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  • Dare To Win

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    A sober discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.

  • These 7 Inspiring Documentaries Will Give You a Huge Motivation Boost

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    What Are Some Inspiring Documentaries You Should Watch?
    The following will make you laugh, cry, hold your loved ones closer, and even keep you on the edge of your seat. In other words, you’re going to feel something. After all, it wouldn’t be inspiring if you didn’t
    1. 14 Peaks
    The conquering of a summit. The climb to the top. The endless physical demands.
    2. March of the Penguins
    Okay, I get it. March of the Penguins doesn’t seem like the first documentary that comes to mind when you think of “inspiring documentaries.”
    3. Free Solo
    With documentaries, we are never short of amazing feats accomplished by the average human. Inevitably, tons of training and prep goes into these incredible endeavors, but the commitment is beyond fascinating.
    4. Man on Wire
    In Man on Wire, documentary filmmakers take a look at Philippe Petit’s bold and daring tightrope walk between the two World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York in 1974.
    5. The Secret
    Yes, this one made the list. While it’s a little out there for some, The Secret can broaden your understanding of the Law of Attraction, especially if you’re new to this concept. 
    People who should listen to this show are mental health counselors, psychotherapists

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    Capital Arguments Again for the 25th of December 2022

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    In this episode we look at the column from July 2013. "Foolish Economy"

  • David Hay - Bubble 3.0: History’s biggest financial bubble

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    Bubble 3.0: History’s biggest financial bubble: Who blew and how to protect yourself when it blows apart. - David Hay
    David Hay has been working in the securities industry since 1979 when he joined Dean Witter Reynolds, now Morgan Stanley. He was named Senior Vice President in 1983. In 1985 he was the youngest member to be elected to Dean Witter’s elite Chairman’s Council. David and his team joined Smith Barney in 1990 and were instrumental in establishing the Portfolio Advisory Program. Fulfilling the positions of Senior Vice President, Senior Portfolio Manager and Director, David also served on the Smith Barney Directors Advisory Group, gaining valuable experience in merger integration and client service enhancement. He acquired a majority interest in Evergreen Gavekal (at the time, Evergreen Capital Management) in 2002. He continues to serve his long-time clients and acts as Co-Chief Investment Officer with special emphasis in macroeconomic research.
    In early 2022, David released his second book, Bubble 3.0: History’s Biggest Financial Bubble: Who Blew It And How To Protect Yourself When It Blows Apart. The book explores why he believes the financial markets are headed toward a third iteration of past market busts. He believes there are a number of investment areas/asset classes poised to benefit from what he has begun referring to as “The New World Disorder.”
    Haymaker, David’s Substack newsletter, launched earlier this year; is presently available to readers at no cost and can be found here.

  • 12-26-22 Weekly Mortgage Industry Update

    in Finance

    Once again, the Lykken on Lending podcast provides a highly informative update on the latest mortgage industry news starting with Adam DeSanctis of the MBA with the “MBA Mortgage Minute” report, followed by Les Parker’s always insightful “Macro View of the Markets” report that always includes his signature music parody.  Next is Matt Graham of MBS Live, who provides a report on what is anticipated to be “Moving The Markets” in the week ahead. Then, David Kittle reports on “All Things Originations,” followed by Alice Alvey providing the “Regulatory & Legislative Update.”  Then Allen Pollack provides an informative “Tech Update” report that is loaded with the latest developments in technology that impacts our industry. Finally, we wrap up the program with Marc Helm, a.k.a. “Mr. Mortgage Servicing,” sharing his knowledge and wisdom on Loan Servicing and the GSEs.  We invite YOU to join the tens of thousands of mortgage professionals who listen weekly and let us know your thoughts.  We would love to hear from you.

  • Part 12: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Michael Armour of SLDI

    in Management

    DALLAS, TX - For decades, Mike Armour (or Doctor Mike, as he is popularly known) has compiled an exceptional leadership record in far-ranging fields of endeavor. He is a multi-dimension achiever, and it consistently puts him demand as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and trainer-- focused on management, leadership, and business or cultural transformation. He is also recognized as an author, in fact the second edition of his popular book just hit #1 in the Business Leadership category on Amazon.com
    Dr. Mike holds a PhD from UCLA and has accumulated years of experience and wisdom in in demanding leadership roles that included service as a Navy captain, a college president, the CEO of an international humanitarian organization, and the CIO of a nationwide intelligence community. This is why his counsel is embraced by leaders in every sector—government, private enterprise, and non-profit, many of them large matrixed organizations.
    People who know Mike well rank him alongside executive coaches like Tony Robbins or Marshall Goldsmith.
    Dr. Mike  founded his flagship entity Strategic Leadership Development International (or SLDI) and its LeaderPerfect services to help companies and individuals achieve peak performance. You will hear more about this firm and its comprehensive leadership development services in the coming weeks. You will also hear principles from his acclaimed book, Leadership and the Power of Trust, the new bestseller..
    To learn more about Mike Armour visit www.leaderperfect.com or www.hearmike.com

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    Building a Company to Compete with Larger, More Established Entities

    in Marketing

    John Cerasani shares his top three tips to build a well-established company:
    Number One: Get Your Hands Dirty — There is not one function of my current company or any of my former companies that I could not tell you the inner workings of. I am a firm believer that you can’t lead a team if you are not familiar with their occupation. Now, I am not saying that you need to be the best at each function; you shouldn’t be, but you should understand the job function intimately so you can find and hire a person that can do it as good or better than you, and then effectively lead him/her.
    Number Two: Inflate Your Company, Not Your Head — Take phrases like “my employee” out of your vocabulary and replace them with “my colleagues.” Go to an initial prospective client meeting as someone that is looking to help and serve that client. Do not go as the company President that is looking to impress them.
    Number Three: Be Concise, Be Succinct, Be Detail-Oriented in All Communications — Every industry has its share of buzz words or phrases that simply are what I think of as space fillers when there is nothing intelligent to add or say. IThe reality is though, that there isn’t a place for it anywhere.
    Tune in and listen to John's answers to questions such as:
    What is the transition like from working for someone to starting your own business? What do you look for as a venture capitalist? What are some lessons you’ve learned from sports that you look for in founders? Why do you think that society has not caught up with the times in terms of career paths? What is your book, “The 2000 Percent Raise” about? And much, much more!

  • Legally In Order 3Ps (Pitch a Niche; Practices & Procedures; Prosperity) - EP#8

    in Legal

    Legally In Order 3Ps (Pitch a Niche; Practices & Procedures; Prosperity) - EP#8

  • Raw Essentials New Zealand

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    Address: 12b Vega Place Rosedale Auckland 0632 New Zealand Phone: 09 974 5665
    Raw Essentials are New Zealand's raw pet food experts. They offer a range of pet care products and advice including nutrient-dense mixes, meaty bones, natural dog treats, supplements, and feeding plans designed to improve the lives of cats and dogs.
    Raw Essentials are a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company that provides all-natural, nutrient-dense raw pet food for cats and dogs. The company was founded by a passionate vet who believes cats and dogs can enjoy their best lives and achieve optimal health when fueled with the best possible nutrition. The raw pet food company is recognised as experts with an evidence-based, scientific approach to feeding New Zealand grown, traceable 100% natural, raw food. They have trained teams of nutrition advisers that operate 13 stores across New Zealand - Grey Lynn, Glenfield, Kumeu, Howick, Silverdale, Ellerslie, New Lynn, Hobsonville, Drury, Hamilton, Mount Maunganui, Wellington and Christchurch.
    Raw Essentials also operates an online store that offers a wide range of products such as raw pet food, cat and dog treats, pet supplements and other products designed to provide the highest level of pet care in NZ.
    Raw Essentials dispenses valuable advice regarding the raw food diet and feeding plans. Their feeding plans are worked out based on a pet’s weight, age, activity levels, and condition. While each feeding plan is tailored to each pet, they are all based on Raw Essentials’ well-tested and proven process of removing inflammatory triggers, repairing the gut, and replacing pet meals with the appropriate raw food diet.

  • Greenlion Limited

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    Phone: +64 9 601 8391 Fax: +64 9 601 8391 Address: 130 St Georges Bay Rd, Parnell, Auckland 1052
    Discover the pride of the accounting world at Greenlion. Just as their unmatched accounting services define their continued success, a Greenlion prides itself on being an innovative professional and excellent listener. Their team provide more than just top-quality accounting services - they offer an overall solution to your business problems and various issues. Greenlion specialists work around the clock to create reliable and cutting-edge services to take companies to the heights of success and redefine what they can achieve. With over 100 years of combined experience, Greenlion envisions itself as a leader amongst accounting firms in Auckland.
    Greenlion works on the principle of understanding. They understand that your business is more than just profit – you care about the employees and the people you conduct business with. Greenlion’s experienced accountants use their extensive business knowledge to provide an advisory service that ensures confidence, growth, and ongoing business success. Greenlion’s expert accountants can help you with tax minimisation, planning and structuring, GST, FBT, PAYE, and much more. Best of all, their high-quality accounting solutions are catered to the unique needs of your business. Visit the Greenlion website today to learn more about their services, or speak one of their financial consultants to start your journey with Greenlion. To know more about business consulting firm and chartered accountants Auckland, visit our website.

  • A Cup of Joe

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    A Cup of Joe with hosts Joe Grumbine - founder and President of THSI as well as a successful cannabis defendant and Craig Cesal - recently released after 19 years in prison for a cannabis crime offers unique insights every week. A Cup of Joe strives to be a platform for those passionate and/or afflicted by human and civil rights violations. This pod/vlogcast is always open to callers who would like to join the discussion. Find out more at thsintl.org.