on the back burner. Partners have options to get intense help but they delay it because:
    They resent that they need to make space for this "_____." They resent that there is a need for this support and that it would take them away from their families for 3.5. or 7 days. And yet we know empiracallly that often times the brain needs to reset and being away in a supportive enviroment with others who have been through the same thing is exactly what needs to happen to recalibrate and find the safety and mindset to move forward into restoration of your own life as a couple and individually,
    Listen as Carol talks with Heidi Kinsella abouth the Partner Intensives that they have created together for Partners!

  • 00:40

    "Letters on the Royal Art" by J. B. Kerning

    in Spirituality

    On Thursday January 12th, 2023 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will review "Letters on the Royal Art" by 19th century German author J. B. Kerning.
    Kerning was a musician, a mystic and a Freemason. The book is composed of letters describing the spiritual absorption of the symbols, words and signs used in the three degrees of Blue Lodge Masonry in the form of an internal awareness which purifies and sanctifies the whole body. This is similar to a yoga chakra system and may have had an influence on the Golden Dawn's Middle Pillar ritual. The book and other works by Kerning may have influenced Bardon's "Key to the True Qabalah." Kerning was a singer and teaches a magical Masonic Alphabet in the manner of a musical voice teacher. He is perhaps the first modern Western mystic to emphasize internalization of spiritual ritual. His concepts enabled the development of "Bringing Down The Light" in  20th century magick.