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  • Domestic Violence/Abuse (TTLO) Take The Lid Off "Promoting Positive Change"

    in Education

    Call in share your story/  Get some Answers today by listening

  • Leadership Coaching: Sometimes It Doesn't Work

    in Education

    Civil war survivor, globally celebrated speaker, Master Certified Coach and leadership Scholar, Dr. Loubna Noureddin joins us to share her thoughts on leadership coaching and why it sometimes fails. She is the co-founder and CEO of Mind Market, a resource and coaching centre for organizations that choose cultures of brilliance over conflict and chaos.  Her passion for leadership development has positioned her training programs at the global top ten list by Training Magazine. As a civil war survivor, she realizes that conflict and change are inevitable. Prior to her seven years of sleepless nights, splurging on Turkish and Cuban coffee, and doing research on change and leadership behavior, she led the learning and development function in corporate for over 20 years. Dr. Noureddin is committed to inspiring the hearts and minds of people so everyone can experience dignity in their lives. She strongly believes that we are so much more than our survival skills. Her dream is to support 100 orphans from West Africa through education and career transitions. Tune in on Wednesday, October 25 @ 6pm EST!

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    Renew Yourself & Make Conscious Choices

    in Training

    Get ready to embark on a transformative journey that will breathe new life into your existence. In this captivating video, we dive deep into the art of "Renew Yourself & Make Conscious Choices," revealing the keys to personal reinvention, mindfulness, and empowerment.
    ?? The Power of Renewal: Explore how the process of renewal can rejuvenate your spirit, boost your creativity, and guide you toward a future filled with possibility.
    ?? Conscious Choice-Making: Discover how making intentional, mindful choices can shape your destiny, amplifying your sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.
    ?? Surprising Insights Await: Prepare to be astonished as we uncover the profound connections between renewal, conscious choices, and your potential for a more vibrant, authentic life.
    ?? Beyond Expectations: This isn't just a video; it's a blueprint for your rebirth. Join us on this transformative journey and learn how to renew yourself, make conscious choices, and create the life you've always dreamed of.

  • Nobody's Fool - What Leaders Can Do To Avoid Being Taken In

    in Education

    Join us on Wednesday, November 1 @ 6pm EST for an exciting conversation with best-selling authors, Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris to discuss their book Nobody's Fool: Why We Get Taken In and What We Can Do about It, which they spent nearly a decade researching and writing. They have collaborated on research for more than 25 years, and they jointly received the 2004 Ig Nobel Prize (given for research that "first makes you laugh and then makes you think"). They have contributed to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Slate, and other national publications, and their work has appeared in science museums worldwide.
    Dr. Daniel Simons [pronounced: SY-muns] is a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois where he heads the Visual Cognition Laboratory and has courtesy appointments in the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising and the Gies College of Business. Dan received his B.A. from Carleton College and his Ph.D. from Cornell University. His research explores the limits of awareness and memory, the reasons why we often are unaware of those limits, and the implications of such limits for our personal and professional lives. For more information, visit dansimons.com.
    Dr. Christopher Chabris [pronounced: shuh-BREE] is a cognitive scientist who has taught at Union College and Harvard University and is a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science. His research focuses on decision-making, attention, intelligence, and behavior genetics. Chris received his Ph.D. in psychology and A.B. in computer science from Harvard University. He is a chess master, poker amateur, and games enthusiast; for three years he wrote the “Game On” column in The Wall Street Journal. For more information, visit chabris.com.

  • What Happens When We Exclude & Include People

    in Education

    Epigenetic coach and executive consultant focused on the intersection of neurobiology, culture and empathy in today’s business world, Rajkumari Neogy joins us to share her expertise on exclusion in the workplace. Possessing a rare blend of scientific prowess and emotion, Neogy believes that passionate self-reflection coupled with dedicated curiosity define true leadership. Specializing in the technology sector, Neogy has worked with high-powered, worldwide organizations for more than two decades, training leaders at Google, Facebook, Adobe, Indeed, Slack, Salesforce and numerous others. She holds a master’s degree in Transformative Leadership Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies and is the author of “The WIT Factor: Shifting the Workplace Paradigm by Becoming Your Optimal Self.” Neogy is based in San Francisco. Tune in on Wednesday, November 8 @ 6pm EST!

  • Confidence: A Leadership Necessity

    in Education

    President of Financial Insyghts. Researcher of confidence-driven decision making, and Professor, Peter Atwater, joins us to discuss his new book, The Confidence Map: Charting a Path from Chaos to Clarity. In this book, he shares the tools and insights he uses in his work with business leaders, investors, coaches, and public policymakers. When Peter Atwater turned 45, his son said, “Dad you are halfway to ninety.” Three months later he left a very successful career in financial services to do something different. After helping several hedge funds successfully navigate the banking crisis, that “something” turned out to be studying confidence. Tossing  aside his academic training in economics and his experience on Wall Street, Atwater turned to social psychology and discovered that not only do we act as we feel, but we do so consistently, too. To paraphrase Mark Twain, history rhymes for a reason. Today, Atwater is a recognized expert on the impact of confidence on individual and group decision-making. He teaches classes on the topic at William & Mary, his alma mater, and for the honors program at the University of Delaware. And when he isn’t in the classroom, you can find him speaking on stage, on Bloomberg Television and in The Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine. Tune in on Wednesday, November 15 @ 6pm EST!

  • The Truth About Asians and College Admissions

    in Education

    Join us on Monday, November 20 @ 6pm EST for an informative conversation with Josh D. Grossman as he shares his research on discrimination in asian college student admissions. Josh is a Ph.D. candidate in Computational Social Science at Stanford University’s Department of Management Science & Engineering. Broadly, his research applies tools from data science to issues in public policy and he is particularly interested in understanding how racial disparate impact manifests itself in judicial decisions and college admissions. He recently interned as a data scientist at Recidiviz, a non-profit that builds technology to reduce incarceration. Previously, he worked as a data scientist at the Stanford Computational Policy Lab and IXL Learning, a K–12 education technology company. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Harvard University, majoring in Neurobiology and minoring in Statistics. His work is supported by a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (NSF GRFP).

  • Toxic Achievement Culture in Schools: What We Can Do

    in Education

    Award-winning journalist and social commentator covering parenting and lifestyle trends, Jennifer Wallace joins us to discuss her latest book, Never Enough: When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic—And What We Can Do About It. Jennifer is the co-founded of the nonprofit The Mattering Movement, which offers free resources for educators and students to help combat the "never enough" messages that are pervasive in our culture. She is also a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post and appears on television to discuss her articles and other hot topics in the news. After graduating Harvard College, Jennifer began her career in television at “60 Minutes” where she worked as a journalist for many years. She lives in New York City with her husband and their three children. For more information visit www.jenniferbwallace.com. Tune in on Wednesday, November 29 @ 6pm EST!

  • The Disruptive Truth

    in Education

    Join us on Wednesday, December 6 @ 6pm EST for an exciting conversation with Jen Franks Ahaghotu, Harvard College graduate and founder and CEO of Disruptive Truth, LLC, as she shares her work and insight on her organization. An educator for 15 years, Jen designed and implemented a multi-million dollar initiative in New York City schools called Learning Partners Program that impacted 250 schools and 100,000+ students a year, the largest scale work of its kind at the time.  This included diving deeply into life changing racial identity work with her team and then scaling racial equity initiatives across the city.  The inaugural project of Disruptive Truth is called the Black Women World Record and honors the educational achievements of black women around the world.  Jen is here to gather black women together to speak their truth and change the world and supports people from other marginalized communities to do the same.