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  • The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show with Kimberly Meredith

    in Spirituality

    Join Kimberly Meredith, World Renowned Celebrity Medical Intuitive Medium, Miracle Healer & Best Selling Author for OPEN LINES - Live Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 7 pm PT / 10 pm ET!
    CALL-IN LINE TO TALK TO KIMBERLY: (515) 605-9709
    LISTEN HERE: BlogTalkRadio.com/MedicalIntuitiveMiracleShow 
    Kimberly will be taking your questions on medical, physical & emotional mediumship readings and healings, for a full hour.
    Have your questions ready. Kimberly can help answer your health questions using her Mediumship Gifts to remotely give you a health reading on your physical and emotional needs, giving you specific details about your medical and emotional conditions. Kimberly loves connecting you to your loved ones who have crossed over. Call in with your prayer requests!
    We are LIVE on the air! Kimberly's Guides are very precise and prefer to have questions which are clear, simple, concise, complete, and carefully considered. Please ask only one question at a time. Please ensure your surroundings are as quiet as possible when calling in to eliminate background noises. Thank you!
    (Note: Blog Talk Radio does not accept blocked phone numbers. Please unblock before calling.)
    Stay close to those you love this week. Pray and meditate and send love to everyone. Let’s claim a miracle for our country and the world! Thank you for listening, and please share this show with your friends and loved ones.
    Visit Kimberly's website: TheHealingTrilogy.com

  • The Lost Continent of Pan: The Oceanic Civilization at the Origin of World Cultu

    in Spirituality

    The destruction of the vast continent of Pan--also known as Lemuria or Mu--in the Pacific Ocean 24,000 years ago was the greatest catastrophe that ever befell humanity. Yet it resulted in a prehistoric Golden Age of arts and technology thanks to the Sons of Noah, who, forewarned and prepared for the disaster, escaped in 5 organized fleets. Theirs was the masterful Ur-culture that seeded China, Egypt, India, Mexico, and Peru, explaining the sudden injection of the same advanced knowledge and sophisticated arts into those widely separated lands. Examining the diaspora from the sunken continent of Pan, Susan B. Martinez finds traces of the oceanic Pan civilization in arts and technologies from canal-works, masonry, and agriculture to writing, weaving, and pottery, but most importantly in the art of navigation, the hallmark of the survivors of the catastrophe. Using archaeo-linguistic analysis, she reveals the mother tongue of Pan hidden in strikingly similar words for royalty, deities, and important places in vastly different languages, including Quechua, Maori, Sanskrit, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, and Sumerian, as well as English through the prefix “pan” which denotes “all-encompassing.” The author reveals how the Pan diaspora explains the mound builders on each continent, the presence of “white” humans in Native American legend, the red-haired mummies found in China, and the Ainu of Japan. She shares recent genetic studies that reveal Polynesian DNA in central Europeans, Mesopotamians, South Americans, and the 9000-year-old Kennewick man and shows how Pan provides the missing link. She reveals why carvings at Gobekli Tepe are similar to Toltec artistry, why stone towers in Japan and Easter Island are identical, and how the Pacific Ring of Fire was activated.  

  • The Gnostic Path of St. Thomas, with Tau Malachi

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Tau Malachi, for a show on The Gnostic Path of St. Thomas: Exploring the Heart of the Gospel. Written roughly a century earlier than the four gospels that appear in the Bible, the Gospel of St. Thomas features 114 verses detailing an inward, mystical spirituality, thought to be some of the closest records to Yeshua’s (Jesus’) teachings. Malachi’s book explores each of these translated verses and helps you embody their lessons. Focusing not on sin but on the ignorance that leads to sin and suffering, the Gospel of Thomas reveals the Messiah’s secret knowledge which will enlighten and liberate you. With a focus on the true meaning of each verse, The Gnostic Path of St. Thomas will enrich your life by opening your eyes to the innate unity with God and the Divine Soul within us all.
    Tau Malachi (Northern California) founded Sophia Fellowship in 1983 and has been teaching and initiating others into Christian Gnosticism, Rosicrucian Philosophy, and Christian Kabbalah ever since. He serves as an Elder within the Sophian lineage. He is also a Chevalier (a dubbed Knight) in the International Order of Chivalric Companions, an ordained and consecrated Independent Bishop and a co-founder of The Gnostic Apostolic Church of Sophia. Learn more at Sophian.org.

  • Learn the Secret Language of Dreams - Pamela Cummins

    in Spirituality

    Do you know that your dreams are special and unique? But if you don’t understand their meaning, you are missing out on vital information. Because every night your subconscious mind sends you messages to help you solve problems, improve relationships, and teach you how to create a higher quality of life. The key is to learn how to decipher them and that is how Pamela Cummins, dream and relationship expert, can help you. Learn the Secret Language of Dreams is designed to give you the ability to understand the meanings of your own dreams. Symbolism in dreams is not a “one size fits all.” One symbol can mean many things. In order to understand the nature of dream symbolism more clearly, you will need to know what category your dream fits into. This eBook will help you identify the different dream styles so you can recognize what part of your life the dream message is for. Once you know the category of your dream, it will be easier to interpret your unique personal symbolism.

  • The Emergence of the World Teacher, Maitreya, with Dick Larson

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Dick Larson, for a show on The Emergence of the World Teacher, Maitreya. Maitreya is known to the world's major religions as the Christ, the Buddha, Imam Mahdi, Bodhisattva, Krishna and the Messiah. His return to the everyday world fulfills the expectations of the world's religions for the coming of a great teacher. In Christian terminology His appearance is known as the Second Coming. However, Maitreya is not a religious teacher and is not here to create a new religion. Rather, He is a teacher in the broadest sense of the word. He embodies the Christ Principle or Consciousness, the first of humanity on Earth to achieve that exalted status.
    Benjamin Creme (1922-2016), principal spokesperson for Maitreya for over 40 years, from Glasgow, Scotland, was an artist, esoterist, futurist, and author of 17 books on Ageless Wisdom Teachings and was the primary source of information about the World Teacher for this age. Dick Larson is part of a large cadre of coworkers informing the world of Maitreya's return since the 1970s, creating a climate of expectancy and hope to help facilitate Maitreya's emergence. Dick was a corporate business executive before becoming a counselor and educator. He is a volunteer for worldwide organization Share International (ShareInternational.org). He has been a guest on radio talk shows and produced a series of national public access TV shows. Dick hosted three television interviews with Benjamin and spent extensive time with him discussing the World Teacher and the Ageless Wisdom Teachings. About every 2,000 years, great teachers have appeared at the beginning of each new planetary cycle to offer teachings that will stimulate the next evolutionary step for humanity. We are now at the beginning of such a cycle, and the expected teacher for this age—the World Teacher, Maitreya—is here now.

  • Note: How we schedule our shows

    in Spirituality

    We simply scheduled our future shows less than a week out due to the changing climate and events in our society. We try to stay up on the facts as they unfold before we seek the Father for clarity for the people.  As a result, you should always return to this website within 24 hours of the show's airtime to see what it will be about. Thanks.
    Get up, Zion!

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