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  • Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Tim Wolfe of Tax Planning IQ

    in Finance

    Mount Prospect, IL – Tim Wolfe is a Certified Tax Coach (CTC), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), tax planner, and author of Fight Back: Successful Income Tax-Savings Tips and Strategies to Keep More of Your Own Money, which is available on Amazon, and is complete with strategies on how to use the tax code as a tool to significantly reduce income taxes.
    “A tax strategist is literally the opposite of a tax preparer. The tax preparer helps you file a tax return based on last year’s transaction that is now set in stone. However, the tax strategist looks at your future transactions and advises you on how to modify or recast transactions, that enables a taxpayer to substantially reduce taxes.  You may only see your tax preparer once a year. However, a tax strategist will become a trusted adviser you can rely on through the years to work with you to achieve your financial goals.
    Tim explains that there really is no cost to use his services, only a risk-free investment from which you will receive a great return. How can it be free of risk? Because if there are no tax savings, there is no investment. And the investment is based only on first year tax savings even though there will be similar tax savings every year, unless circumstances change.
    Tim also encourages taxpayers to become business owners, including those side gigs, to turn personal expenses into tax deductions like business related mileage and home office expenses. Employees on the other hand with W2s are limited to what they can use as tax deductions.
    “I very much care about you. Please contact me so I can make sure you are not paying more tax than you are required to.”
    For more information, visit www.taxplanningiq.com

  • Part 10: Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Dr. Michael Armour of SLDI

    in Management

    DALLAS, TX - For decades, Mike Armour (or Doctor Mike, as he is popularly known) has compiled an exceptional leadership record in far-ranging fields of endeavor. He is a multi-dimension achiever, and it consistently puts him demand as a keynote speaker, executive coach, and trainer-- focused on management, leadership, and business or cultural transformation. He is also recognized as an author, in fact the second edition of his popular book just hit #1 in the Business Leadership category on Amazon.com
    Dr. Mike holds a PhD from UCLA and has accumulated years of experience and wisdom in in demanding leadership roles that included service as a Navy captain, a college president, the CEO of an international humanitarian organization, and the CIO of a nationwide intelligence community. This is why his counsel is embraced by leaders in every sector—government, private enterprise, and non-profit, many of them large matrixed organizations.
    People who know Mike well rank him alongside executive coaches like Tony Robbins or Marshall Goldsmith.
    Dr. Mike  founded his flagship entity Strategic Leadership Development International (or SLDI) and its LeaderPerfect services to help companies and individuals achieve peak performance. You will hear more about this firm and its comprehensive leadership development services in the coming weeks. You will also hear principles from his acclaimed book, Leadership and the Power of Trust, the new bestseller..
    To learn more about Mike Armour visit www.leaderperfect.com or www.hearmike.com

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    How to be a Credible Thought Leader and Entrepreneur

    in Marketing

    Global credibility expert, Mitchell Levy, interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility.
    These are some of his findings: ? 98% didn’t have the clarity to succinctly articulate their purpose. ? ? 80% were great in person but had a crappy online presence. ? ? 23% showed disrespect by coming late to the interview. ? After seeing these shocking results, wouldn’t you want to do something about it?
    Mitchell has the go-to community to learn/grow your credibility with the "right" people on a similar journey.
    Imagine coming to a place where you can immediately trust, know, and like those around you... Where you can be safe in an environment where others want to support you.
    This is Credibility Nation.
    Listen to Mitchell's answers to questions such as:
    You've interviewed 500 thought leaders on credibility, what have you learned? Why do you say that credibility starts with clarity and without clarity, you're not credible? Why do you say that we were taught wrong to lead with the value proposition? You've looked at over 100,000 LinkedIn profiles, what makes one credible? And much, much more!

  • Slot Cuan Hoki

    in Business

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    Elektronik ini tidak terlepas dari populernya permainan ini di kalangan masyarakat malahan pada tahun Terupdate kini ada banyak sekali agen judi slot online yang dapat kalian mainkan di pelbagai platform, mulai dari aplikasi, sampai web yang dimainkan di browser mobile kapan saja ataupun di mana saja.

  • Legally In Order 3Ps (Pitch a Niche; Practices & Procedures; Prosperity) - EP#6

    in Legal

    Legally In Order 3Ps (Pitch a Niche; Practices & Procedures; Prosperity) - EP#6

  • Buy USA Trustpilot Reviews

    in Business

    WhatsApp: (919) 925-3187 | Business Hours: 24 X 7 | We are involved in this social media site since long time & understanding that there is lots of people cheated by different ways in this media, from this thinking we are creating a reliable website to ensure 100% genuine service to our client. We are assuring that you will not be cheated further more while we are ready to here. Ultimately I want to say one thing for all that “if you are not willing to earn nobody will help you but if you determined to earn then no one can stop you.  

  • The Halal Industry: Do For Self

    in Business

    Join us every Wednesday from 5 pm - 7 pm EST for an edition of "The Halal Industry: Do For Self" with your host Imam Wali Ayyub Bilal President, Founder and CEO of Bilal's Inc., and co-host James Bashir.  The interest to join Bilal's Inc. is to establish economics for the African American people (descendant of slaves of America).  This program is to encourage peole to unite and to build economic strength to establish community life by doing for self.  To build the model community is our motto, and let us come together and do it.
    Connect at AM360.org and 24-hour streaming at (701) 719-4197.  Call in live to speak to the host at (515) 605-9891 or (425) 292-4253, share comments at info@cwsc.us, Tweet us @CWShuraa.  Email us at info@cwsc.us.  Visit our parent corporation Community Wide Shuraa Conference at cwsc.us, or leave a listener comment at (910) 317-0297. You are listening to AM360,  the number one islamic radio station in the nation where your intellect is respected and your voice is protected.

  • A Cup of Joe

    in Social Networking

    A Cup of Joe with hosts Joe Grumbine - founder and President of THSI as well as a successful cannabis defendant and Craig Cesal - recently released after 19 years in prison for a cannabis crime offers unique insights every week. A Cup of Joe strives to be a platform for those passionate and/or afflicted by human and civil rights violations. This pod/vlogcast is always open to callers who would like to join the discussion. Find out more at thsintl.org.

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    Anyone Can Buy a Business Without Personal Financial Risk

    in Marketing

    Buying a business doesn’t necessarily require any of your own money.
    Jonathan Jay will teach you the smart ways of buying a business…starting with how to buy three types of companies:
    The first is a company that’s profitable.
    The second type of business that you might acquire is one which is stressed.
    The third type of business is one which is distressed.
    Tune in and listen to Jonathan's answers to questions such as:
    Is it really possible to buy a business without risking your own cash? Why is buying a business faster than starting a business from scratch? How is it possible to do 48 acquisitions in less than three years? Can anyone buy a business? What’s the secret of finding great businesses to buy? And much, much more!

  • Dare To Win

    in Business

    A sober discussion of the economic and political plight of Black people and the global cooperative economic model that provides an exact method of gaining economic and political self-determination.  We are building the global machinery for our economic freedom and sovereignty and the methodology to pass it forward to future generations.

  • Living the Life of a Travel Journalist

    in Business

    The life of a travel journalist isn’t all sunny beaches and five-star hotels.  Join us on Women Lead Radio as Eileen Gaffen, your host of Reputation and Influence, has a conversation with Maggie Espinosa, founder of Travel with Maggie (https://travelwithmaggie.com/). We'll learn about her 22-year career as a travel reporter and what we should know to make the most of our travel adventures since the pandemic.
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