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    "Travel Tuesday: Honoring 9/11 and Remembering, with a Touch of Possibility"

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    Join us this Travel Tuesday for a heartfelt episode as we come together to honor the memory of 9/11. In a spirit of remembrance and unity, we'll reflect on the events of that fateful day, paying tribute to the heroes and remembering the lives lost.
    But it's not just about looking back; it's about looking forward with hope and possibility. While we remember, we'll also explore the potential for healing and rebuilding, both in our hearts and in the world of travel.
    Stay tuned for the possibility of a special guest who will share their unique perspective on how travel can be a source of inspiration and transformation.
    Let's remember, honor, and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Travel Tuesday has never been more meaningful. ??? #TravelTuesday #Remember911 #Possibility

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    practice time and fun laughs 

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