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  • 02:08

    The Black Alice In Wonderland Radio Show- with Host, queen AaMinah*

    in Non-Profit

    Peace and Light, Family! Welcome to episode 128 of The Black Alice In Wonderland Radio Show. Happy Scorpio season! Please join me at 7pm tonight for the skinny on what's happening in our country and world. The time has come for us to break the spells cast upon us which have deliberately misled and confused us. From the madness of the crazy Republican Party, to the orange-faced clown, all the way to the conflict in Israel and the inhumane treatment of Africans in Congo, I'll be breaking it down tonight. So many people are grossly unaware of the games being played, and who the puppet masters are. I'll tell you tonight. The truth about certain folks is coming out, and the attempt to cover things up simply isn't working anymore. It isn't suppossed to. The 6000 years of chaos has ended, but they don't want to give it up. Too bad. The games are over, the lies are being sen through, and the Sun is doing its job. It's wake-up time! Time to rise up and raise our consciousness and our vibrations. Get ready for a whole new paradigm shift! It's time! 
    Many thanks and much love to Dr. James Winborne and Reverend Ron Robinson for allowing me this platform, and a huge shout out to my faithful listeners and supporters, mainly my wonderful husband. This show is a labor of love and dedication to my human family, mainly my amazing Indigenous community of original human beings who brought civilization to this planet. Ase'!!! Enjoy the show this evening, and please, be a good human being, and become a Light unto the darkness which the wicked have created. I love you all! Stay amazing, Fam!!! Onelove!!! Aho!!! Ase'!!!* 

  • 00:30

    Burnout prevention and the critical importance of self care for advocates

    in Non-Profit

      Join hosts Lee and Donna as they discuss burnout and the vital importance of self care for those in advocacy work. Roberts and Kshir will share on the topics of advocacy work, self care for burnout prevention and the various types of self care we can all practice. In taking care of others we often forget we need care too. When that happens we can experience burnout and for many of us that can mean we will be down for days or weeks to recover.. It is critical to take time for ourselves to properly rest our bodies, minds and spirits so we can continue to support and assist others.  Join them for this first in a series of wellness podcasts.