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    Sunday ReBoot - WORD UP - What is a Bible Study? reBroadcast 3.26.12

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    WORD UP! with Maria - FoRe! Spiritual Bootcamp continues with teaching the WORD and learning what a Bible Study is and isn't. So - Word UP! Join Host Maria and Special Guest Rebecca Lawlor Music Director - Jimi James Director  FoRe! Living Royal Producer - FoReRadio.com Sunday ReBoot's Foundation - Hebrews 12:22 Thank You to SoulSistaRadio's Sponsors: Rebecca Lawlor Limited BMB Builders & Remodeling SpaGems/LyMar Innovative Creations

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    "NUEVA REV" - Coordenadas Energ├ęticas de marzo

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    Les invitamos a que nos acompañen el domingo 12 de marzo, a las 10.30 a.m. (tiempo del Centro), en una nueva emisión de "NUEVA REV", donde compartiremos con ustedes las coordenadas energéticas que pueden ayudarnos a transitar por el mes de marzo.
    Como es costumbre, tendremos reunión en "Nuestro Cuartel".
    ¡Los esperamos!

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    Motivational Classroom- Introducing Book of the Month - Psychic self destruction

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    Motivational Classroom- Introducing Book of the Month - Psychic self destruction
    Video Credits : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5c_cSovBjk
    To Contact me, donate or book a session please use link below 
    Show produced by Keithon Boyd 

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    Listen to this spiritual, thoughtful, and insightful 21st-century podcast about a new Enlightenism philosophy.  Hosts Carolyn Kelly, Enlightenist Teacher-Practitioner, and Brother Malcolm Kelly, Enlightenism Philosopher and author of 5 books on Inner-Mind Power.  Our Enlightenism podcasts provide information about self-healing through understanding Inner-Mind Power.  
    Please subscribe to the podcast.
    Brother Malcolm Kelly's Power of the Mind: SUNDAY ENLIGHTENISM INSIGHTS| Sunday, March19, 2023, | 10:00 am PST/1:00 pm EST | Listen Online:  http://tobtr.com/12208210 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543

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    Revelation 18 Manifest Destiny

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    Welcome friends and family to another informative broadcast today’s March 21st 2023 I am you host Dawid Yacob Maccabeus and you are listening to Signs and Wonders the broadcast that came Right On Time. Today's broadcast is entitled Revelation 18 Manifest Destiny. For those of you whom are in tune know that today March 21 2023 Marks the beginning of the orginal time of Passover, before it was taken over, which is also in line with the Spring Equinox. And as it is written in scriptures, it is 14 days after the New Year. For those of you whom are in tune also know that the real New Year started 14 days ago on March 7 2023, the same day the Japhetic European Jews call Purim. I like to keep this in your attention so that you stay in tune. Many of you can feel that our planet is vibrating on a very very low frequency at this particular, peculiar, moment in time. My goal with is message is to uplift your SPIRIT and to remind you who you are. My goal by the end of this broadcast is for you to know your enemy and to KNOW why.

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    Brightcore-Dr. Pat!

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    7am Pacific-The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Brightcore: Healing Yourself From The Inside Out with Kim Bright!

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    Grace Nurture

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    Encouragement, Prayer, Grace,  Faith,  Hope,  Religion,  Spirituality,  Nurture,  Morning Inspiration, Love and Meditation, Daily Bread

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    The Porch - The Sure Foundation

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    The stability of our spiritual house is dependent on the strength of the foundation.  Only a strong, sure foundation will allow it to weather the storms and endure the final inspection.
    If you are blessed by our teachings please write to us at theporch@firefalltalkradio.com or go to the website and use the contact button. Share with us what the Lord is doing in you and how He is changing you to inspire and encourage others.
    The Porch airs every Wednesday only on Firefall Talk Radio to inspire, encourage and edify you to regain the fire of the Book of Acts Church to shake the world one last time before the Return of THE KING.
    Firefall Talk Radio can be listened to live or archived with the ability to download the episodes.  Feel free to share with others as the Lord leads.
    If you would like to support what we do there are ways to do so on the home page for Firefall Talk Radio.
    We appreciate your support and encouragement.
    If you have a need, a praise report, or a prayer request you would like to share or want to be a part of the praying Porch Community let us know.
    Make sure to follow us on YouTube at The Firefall Network
    Connect and interact with FTR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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    The Love Journey Special on Profile Soldier

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    Founder of Profile Soldier
    Theodore (Ted) J. Sweet grew up on military installations in the United States and overseas as a “military brat” (his father served 30 years in the US Army). After graduating from high school Ted enlisted in the United States Army and served nine (9) years, ending his military service in 1994 with a honorable discharge.  Due to a car accident that happened while serving on active duty Ted left the military suffering from Claustrophobia.  After leaving the military Ted enrolled at New Mexico State University utilizing the GI Bill and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Studies. Ted then enrolled at Vermont Law School and graduated with a JD Doctorate Degree. Ted would go on to have a fulfilling career in both the public and private sector. All the while, Te\ Claustrophobia from his time in the military to the current day.  Due to the stigma he felt from being Claustrophobic, Ted did not apply for Veteran disability benefits until 2011, seventeen (17) years after exiting the military. The reason Ted gave for waiting seventeen (17) years is that he did not want to labeled a Profile Soldier. Ted was indoctrinated to believe that you should not complain about any shortcoming or injury you may have while in the military.  Ted knew that being “on profile” was a negative thing in military culture. Being on profile meant you could not get promoted, go on leave, attend military schools, get military awards or any other favorable action.

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    So many social media platforms and so many to distract yourself with, enjoy and/or participate in in our era! Even Twitter and Linkedin are getting more and  users and views now. These platforms are increasingly dotted with influencers - those who promote a product or idea with such strength and credibility that they actually influence others to buy or listen!
    Got it! Yet, what do influencers have eo do with metaphysics?  Think about it! What takes up your time, influences you and causes you to take, or consider taking, certain actions? Who or what is influencing you? Have you paid close attention to what motivates your actions?
    Join John Warren and Ellen Hartwell today to discuss the value and importance of influencers!

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    BeSimply...Spiral In. Spiral Out. Get Clear. {Sol + Luna Cycle 1. Full Moon}

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    "Why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye that is always saying, with that sweet moon language, what every other eye in this world is dying to hear?" ~ Hafez Every lunar cycle the "moon" reflects light and shadow. We have reached the FULL moon in a month currently identified as March the 7th day of the month in the 1st Lunar Cycle (in coordination with Tibetan tradition). The FULL Moon and the season of WINTER is quickly coming to a close. As we feel the energy and the element of wood rising, it will be important for you to decide how you want to harness that energy. In addition, you will want to decide where you want to give the potency that is given to you at the FULL MOON. Finally, you will want to resonate and calibrate at the frequency that is aligned with your highest. (even if you feel like your engine is out of FUEL). Dig deep. The energy of this lunar cycle is a gift and an opportunity to harness the extra charge and save it to use internally and externally.  We are now full throttle heading for the flip from Yin (water) to  Yang (fire) in the Northern Hemisphere on Planet Earth. The warm fire welcomes us all home to be with the sacred water reflections in both spring and fall. Water + Fire will invite us to plant those seeds we have nurtured all winter. Simultaneously we will prepare for dynamic action and forward motion by clearing and purifying all the spaces in and around us. The extra SPACE will create room for the NEW.  The Full Moon Moon Arrives(d) today, Tuesday, March 7, at 4:42 A.M PST Sound: Cosmic + Water + Fire by Suzanne Toro Random Rab “All I Need" by Cadre Scott ? Sound Suzanne Toro   

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