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    Those without a conscience - An Investigation of Empathy and Non Empathy

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    The reason I chose this book to study is because there are people in this world who take advantage of people of goodwill and we want to have it so that our goodwill lands as Jesus said on fertile soil and not on stony soil. That we don't cast our pearls before those without a conscience, in this world we are trained to give to the takers, those who demand our light. And what we need is to give to the givers in such a way that they will receive it.

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    ***New Time 2:00 pm MDT/MST***A little Deja Brew goes a long way! Take a break from life and allow the Lyra, Atlantis & Pleiades Connection to brighten your day!
    Like this new broadcast? Then, please buy Patricia a Chai for a generous donation of $3.00 to help support the continuation of this channel! https://ko-fi.com/natureis0780

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    Occult Wednesdays - Episode 1 - Zodiac Polarities & Collective Message

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    Cosmic Risings, Sacred Rebels!
    Episode 1 Flow:
    This Wednesday we will explore what the universe has in store for the lovers of my sacred rebel collective for the month of February 2023. 10-minute Call-in readings are donations based on a first-come, first-served basis. Follow me @innergshifter9

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    Darryl Clark's Productive News Weekly with Ms. Ula Pasternak

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    Thursday January 19, 2023, 6:30 - 7:30PM EST
    As we firmly enter Winter 2023, and a New Year, this is a time of awareness, reflection, and restoral.  Awareness of ourselves and the environment in which we live, Reflection of how the environment is affecting us, and Restoral to personal & societal balance by adjusting our thoughts and actions seeing things for what they really are without outside influence attaining Balance & Peace.
    Our special guest to help us transition into the New Year will be Ms. Ula Pasternak - wellness and human energy expert, founder of 'The Unity Center for Empowered Living' , GMO Food expert, Community Advocate. Ms. Pasternak will discuss personal balance, health & wellness (especially on an energy level), awareness of societal impacts, and insight during times of uncertainty turbulence and turmoil. In short, 'tuning in to personal self for true awareness & wellness'. Another perspective will be given of better managing/coping with the changing times.  Join in on this no-holds-barred discussion about our well-being and the choices ahead that will impact it.         Don't Miss It! Please share widely!

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    Professor K discusses Science Fiction

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    Christian Sci-Fi Night is Author's Ministry Minnesota Author/Professor Jason William Karpf Combines Christianity and Science Fiction in Outreach, From Teens to Seniors Ask a roomful of Christians: “How many of you like the Marvel Cinematic Universe?” “How many are Star Wars fans?” Hands go up, from teens to seniors. Sheepish grins turn confident with the revelation: “Scripture and science fiction teach the same lesson. Playing God leads to trouble.” Minnesota author Jason William Karpf leads “Christian Sci-Fi Night with Professor K,” a live watch party of classic and current science fiction, discussed from a Christian perspective. He writes Christian sci-fi, a subgenre that blends tropes like futuristic tech, time travel, and space adventure with godly themes and characters who actively practice their faith. Karpf also seeks biblical truths in secular sci-fi, which inspired him to create “Christian Sci-Fi Night” for churches, Christian schools, and bible study groups. “The Church talks about meeting people where they are—physically, culturally, emotionally,” Karpf says. “Fifty years ago, musicians like Larry Norman brought a generation to Jesus by integrating the rock and pop they loved into Christian music. I’m taking a similar approach by combining science fiction with a Christian worldview.” Karpf brings diverse skills and experiences to “Christian Sci-Fi Night”: professor at Christian universities, child actor on vintage TV shows like “Bonanza,” four-time Jeopardy champ. His published works include novels The Deliverer and Brimstone 1 and the short story “Basilica Obscura,” a Realm Award finalist. Jason William Karpf is available for interviews about his ministry,

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    oh GOD

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    The Liminal Odyssey

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    Imagine being invited on a grand life adventure that transforms the mundane to the extraordinary and the lulls to a playground brimming with profound insight. This is what materializes when you visit the spaces in-between, where you’ll discover wisdom filtering through the interstices of your life’s stories. In The Liminal Odyssey, step into, not over, the thresholds of their daily lives to explore the transformative power of the space between crisis and action. Oftentimes we simply step over the mundane or ignore what may seem meaningless, not realizing what gems these synchronicities and messages can actually reveal in our lives. Hart posits that in this space we can interpret and examine possibilities for creativity that help us move on from old problems, beliefs and myths of who we are. Combining true stories and lessons from Hart’s life with practical wisdom to inspire readers on their own journey, The Liminal Odyssey details how we can alchemize our own lives. Hart outlines the 12 skills she deems foundational to such a journey, including the art of listening, forgiveness, grace, cultiavation of synchronicities and trust. These skills, among others, provide the tools and lay the groundwork for a paradigm shift, allowing readers to explore the gifts that exist in the everyday. 

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    The VOTC - Response to the Promises

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    The Lord is speaking to his body through the voice of the covenant who is the Holy Spirit and I Kevin Steward is his mouthpiece. Come and listen as the Voice of the Covenant speak to us and through the word of God concerning His Covenant, He made with us. We are live on the air discussing the word of God concerning His covenant.

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    Walk With Jesus

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    Family Gathered Together to Give God Praise

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